[INFP] Could he like me (as a girl?)

Could he like me (as a girl?)

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This is a discussion on Could he like me (as a girl?) within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Hey all! So I know this guy from twitter. We are liking each others pics and tweets (if I post ...

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    Could he like me (as a girl?)

    Hey all!

    So I know this guy from twitter. We are liking each others pics and tweets (if I post 10 tweets a day, he surely likes at least 5 of them etc.) He followed me on some other social media sites also, and sometimes also replyes for my tweets. BUT he never indicated chatting - I wrote him twice (asking about something), he was nice, almost immediately wrote me back and helped me, but I felt like he is just being nice and friendly. - Sooo INFPs, could there be also a little chance that he likes LIKES me? I am an INTP, completely amateur on picking up signs, haha :D So maybe you could give me some tipps, or ideas about the whole situation.
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    Mm... INFPs are generally pretty friendly and helpful, it's not necessarily indicative of any special feelings, but they don't hate you at least. :) Depends on a lot of things, though.

    What makes you certain that he's an INFP, just curious?

    And for the record, likes and replies don't mean TOO much. It can be a pretty absent-minded activity.

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    Well, if it really is an INFP, just keep consisent contact with him INFP men like people they can feel bonded to emotionally. I have yet to meet an INFP man who wasn't, at least at some level, demisexual. He may not make the first move, however, and might feel you out, at first, to see how you feel. Just try to start by passing hints, and see what happens.
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    It can be really hard to tell online, as neutralchaotic pointed out how it depends on many different variables, but chat more with him and maybe time will tell!
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    I was having a thread about MBTI on twitter, and he wrote me, that he is an infp. :)
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    Based purely on the OT (original text;): No.

    I like and poke and comment to plenty of men on social media, I might even chat with them for some reason, and it means absolutely nothing romantic.
    Now, if I am liking and chatting and commenting it's not politeness, it's because I genuinely enjoy their content. So at least he likes your content, which is an extension of yourself if u know what I mean. But that means nothing much really.
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    When I "retweet", it is with the thought of "Brilliant! Wish I had said that! I'm going to make sure my Followers see this." I don't think I've ever "liked" something tho, in all the years I've been there (since Dec 2006). Just a guess about this guy, he's a human who is trying to connect with others in the world (by nudging them) or doing what some *INFPs* like to do...... "being supportive". Being "nice". But who knows? He might want something more, it's a mystery! Who knows what lurks in the hearts of Men? The Shadow knows!
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    I think he likes you but is also shy. I'm not sure if he's ever going to make the first step so if you're into him you might want to make it easier for him or make the first step yourself.
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    Thank all of you ! :) I am searching for some courage in myself haha and then I write him somehow. I post it here later how it went, thanks again all of you for your opinion.


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