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This is a discussion on Infatuation <3 <3 within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Originally Posted by Lakigigar I wished i could never be infatuated once again in life. I hate it. It's the ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lakigigar View Post
    I wished i could never be infatuated once again in life. I hate it. It's the worst.
    Yeah, it tends to lead to unrealistic expectations. Which may just fizzle out but they tend to bite.

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    Last time it was like 3 years ago with a guy 12 years older than me who I flirted with for 1-2 months got completely infatuated (I lost 8kg) but turned out that he was getting married soon. We never did more than flirting but I didn't know how to stop and he annoyingly didn't stop it either, even after telling me he'll get married. So it lasted another couple months or so until I had to leave that place and then for a year it continued with phone calls 1-2 a month. I was an emotional roller coaster, it was horrible. I finally snapped out of it when I found out (through cyber stalking ofc) that his wife gave birth and he'd never told me she was pregnant to begin with. All that time I was trying to establish a more casual connection with him but he would always stir it to the sexual stuff, so when I found out she was pregnant and he wouldn't tell me I realized it was not going where I wanted it and it was draining too much energy out of me, so I snapped out of it.

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    I tend to get away once I start liking someone that way, because I don't want to be hurt
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    I love the feeling especially when the other person is simply amazing<3 infatuation has never added to anything before in the past, but I thrive off of the intense emotions and it often drives my best writings and poetry. It temporarily gives my life some meaning and even if I don't share it with the other person, I cherish the feeling that comes out of it. A lot of the times it gives me the courage to embrace the feelings head-on despite knowing it won't amount to anything since I convince myself not to tell them...
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    also yes, I like a girl right now but I know things won't be.
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    Infatuation is definitely a feeling that I end up succumbing to (which has led to me doing something stupid at least a few times, but hey, to some, stupid is endearing). I don't get infatuated easily, but it does happen quickly. I really do love the feeling, though, probably because I don't feel so intensely about just anybody.
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    Infatuation is the margarine of emotion. Tastes good, looks just like butter, but damn... It's cheaper than butter too, what gives....

    I like infatuation for a little while, but I prefer to be infatuated with someone and not infatuated in by them. There's even a song like this..if you don't expect too much from me you won't be let down. Infatuation I do not notice until after it is revealed, but a crush is something I know immediately. So I prefer to crush because it seems more realistic, and infatuation is like a dramatic play. Both are fun!
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    To sum everything i want to say, i hate to be infatuated. It's either I'm all in or I'm not, and it's usually all in, that's why i really hate it

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    Quote Originally Posted by leictreon View Post
    also yes, I like a girl right now but I know things won't be.
    this ^ (a guy in my case)

    it's the worst
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    I have had a few infatuations in my life- whether it was a person I knew or a famous person. I presently have one that will never be anything, but infatuation. In the past, there was one guy that I would lose sleep over. I would see him almost everyday and he’d flirt with me a bit. He was an ENFP. We had great conversations. And the way he left my life was just as dramatic as when he was still in it. (I still think about him from time to time).
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