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This is a discussion on video games within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Any INFPs who are really into gaming? Or might just play a game once in a while with friends? I ...

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    Unknown Personality

    video games

    Any INFPs who are really into gaming? Or might just play a game once in a while with friends?

    I learned about the personality tests in my game design major, where we analyzed every aspect of our favorite games to see why they appealed to certain audiences. There were 4 determined audiences, each having "hardcore" and "casual" players, all corresponding to the 16 personality types.

    INFPs were part of the "Wanderer" audience (shared with ENFPs and E/ISFPs) and I wasn't sure if any of you could relate or find this interesting.

    Summarized from the article:

    -The Wanderer is a player in search of new experiences and enjoy feeling awe/amazement
    - Where as other types look for a challenge, the Wanderer is looking for fun. They won't play a game they aren't enjoying, and will in fact stop playing the moment it ceases to be fun.
    - INFPs where the most common "hardcore" gamers of this group. "The most intuitive of all the groups looked at: [INFPs] are dreamers who want the game to dream with them."
    - They like to play how they want, for example in a stylish or aesthetically pleasing way
    - While they like a good plot, Wanderers are more interested in the characters and emotional elements. Many of them invest their own emotional meaning into games
    - Wanderers enjoy any genre, with Legend of Zelda being a common favorite

    (and for those who want to know:
    - E/INTJs and E/ISTJs were the Conquering type: they liked to win and crush their opponents
    - E/INTPs and E/ISTPs were Managers: they focus on strategy and mastering the gameplay
    - E/INFJs and E/ISFJs made up the Participant group: loves to feel like a part of the story or social experience

    Also please note that anyone can like any type of game, these were only the most common types found in each of the 4 groups. INFPs can love destroying the enemy team as much as anyone.)

    So do any of you agree with that? Disagree?
    And please share your favorite games, and why you like them. It would be cool if we could see a pattern.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    I love playing games there my escape from reality and they help take my mind off things. Most games I actually do play all the time are either RPG's because they usually have such a good story or shooters (i suppose the fast pace keeps my mind from wandering). as for specific games I would have to say Oblivion, Portal, Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl, Legend of Zelda Games, Final Fantasy series. other games like Team Fortress 2 or Modern Warfare 2 i play when i want to play with other people and be more sociable.

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    I dislike most games, including video games, because rules irritate me, and I'm too non-competitive - "winning" means nothing to me. I also don't find video games very stimulating to my mind; I find my mind tends to go into this numb, concentrated place while playing, where times gets sucked away, but I'm not accomplishing anything, or even exploring ideas or being inspired. I don't pay video games because of that - they simply do not interest me and they don't stir my creativity. I used to hardly watch TV for the same reason, and even now it is not a top leisure activity for me.

    Oh, and so many video games are violent, involving shooting people and other violent activity. I am not entertained by violence; the idea of killing living creatures for fun disturbs me.

    I'd also rather spend my money elsewhere. It seems video games & their equipment can get rather expensive. I'd rather have a great stereo and extensive record collection because I love music. It's simply a matter of interests....I can see why some people like video games, but they just don't do much for me. I also realize this is not the "norm" for my age group.

    Sometimes at parties, people have a Wii set up or guitar hero / rock band, and it's fun to play as a group activity. I can't see myself wanting to do that on my own though. Again, it just doesn't stimulate me enough.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    I've been a game reviewer for 11 years now--and I've been gaming since my parents bought a Pong console when I was like 4. I'm probably what you'd call a "hardcore" gamer, but I really hate the term.

    I do like games that allow me to play how I want.

    Another thing I don't see mentioned is that I'd personally rather play cooperatively with people than competitively. I loved Final Fantasy XI and World of Warcraft for that very reason--I'd rather get together with friends and beat some environmental challenge than spend hours playing Counter-Strike or Team Fortress.

    I'd agree (at least personally speaking) with the looking for awe and wonder part too. I play a lot of RPGs, games with fantasy settings, and things of that nature. I have zero interest in war games (I'd rather just stop gaming than sit around playing Tom Clancy or Call of Duty games...), racing sims, and most sports titles (I'll admit to like golf, but prefer a cartoony game like Hot Shots Golf over something more sim-like such as Tiger Woods. I also like Virtua Tennis a lot, and I've always loved hockey).

    Interesting topic. I hope to see more responses.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    I'm definitely more into the RPG genre than most others genres. I like games with good character development and story-line, as well. Definitely prefer cooperative games if given an option. Played World of Warcraft fairly serious for a few years (with friends and coworkers), before I got tired of the constant demands of the WoW treadmill. I don't mind the occasional fighting game, but more for the sense of growing mastery over time than for winning against other players. Recently, I enjoyed Infamous fairly well for a sandbox game.

    Like HorrorGeek, I find modern war games to be among the least interesting. While I don't mind strategy games played single player mode at my own pace, I find playing them competitively to be pretty uninteresting since after a certain point I don't care any more. Plus, I spend all day strategizing at work, so doing it in my free time feels less than fun.
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    I do love video games, but my interest seems to have waned over the years. I am also non-cooperative, which explains why I never want to play online as much, you cant' hurt a computer's feelings so you can beat it all you want and feel good about it. In certain adventures like Oblivion and Fallout where there are certain moral flexibilities, I always choose the good side or what I felt was the "right" way. So, I guess I'm a wanderer all the way.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    I rarely play video games. The only ones I have played in the last couple years or so have been halo and rock band - and mainly for the social aspect. I rarely if ever just go turn on the game system on my own. I have so much other interests. Back when I was way into tech stuff and worked at compusa I got a 3660 I could count the number if times I even used it for games on my hands (this is when it first came out...like what 4 years ago?)

    When I was in middle school/high school I love final fantasy x, kingdom hearts 1, 2 (though never finished 2). I like: great plots, characters. that or the fun social aspect that halo provides. I can be quite competitive in it as well. and your description is very true..if i lose interest in a game I stop playing.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    One of my favorite things to do, although I haven't that much recently. The wanderer description fits me very well. And I friggin love the Legend of Zelda games.

    RPG's are my favorite by far. Final Fantasy, the Tales Of games, nerdy PC RPGs, love them all. The story and characters are what draw me into games. Without them, I quickly lose interest.

    (2 months 'till Final Fantasy 13 )

    My nerdiness is showing

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    I love wandering in video games! There are a lot of games, like Ocarina of Time, or Grand Theft Auto, or Shadow of the Colossus, where i enjoyed the wandering parts of the game more than the combat.

    Quote Originally Posted by Healer View Post
    as for specific games I would have to say Oblivion, Portal, Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl, Legend of Zelda Games, Final Fantasy series.
    These are a lot of my favorite games, too.

    As a stereotypical INTP, i have indeed put the most time into strategy games, like Civilization 2 and Warcraft 3, but i'm never sure how much fun i get out of them...wandering is much better, it makes me feel freeeeeeeeeeeee
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Shadow of the Collossus is the greatest game ver.
    It's so awe inspiring and expansive.
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