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This is a discussion on INFP Fashion within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I enjoy expressing myself through what I wear. I usually wear things that reflects the music I like, since music ...

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    INFP - The Idealists

    I enjoy expressing myself through what I wear. I usually wear things that reflects the music I like, since music is probably what I'm most passionate about in life. So I usually dress like women did in times where folk music was most popular. I.e., late 50s, 60s, renaissance-esque. I like loose,flowy, retro clothes. Some of my friends think I dress like a hippy, haha. When I can get away with it, I don't wear a bra. At least once a week I'll go braless, and in the summer even more. I've had this hippyish/folksy/boho style ever since probably mid-high school, but it's always been with me. The only time I didn't really dress in this way was middle school and early high school, where I was a wannabe skater/punk girl. That was hilarious.

    I also love history (which somewhat coincides with my love of folksy-type clothing). So every once in a while I'll dress somewhat similar to certain time-periods that interest me a lot (rennaissance, medieval, 1700s, 1920-70s, etc).

    Other times, though I don't give a shit and will dress like a hobo, not brush my hair, not wear any make up. I usually keep my make up as minimal as possible, but I like to look nice.

    Here's a blurry pic of me in one of my favorite dresses I ever tried on (though I didn't get to buy it) :(

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    INFP - The Idealists

    I would totally wear that dress if it came in my size, Lummex!

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Quote Originally Posted by Sily View Post
    Right now I have on a paisley purple velour top and black pants. Everything even work clothes MUST BE SOFT. So I only wear velour, flannel, cotton, polar fleece, jersey. If there is one little tiny weeny sticker itchy hard spot in any of my shirts.... I'll rip the shirt off in the middle of a busy interstate highway, if I have to. I must wash all clothes once, this includes sheets (to sleep on, not wear), before I wear them, due to everything coming with starch on them.

    Heels? Anything above 1/4 of an inch is a friggin' safety hazard. I do own slippers. I like barefoot in the summer and I LOVE wearing black, black, black. Also, no rings, no necklaces, no bracelets, no hats except for my L.L.Bean winter hat that has the flaps that come over my ears. I will wear gloves.
    Yeah, I can't wear anything stiff or tight, and also avoid any jewelry that was made to go on or near my hands or arms. I can relate to liking soft clothes.

    Quote Originally Posted by murderegina View Post
    I'm going to hop on the band wagon and say I too wear a lot of black. But like snail said, recently I've tried to incorporate more colors into my wardrobe. For the most part it is working aside from the fact I subconsciously keep buying shirts all in different shades of purple. In a nutshell, as long as I feel comfortable in what I'm wearing it's a go. But comfort for me, means extenuating the positive and not standing out too much.
    Oooh PURPLE!!!!! I think most of my clothes are accidentally purple, because I am drawn to purple things the way male bower birds like blue.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    I love fashion as a form of creativity. Although I wouldn't consider myself at all fashionable. I'm a jeans and hoodie kind of girl...but it can't be a normal has to have some kind of unique something on it. Same with everything I guess...I like plain stuff with a little something to make it interesting. I also wear a lot of black. Not necessarily on purpose I just am naturally drawn towards it. But I love shows like Project Runway...I guess I like anything where people are expression themselves creatively.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duder142 View Post
    I love fashion. I am really into European style, as I think Europeans dress nicer than Americans. If I could afford it, I would dress in designer clothing, but since I can't, I tend to try to get the high fashion look by shopping at thrift stores and other stores and just use my eye to get a good style. My everyday look is a well fitting t shirt, skinny jeans, and vintage chelsea boots. I'm really into vintage looks.
    I have expensive taste's not about the label or status, but because it's made better and is often more unusual. I buy a decent amount of vintage/thrift store clothes because older stuff tends to be made better and are "one of a kind".

    Quote Originally Posted by Aniron View Post
    I absolutely hate pastel or "earthy" colors
    So do I....mostly because they look bad on me. I prefer bold, bright, and dark colors.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    I dress very "European", best way i can describe my style.

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    Unknown Personality

    I love fashion and always want to buy clothes, but being a poor college student doesn't really allow that when you have to pay rent and buy art supplies instead.

    But I love jewel tones (deep blues and reds), boots, and adore anything with lace. If I could afford it, I would love to wear lolita clothing. If I see a shirt or something with wings, I have to buy it.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Although I love fashion, I find it difficult for me to dress up and express myself through my clothing each and every single day. So if I end up dressing really nicely one day--with the hair and the accessories and everything, then, for a few days or longer, I just wear simple and comfortable clothes: the shirt + pants + shoes combo, gym clothes [even though I don't do P.E., aha], etc. Also, the majority of clothes are too expensive for me nowadays.

    As well, I really do enjoy costume-y, avant-gade, kind of clothing, so I like fashion designers such as Alexander Mcqueen, John Galliano, Gareth Pugh, etc. With that, I enjoy Japanese fashion very much because, well, it's like Halloween for them--except everyday basically, which looks really, really fun!

    If I had the patience and the money though, I would basically dress up like what I said above. BUT, I'm lazy, and I lean towards street fashion, casual clothing, and androgynous looks anyways. I also don't like wearing skirts because I feel naked when wearing them. And I'm leaving my hair short forever, and ever, and ever... and plan to cut it even shorter, since I find it easier to maintain anyways.

    There's this site called Polyvore, and basically, you can make wardrobe outfits and save as many items as you like on there. So this is mine: supermarionbros's Items - Polyvore Basically my dream wardrobe, and an idea as to how I [would like to] dress up. x__x
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    I don't wear any clothes with bright/warm colors, my colors are rather drab. Since its winter, my choice consists of a button down shirt with a turtle neck inside.
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    Quote Originally Posted by supermarionbros View Post
    There's this site called Polyvore, and basically, you can make wardrobe outfits and save as many items as you like on there. So this is mine: supermarionbros's Items - Polyvore Basically my dream wardrobe, and an idea as to how I [would like to] dress up. x__x
    Oooh, fun! Nice picks

    I just made my first set....I have some items similar to these. This is an everyday, casual, messy look to run errands or whatever.

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