[INFP] Ever feel like you lived several different lives?

Ever feel like you lived several different lives?

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This is a discussion on Ever feel like you lived several different lives? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Ever feel like you lived several different lives? I don't mean in a spiritual sense, but more to do with ...

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    Ever feel like you lived several different lives?

    Ever feel like you lived several different lives?
    I don't mean in a spiritual sense, but more to do with identity.

    For example:
    Arwen7, the unpopular girl
    Arwen7, the sorority girl
    Arwen7, the pothead
    Arwen7, the christian
    Arwen7, the university student
    Arwen7, the disability support worker
    Arwen7, the wannabie hipster

    I have been all these at one time or another, and have gathered friends from each of them (its weird having them come together on a platform like facebook). It bothers me a lot how inconsistent I am, and that I don't have a foundational identity. I wonder if my present situation will just be another passing identity that I will look back on and cringe.
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    Yeah, I feel like each major phase of my life was a different life, those being pre-move childhood, post-move childhood, and post-moving to college. Not so much the identity piece you mention. I feel like the same person just an evolved version, but it feels like those memories belong to someone else, if that makes sense.

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    I'm pretty much all of these to this day
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    You mean like personas? Sure!

    Church member, school student, work employee, friends, acquaintances/friends of friends, parents' child, customer, Internet, game community member, confidante/comforter, debater, sports competitor, asshole, etc.

    It's when I let other aspects bleed into others where people reallllllly start to get me wrong. It happens all the time, I've kinda just accepted it now. I can't communicate to others so that they can really understand where I'm coming from.


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    Yeah, definitely. I've been around many different crowds. I've been many different things to many different people all throughout my life. I don't really view it as having no solid personality though, rather I have a well rounded and diverse one.
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    Not particularly.

    I've flitted through several social groups and situations over the course of my life, but I've always been a well-mannered, bookish, friendly, silly, and imaginative person throughout my different phases. Even in my diaries when I was younger, I wanted to grow into exactly the person I am today.

    I guess I just have very stable Fi.
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    When I was younger yes.

    Then when I hit 30 (that is a guess) everything melded into one personality. Now I approach the world as "one" cohesive personality.
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    I've always believed if you look 7 years back in your life you will see/remember a "different" person. I base this off the fact that each of the body's cells is replaced or renewed every 7 to 10 years
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    I lived a secret life as an Astrology consultant. I don't know why -- I never believed in Astrology to begin with. People would send me their birth charts with $10, and I would interpret all the planetary placements and aspects in regards to whatever it was they had trouble with. Never received word of complaint, but I felt like a fraud after a while - can't bring myself to say I was an Astrologer, so I say Astrology consultant. That went on for about two years as a late-teenager.

    I don't see my pasts as detached aspects of my life, though. Sure, there is iLeaf the Christian, iLead the Absurdist, iLeaf the Devil-child, iLeaf the Puck (Robin Goodfellow), but they are all just me. I suppose they are all of them voices or characters within my mind; I was merely the one that arose to the surface that morning, because most never lasted long enough to be phases.
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    Cool question... I know I'm not infp, but alas I have found I am the same person since I was a child. In fact, it is more the 'spiritual' sense written in the OP.

    I feel alien although I don't think I am from outside the solar system... like some people I have read about

    Maybe rather from a different time period, different 'age' (for example, dark age, enlightenment age)

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