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What are the most meaningful compliments people have given you?

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This is a discussion on What are the most meaningful compliments people have given you? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; It was in the fourth grade. A few of my classmates, myself included, were leaving the school, so my teacher ...

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    It was in the fourth grade. A few of my classmates, myself included, were leaving the school, so my teacher decided we should go around and have a little farewell circle, and allow everyone to share something they liked/would miss about us. I had a bit of an unofficial falling out with most of friends. I don't remember what they said they would miss about me, but it must've not been all that special. But I do remember what this one kid said about me, and we weren't even friends. We weren't not friends, but we also weren't close. He was kind of the class clown and I didn't expect much. He recalled a memory of me sitting at lunch with my friends and laughing and basically said,' that's what I'll miss or remember about Princess and the INFP the most'. I dunno why that touched me so much. I was feeling really depressed, again because of those aforementioned reasons, and I didn't have the best home life, so I was often this depressed, sensitive, taciturn kid(my father is a narcissist), but I guess when he mentioned me laughing, it reminded me how joyful I could be, and how joyful life could be, and all of these qualities about myself that I think people miss or don't see in me, even my own friends. I wish I could back and tell that little ENFP how much he warmed my heart. I don't know if any other INFPs agree, but when someone notices my special qualities, it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. Like I can fly, or something. That's why I think ENFPs are so special. They have no filter, but they always want to encourage good vibes. They'll tease you in one moment and then make you feel like royalty in the next. And I definitely value comments directed at my looks because I feel kind of insecure about them. I am a very awkward person and while I think I'm personally feminine, I don't obsess over makeup and fads like other girls. I don't judge girls who do, it's just for me personally, the whole caked on makeup look gives me anxiety and feels disgenuine. I like how I look with just some lip gloss and mascara and a cute top and some jeans. And even though I like myself, there are some things about my body that I think some or even most people would consider flaws(my gummy smile, for instance) so when someone says something about my appearance is beautiful(and this pertains to style too. I am a dangly earrings girl) I do feel good. I wish it happened more.
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    "You're funny" is all I ever really need to hear. Me and my INTP friend talked for four hours last night, with our VOICES holy SHIT. We went back and forth sharing memories of times we've made people laugh, he's made people cry laugh which means I need to step up my game. In my defense though, they were always drunk. The only times I've felt any pride in life, is when I got someone to laugh.

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    --My favorite recent one is a shared one: "We make each other stronger."

    --This one is from long ago, a friend responding to a moment of self-doubt of mine: "I stick with you because you always end up on top."

    --And sticking with me, tacitly or expressly, is the greatest compliment of all.
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    "You are a gentleman"
    "Tell your mother she raised a good son"
    "You were the calm in my storm"
    Quote Originally Posted by ButIHaveNoFear View Post
    and why were they meaningful?
    They did not feel shallow, but more of a succinct expression of my character and what makes me who I am and what I strive to be.

    Quote Originally Posted by ButIHaveNoFear View Post
    Is it more meaningful to you when people compliment who you are vs. what you do?
    It think it is more meaningful to me when people compliment what I do. Because people can be easily praised and complimented for something they are, which could very well be something they have no control over. But for what I do? I had to work for that.

    Quote Originally Posted by ButIHaveNoFear View Post
    Is there a difference in value when they pay the compliment directly to you, or when they tell someone else and it gets back to you?
    I think there is slightly more value when the compliment is told to someone else that is not me. One could easily say something nice to me and tell someone else otherwise. But when they say good things about me to someone else, that also shows they kind of person they are as well.


    Quote Originally Posted by ButIHaveNoFear View Post
    do you flat out hate compliments, believe that the idea of complimenting anyone is insincere, and/or wish to banish me and my post to an Extroverted Feeling forum?? (Because that last option would be fuuuunnn!)
    I don't think it is that simple, context is always import. It's always important to not only pay attention to what is said, but who, when, where, and why? and then try to gauge sincerity from there.
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