[INFP] Questioning Everything

Questioning Everything

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This is a discussion on Questioning Everything within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; The title sounds a little like click bait but anyhow, anyone else questions their reactions to other people in conversation? ...

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    Questioning Everything

    The title sounds a little like click bait but anyhow, anyone else questions their reactions to other people in conversation? At least in the moment I can predict the emoting of other people in a conversation, simultaneously taking part in it while ring removed from the situation. Sometimes people are great at feigning a negative reaction to surprise others and help them give a positive reaction. I dunno I feel like people can mess around with this sort of thing?

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    For me it is feel as I go unless my guard goes up a notch or two on first sight, what I mean by feel as I go is that I pay attention to the vibes or energy as well all the other ques that people give off. It is good to have your guard up as people are plastic these days.

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    I question about the World and why it is the way it is.. then I begin to question about the nature of man in the things we do and why we do it..

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    Just a good way of understanding who people we face are and what they are likely to do in the future

    I will say that I can observe someone so long that they will have finally decided I'm not interested in them. I just wanted to be sure as I don't like to get into a problem I could have prevented.

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    I love reading the body language and the intent of the conversation. I’m usually bery in-tune with it too. However I get so focused on that sometimes, that I don’t pay attention to the material of the conversation. So I look spaced out sometimes—most of the time.
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    I try not to converse too much with others. But if forced to listen, they often say more without saying nothing at all. That lady on YouTubes, bombardment \ body language is really good. She talks about hidden silent communication all the time. Allison Krauss says "...you say it best, when you say nothing at all..." .


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