[INFP] What is the last thing that made you cry?

What is the last thing that made you cry?

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This is a discussion on What is the last thing that made you cry? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I'm not trying to stereotype INFPs as crybabies and whatnot, but sometimes I cry from things that I feel no ...

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    What is the last thing that made you cry?

    I'm not trying to stereotype INFPs as crybabies and whatnot, but sometimes I cry from things that I feel no one else would understand, and I want to write about it.

    Please share what has made you cry if you, too, would like to ruminate on your moment. Happy tears, sad tears, confused tears, any flavor is welcome here.


    During my commute, I drive on a four-lane road with a large, grassy median. This is an accidentally created habitat for some birds of prey because it creates a brief prairie-like landscape. I often see red-tailed hawks perched on the electrical poles, looking out for prey. I see them soaring high overhead and sometimes I see them swooping down. It always makes me nervous because they fly so low over the road that they could get hit by trucks. They're so larger than life that it's hard to imagine hawks as roadkill.

    I was feeling listless when I drove home today. I had seen a raptor soaring a little low, and I remembered all the things about hawks and a memory I have of one flying in front of my car. A mile or so later, I saw the flourish of a low-flying red-tailed hawk on the far side of the road. Its wings caught the gold of the setting sun. In a way I had expected the hawk, and it was flying to intersect the path of my car. I braked a split second after I saw it coming and cried out when it looked like we would meet. As the bird reached the nose of my car, it pulled up at the last millisecond and glided over me. I was so relieved! I would have been heartbroken if I had hit the beautiful bird. I started crying because the bird got to live. Nobody hurt it.
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    Hmmm that weekend that just passed.. And it's because of a song.. I remembered my mom.

    I honestly don't know my capacity but sometimes i just want to give up. Sometimes I'm asking myself, "why was i braver to commit suicide in the past compared to the present? What happened that made me stronger to face life's battles?"

    Sigh.. I think that good people are entitled to have bad moods and that heroes also have their shares of bad days..

    Oh well.. Nonsense...

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    I don't cry anymore. My mother and elder sister tried very hard to suppress my crying throughout childhood. It is hard for me to talk about crying. I have felt the most alive when I have cried. And I don't cry anymore. This is how it has been for a long time. But something happened I few days that merits expression here.

    My SO and I had been having fights. She'd inadvertently ruin my attempts at establishing a fragile sense of communication and I'd snap out at her that she repeatedly fails to see how earnestly I was trying something. The thing had been happening for years. I even went to the INTJ forum to talk about it. Although the responses there were plenty insightful, they did not sort out anything. I admire her a lot but a connection had not been there. So, one morning we had an argument and I came to my desk, sat on the chair and put my head on my palms. Suddenly all the anger just gave way to a feeling that I was in pain. That the whole thing was as simple as I was hurt. The feeling seeped deeper inside me that I am in pain and I saw that I was crying, tears flowed from my eyes - from the eyes of the dead man that I am. I felt so joyous. And then seeing that I was crying and that I hadn't cried in a long long time, I cried more. It felt like cleansing of the soul or a shower of rain on my barren heart.

    But it was a rare shower. The rainy season is nowhere around.
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    I was subbing for a 2nd grade class, it was the third day of a day stint. This poor girl who was way behind in math was working on it and told me "I'm trying". We worked on the sheet together and I told her how important it was to try, and how far ahead she'll be for being able to try at something she isn't good at.
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    What I have lost, cry at least once a week
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    This film.

    Disclaimer: I'm not an INFP.
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    I'm not an INFP, but...

    Being left behind by a close friend.
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    Buying a birthday card for my dear mother.

    Couldn't believe how expensive it was... for a silly card.

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    an ENTJ creature lol
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    I cried just now, listening to Loreena McKennitt's beautiful voice. I'm still crying, as a matter of fact.
    I finally feel me and me alone, and I've needed this cathartic moment.

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