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Top 5 favourite tv shows ever?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sily View Post
    • Grace and Frankie (2015 - )
    • Hill Street Blues (1981 -1987)
    • As Time Goes By (1992 - 2005)
    • Mum (2016)
    • Somewhere Street (2005 -)

    • Sarah & Duck
    • Antiques Roadshow (UK version only)
    • Significant Others
    • Family Tree
    • Baskets
    • The Café (2011 -)

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    True Detective
    True Blood

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    The Man in the High Castle

    Downton Abbey

    The Good Place

    Umbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

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    The Twilight Zone (1959 series)
    Man Seeking Woman
    Rick and Morty
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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    game of thrones
    wilfred (Elijah Wood .v)
    The office
    dave chappelle show

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    It’s difficult and I haven’t seen every tv show ever made, haven’t even finished Twin Peaks.

    Breaking Bad
    For the writing, character development, photography and editing, the creativeness.

    True Blood
    Only for the first 3 seasons though. I just love this show, I think it probably got side staged when a Breaking Bad became really popular.

    As If
    Its a British coming of age show that I loved at the time.

    Peaky Blinders
    Intricate character development and plots. The use of modern music with authentic 30’s vintage tropes works very well.

    A modern day Cathy and Heathcliff tragedy romance. Very emotional and this 2 episode show has a special nostalgic place.

    The Office(uk)
    Been on repeat more or less(including long breaks), since it came out! Have often joked with my partner that I should be on the show Mastermind with this show as the topic. So dry.
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    This is hard ...

    1. Super Girl.
    2.Steven Universe
    3. My little pony
    4. Doctor Who
    5.? tie between several Netflix shows

    this be a varied person but generally enjoys kid shows the best


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    -Twighlight Zone(original)
    -Tom & Jerry
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    Star Trek TNG
    Kids in the Hall
    late 80s-early 90s SNL

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