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Do You Resent Marketing or Sales?

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This is a discussion on Do You Resent Marketing or Sales? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I work in sales and marketing as well! It's great for helping me develop more social skills and I enjoy ...

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    INFP - The Idealists

    I work in sales and marketing as well!

    It's great for helping me develop more social skills and I enjoy helping people find what they are looking for. I also don't have to follow a script or anything like that, which is great. I get to be genuine and honest with people which makes the entire interaction very comfortable and authentic. I'm definitely not pushy with my sales because I like to give people space to think, but I still get excellent results!

    I don't think anything badly about it, except that it can be draining. Being an introvert and interacting with people all week absolutely drains me when I finally have a day off. But keeping a positive attitude and taking care of my personal needs makes it much easier.
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    It's fine as long the customer needs and benefits from the product, and isn't tricked into buying it against their wishes. It can even be fun if you're writing ads - haven't written any myself, but I've translated many, including short films and songs. That's about as creative as anything commercial can be, and can definitely be fun for intuitives. Some of the campaigns I've worked on* have been excellent comedy in their own right, apart from advertising products people might actually need.

    It's when the customer doesn't need the product/wouldn't benefit from it but is tricked/bullied into buying it anyway that you're overstepping your boundaries as a marketer/salesman.

    For anyone who speaks Swedish, some of this stuff is absolutely golden and I've thoroughly enjoyed working on it.

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    I'm not resentful to sales people at all, they're just trying to do their job. But it is awkward when you get asked to donate money or whatever and you say bad for saying no.

    I'm not loaded with money so...

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    I resent deceitful sales and marketing. Otherwise, no, and I work at a for-profit business. I don't push product I don't think is worth it - actually with time I've learned to better withhold my full judgments because people sometimes like/value things I don't. I do encourage people to support what I think is great, though, especially when it's local, environmentally friendly, really excellent quality, hard to find elsewhere, etc. I don't think there's any need to be deceitful and I genuinely enjoy helping people find things for themselves and others. I take a lot of joy in hand-crafting something special for someone. It's also really pleasing to be able to help someone find a gift on the fly.
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    Yeah, I do hate marketing. I won't necessarily resent you for being in a career like that, it's more... what's the phrase, I'm not mad, I'm disappointed.
    I'd never drill you on it though, it'd be more a sort of "oh right okay, well let's steer the conversation elsewhere then". And I wouldn't be less trusting of you as a person because I'd trust you to leave all that slimy stuff at the workplace.

    I'm nice to everyone except cold callers. My time is precious to me and I've no patience for people that demand I waste it letting them try to weasel me into giving them my money. I'll hang up the phone and shut the door in peoples' faces for it.

    Sales though, it depends what you mean. If you just mean sales assistants and whatnot then sure, I've nothing against them. But the moment they try to convince me to buy something I didn't ask for I switch my attention off. I'm nicer to them though since I know they're just being made to as a side part of the job they actually signed up to do. People in actual marketing or 'sales negotiation' or whatever you might call it though made the conscious decision to spend their lives waging psychological warfare on people to trick or even shame people into coughing up all their hard-earned money and I've nothing but disgust for that. People aren't just wallets full of cash refusing to be prised open.
    No offence intended to you personally, but yeah.

    AdBlock is my Jesus.


    Quote Originally Posted by Moby85 View Post
    To me marketing is very positive: informing of existence and informing how it will help you or your business out.
    Again no offence intended, but that sounds like mental gymnastics to justify it to yourself to me. I don't want to know about the existence of whatever you're selling, if I needed it I would have sought it out, otherwise I have everything I need. I'm an impulsive buyer and the last thing I need is someone trying to take advantage of me and ruin me even more financially for their own gain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pizzafari View Post
    I don't want to know about the existence of whatever you're selling, if I needed it I would have sought it out, otherwise I have everything I need.
    The problem there is that even if someone doesn't deliberately try to reach you, some kind of message will impact you anyway. The world is full of so much loud information... and not all of it's correct, or useful, or kind. Much of it is unintentional - just casual word of mouth, happenstance spreading of misunderstandings, and so on. I used to be firmly against marketing... but now I've worked hand-in-hand with people in marketing... and I've changed my mind away from marketing/business is bad and more tend to wish that people had less pure-profit focus and more remembering that there are deeper/more important values than money, which is ultimately just an avenue to getting more important needs met. There's some great marketing like for environmentally-helpful industries, hot meals for impoverished and homeless people, useful little-known government services, and so on. I like when marketing for products that I'd rather choose - ones that are more eco-friendly, health-friendly, etc. - reaches me. Realistically, we'll never be totally removed from the jumble of misinformation, so at least some marketing can help us be aware of more preferable choices.
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    In my humble opinion, there's nothing fundamentally wrong with marketing itself. It's part of human nature, is communication. If we don't advertise, people won't know what we're trying to sell, whether it's a product, or even our own opinions. But, like anything, it can be twisted to fit one's own agenda and be taken too far, ie: the exploitation of personal details, much like how some trackers/cookies collect and even sell your data off for profit. That's when it gets touchy. For me, I'm glad to know that a product exists, but the more a company tries to sell something to me, the more I really am determined not to buy it.

    At one point, I actually wanted to go into marketing myself, since it's stable and lucrative work, but in the end, I decided to opt out of that program, because I knew it wasn't for me, and I wouldn't be happy in it. I could never feel good pushing people as hard as marketers in the field are expected to. Too invasive. I'm more live and let live, and it just seems to clash with the marketing ideal. But I have no personal moral vendetta against anyone who would ever choose to be in marketing or justify its means. It is what it all is, and I accept it, but I just end up resisting it when a tactic goes too far to pry into me.
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    Like @burningsoul says, if the product is wanted and needed, you only need promotion, not marketing. I hate when people try to sell me something. I have worked in various ways with the public for a long time and I hate when any company I work for tries to get us to push a product. Marketing as a concept is all about using what we know of human psychology to manipulate people into wanting what is being offered.

    But there is marketing and marketing. Think of the “marketing’ involved when Apple came out with the very first iPhone. It’s a web browser. A phone. A music player. A mapping device. An email device. It sold itself. There was little “marketing” at all, just an announcement and maybe a few ads with someone listening to some indie rock band on their music player.

    So I’m not against the kind of marketing that says “We have a product, here is what it does. Buy it if you like it.” I am against the sort of marketing that plays on people’s insecurities and desire to attain social status, their naïveté and basic wiring, to try to get them to buy something they probably don’t need that won’t really make their lives better.

    Edit: I responded before I read most of the other posts and it’s funny how many of us said the same thing.

    Here’s part of what I think of marketing: 75 years ago, most people had a couple of everyday outfits and one or two “good” outfits and that was considered normal. Unless you were rich. Can you imagine showing up to work (for those who don’t wear a uniform or formal business attire) in the same three outfits week after week now?

    Are our lives better for all the clothes? Is the planet better? Are our egos better? I don’t think so. But.... marketing happened, not by one company but by the entire industry. And here we are, with over full closets and none the better for it.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    I don't have a TV. I watch Netflix so I don't have to deal with the ads. I have been out of town this month and in a hotel. There is a TV and it's weird. I realized that I am not even able to find anything to watch because of all the ads. I can't even figure out what the actual show is when I flip through the channels. This really sounds like an old person rant.

    I know TV ads aren't really the only types of marketing that are being discussed. I would have to agree with many of the previous people posting that if I don't know about it, being told about isn't going to convince me to get it.

    I notice that there seems to be lots of ads for medicine. Which to me is strange because I think our doctors should be telling us what we need instead of us asking them about it. I am aware of pharmaceutical companies bribing doctors to sell more of their product so realize that the doctors aren't trustworthy either. I don't think either situation is ideal. I think pharmaceuticals are a good instance where we shouldn't really be marketing them the way they are being marketed.

    I guess I don't see marketing as very helpful to the consumer. It seems pretty one sided to me on the side of the product being marketed. It is beneficial to the product but not to the consumer.

    Even things that seems grass rooted aren't entirely trustworthy to me. Looking at yelp reviews, the idea of them is so people can share their experiences with other people. This sounds good but Yelp will remove bad reviews if you advertise with them and remove good reviews if you don't. My husband has a business and yelp is frequently harassing him about paying them a monthly shake down fee. The funny thing is that their representative calls him every week on a day that the store is closed. If they would just read his yelp page, they would know he was not open on that day.

    I think to me, I like to choose what I take in and marketing seems intrusive. It's too either too obvious or deceptively subtle but it usually stands out to me. I think that is also something that bothers me. If I can spot it, if it stands out in that way, it bothers me because it is not even doing a good job of manipulating my wants. The sheer shoddiness of it bothers me. If you are going to market something to me, manipulate me so good that I don't see it. Don't be stupidly obvious.

    Maybe marketing can't really be removed from the product. By this, I mean that in some ways, I don't like marketing because I don't see many products that appeal to me. I resent that there are not things that are being marketed to appeal to introverts. I mean there are but they are marketed very badly. The whole process is anti introvert. How does one market alone time, solitude and reflective time? When you are most happy contained within your own head, what can you be sold on? No experience being sold can match that.
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    The problem is, to me a product starts becoming less credible the more it's being pushed by sales.

    Someone once phoned me at work to sell green bonds - which as a product could be alright, but why on earth would I pay someone commission if I can go to an online broker? In most cases, sales people give me an idea of a product I might like and after research I'll find a better alternative at a competitor

    Heavy investments into sales and marketing mean prices will jump. For instance, a cashmere scarf will cost $300 from a designer whereas in Edinburgh you'll get it for $50-100 from a no name street shop. And both will have been manufactured in Scotland.

    Advertising is more useful because you can explore the brand/product in your own time. I don't think you can do without, really - it's just suspicious if you can't get a 'feel' for the brand. To me, no interest in brand positioning signals management problems. Look at these restaurant makeover shows and the #1 issue is they don't know what they're selling.
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