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Do You Resent Marketing or Sales?

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This is a discussion on Do You Resent Marketing or Sales? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Originally Posted by starberryGhost Im okay with ethical marketing, but sales are where it can get iffy [in my book].. ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by starberryGhost View Post
    Im okay with ethical marketing, but sales are where it can get iffy [in my book].. and I only say that because of the way employees get treated in sales positions. Employers or managers trying to make sales is a-okay with me.

    I kind of think products should speak for themselves, and that advertisements are just there to make people aware they are out there. People have all kinds of methods of accomplishing this, some like to be obnoxious and scream in your ear, others tell you the truth about their product and get ratings and stuff to let you know you are buying something you need/want.

    My favorite things, though, are the quiet treasures that no one speaks for. The hidden gems that get NO advertising but are so valuable to understanding and experiencing the human condition in new, enriching ways.

    I feel like the proverb about the customer always being right goes to the customers head and stresses everyone out unnecessarily. I feel like it is simply an ideal, and that in practice, people need to keep their heads on their shoulders to make the right judgement calls and not give all of the power over to the customers.

    because believe it or not, despite having money, customers can be shitty people and intensely stressful to work with.

    I think its probably true you make more money by doing things the way customers want you to, but there are other PEOPLE involved in sales too. Not just customers.

    I dont dislike money. Nope.. I think it can be kind of fun to make and spend money.. BUT.. what I dislike is that society gets so wrapped up in making money that it loses sight of everything else, including the human factor.

    I just hate that employees end up being at the mercy of the wolves that enter their fields.

    I know its ironic, but I dont blame the system. I blame the people that make the system crooked and enable the customers to indulge in their lust for power over others.

    I guess what Im trying to say is that some CUSTOMERS are more trouble than their money is worth.

    It makes me want to be an entreprenuer to change things myself.

    I feel like many INFPs feel strongly against anything capitalism related so Im in the minority in this, I would assume.

    I am a natural-born leader, but I am not in the position to lead right now.
    This. The jap tv show i mentioned about, it's actually talking about how some people can love money too much to the point of losing the good side of humanity. Like how people can lie, steal, manipulate others for more money and power. I do abhor that. Super.

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    I enrolled in a sales program in college (and dropped out after one semester because sure enough it was not for me) and majored in business, so I don't feel as negatively toward sales as maybe most INFPs do. I find marketing fascinating and I actually like studying it. I still work in the marketing field now, though thankfully not in a sales role.

    I do think that sales can be a very tricky field though, and from my experience in that sales program I got to see both the positive and negative aspects of it. For example, one of the companies who partnered with the program was a funeral service organization, and no matter how they tried to paint it as a noble career, I just could not understand how it was possible for people to earn their commissions by trying to upsell family members who had just lost a loved one . My perspective on that was confirmed when my grandpa passed away a year later and my family ended up at a funeral home owned by that company. The sales guy who helped us wasn't rude at all, but he was definitely trying to upsell us on things like headstones and the different plots of land... It was an incredibly uncomfortable experience that left me wondering how a company could think that was a good business strategy. But I don't know if that's the standard model for that industry.

    However I do think sales is a necessary part of business. I really understood that in my time studying it at college, and I appreciate the fact that there are a lot of companies trying to find ways to do it ethically. It's definitely possible, but it requires a lot of integrity. So I wouldn't say I'm suspicious when it comes to salespeople. But I guess I do try to avoid them because I have a difficult time saying no (this doesn't mean that I will say yes, just that I will be a stressed out mess trying to figure out how to say no). The whole process of someone trying to persuade me to buy something is very uncomfortable for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Edwardian Spirit View Post
    Having done it in food service I will say that it is cancer that it eats away at good values and good morals provided it doesn't eat at away at those who are forced to do it first.

    All the more reason this system needs to be eliminated at any cost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anti-Fascist Knight View Post
    All the more reason this system needs to be eliminated at any cost.
    The one thing the both of us can agree wholeheartedly on, I find it very hard to support capitalism on moral grounds much less anything else as such systems are exploitative and highly consumptive like a metastasizing cancer.
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    I was in sales a couple of times, and have attended professional sales schools put on by a fortune 100 company. The people who run these schools are pros, and the material is put together by psychologists, sociologists, scientists and other professionals who have the benefit of years of studies into all aspects of human nature.

    Anyone who's in sales knows that it's all about manipulation, control, and convincing the prospect that he needs the product; whether he needs it or not.

    Most sales people will lie to a prospect, even if it's a little white lie, to move a contract forward to the next step.

    It's incredibly difficult for an INFP to justify the total manipulation of another human being for a buck. This is anathema to an INFP.

    You have to be a bit of a sociopath to really do well at sales. That, or convince yourself through cognitive dissonance that what you're doing is for the "good" of the prospect; or they really need whatever schlock you're selling.

    Whatever you do, just make sure the prospect knows that if he doesn't buy your product, Hell will break loose, he'll go bankrupt, or he'll make the worst mistake of his life, be known as a loser until he dies, and his family will hate him.

    This is the reality my friends. I wish it was another way, but it's not.

    Peace and love to everyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Edwardian Spirit View Post
    The one thing the both of us can agree wholeheartedly on, I find it very hard to support capitalism on moral grounds much less anything else as such systems are exploitative and highly consumptive like a metastasizing cancer.
    I'm curious, would you support alternative systems like a "resource-based" economy as proposed by Peter Joseph?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue_Data View Post
    I'm curious, would you support alternative systems like a "resource-based" economy as proposed by Peter Joseph?
    I am interested in alternative systems but haven't had the time to research anything in depth enough to know what all there is. I am done with capitalism as I am tired of how it all works and the human as well the natural cost of keeping an unsustainable system going is doing this world in big time. I am no fan of socialism as the world has had to endure so anything that is an actual improvement is sorely needed in this world. Also over the next few months news will be hitting home for a lot of people as the world has entered another recession.

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    @Intrepid7 That rings true. It was actually a sociopath who told me that "everyone is always selling". We got along really well because together we could sell anything.

    Also, sales people are sometimes just beautiful. The bad ones have an air of phoniness, but the ones who actually live it without fully buying into it, these manipulators are often irresistible.

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    This is something I've experienced so repeatedly that life hasn't given me a chance to forget it:

    People who have a gift for sales use it for more than sales jobs. They collect contacts with people, everyone believes everything they say, they can turn people against you with a trivial amount of effort on their part, and usually they end up getting what they want one way or another in the end. The world is an oyster for people who can do what they're able to do. It's better than money, good looks, position of power in business or government, intelligence, or physical strength, because it can get you all of those things, either yourself or through proxies. People who are good at manipulation are the most dangerous people I've met.

    I deeply distrust anyone who uses these techniques in conversation, and the one good thing to be thankful for in that regard is that I've found that usually people who have that talent either don't ever shut it off or don't want to. They're in "influence" mode from before they've even had their morning coffee. This makes detecting them pretty easy, since you chances of being fooled by them not doing it when you meet them basically zero. They're ALWAYS doing it. They can't stop, so any time is a good time to catch them doing it.

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