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Do You Feel Like You Make Boring Company?

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This is a discussion on Do You Feel Like You Make Boring Company? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I used to be bored as hell if I heard my friends talk about normal stuff that I didn't relate ...

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    I used to be bored as hell if I heard my friends talk about normal stuff that I didn't relate to a lot. Most of my friends had a higher degree and they talked a lot about their studies and subjects. Sometimes even daily chores were a subject, whenever they did that it just had me tune out and get into my head for a moment until we were going to talk about something else. Or I'd draw. That's one thing they knew about me, that I liked to draw a lot. I didn't really bother to deal with the boring things (in my opinion). I wasn't very down to earth and still am not, which makes it harder for people to relate sometimes and so I have to force myself into coming up with something most people can talk about. This is especially a thing at work. Though I would love to start a business on my own; until then I have to learn to live among other people and sort of become accepted. Dealing with friends however is more or less a thing of the past because sadly, I find I have not much in common with most people around me so I figured why doing something with them and show a part of my world when they won't be interested in it anyway and me in theirs. It's a matter of investing time into something. I would love to have a handful of good friends, as long as they feel okay with me being me and I feel like our meetups aren't entirely a waste of time. I'd rather be home and do my own thing and save up energy and be in my element than feeling an outcast and lonely in a crowd. Don't get me wrong; I do grow as a person by going outside aswell.

    But I suppose everyone has their way of dealing with these things. I still need human contact but I've raised my standards a little because time has become more valuable to me.

    I also used to share a house with a friend and it was terrible. She always felt restless when we stayed home for too long and went to bed very early. Which was the opposite of me; I wanted to play guitar or draw and stay up longer than her. She also thought it was weird of me whenever I said that I had to play guitar. It's as if I said I forced myself to play. Which I had to do if I wanted to get better at it. She just couldn't grasp it why I did that if I didn't feel like it.

    Finding your tribe is a long journey, but I think if we are with the wrong people this can cause a lot of frustration on both sides. The same girl even started crying whenever I crossed her on the street and she thought I avoided her even though we lived in the same block. I didn't know how to explain to her and instead told her that was just the way I was; she actually used up a lot of my energy which I wanted to spend on other personal activities. It'll always be a battle between human interaction and personal time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by neutralchaotic View Post

    I have a lot of odd things floating in my head throughout the day, so I usually bring up one or two of them in conversation. That's after catching up with their life, and sitting for a while just enjoying each other's silent presence. I don't believe others expect to me to talk their heads off, and I don't feed into that hypothetical expectation. Many of my friendships grow/have grown in silence. If I can't just sit and people watch, or feel the breeze, or amble around a garden, then that's not a good friendship for me.

    My interests are fairly broad, though, and I read a lot of articles that are interesting to me, so I nearly always have something that I want to talk about, it's just a matter of feeling like opening my mouth.

    Silence isn't boring, though.
    Yeah you are one awesome person, I think everyone gets that. Can we move on?

    (I am totally jealous of you!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by burningsoul View Post
    Yeah you are one awesome person, I think everyone gets that. Can we move on?

    (I am totally jealous of you!)
    thank you

    Feeling comfortable with one's self can go a long way!
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    Quote Originally Posted by WintersFlame View Post
    ...Do You Feel Like You Make Boring Company...
    Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!

    • I am quiet.
    • I mostly just listen.
    • I don't care about many people, their drama, their thoughts.
    • I don't have any desire to spend my day talking with others.
    • My energy level is low, low, low.

    400 million times over, yes, I am incredibly boring.
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    Boring is cute though, kinda.

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    I feel like People really need to get to know me so they enjoy my company, otherwise, they might think I am heavy to deal with just for the first impresion of the sight

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sily View Post
    Yes, 400 million times over, yes, I am incredibly boring.
    I don’t think so. Everything you post here is interesting. But then that might just be me imagining you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lettie91 View Post
    This was exactly what I was going to say. Itís more the topics that I struggle with. I feel like I donít click with a lot of people because I donít enjoy talking about regular topics :P

    I heard someone talking about their diet for our entire lunchtime walk today. The thought of being in that conversation almost made me dose off, but then thatís the only way I feel like I can relate to more people, if that makes sense! My interests just donít seem to correlate with other people. Sometimes I canít wait to get away so I can talk to myself instead as ridiculous as that sounds haha!

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    This is me. With the people I click with, I can talk endlessly. Otherwise I run out of things to say.
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    Quote Originally Posted by burningsoul View Post
    I donít think so. Everything you post here is interesting. But then that might just be me imagining you.
    I look as if I would punch you if I dont like what you say, also I look as I would ignore you if I am not interested in your personality, but is just an impression, some people is very judgmental of what they see without even know or ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WintersFlame View Post
    Okay. This is a big problem for me. I suck at conversation.

    The only time its kinda okay is when I first meet them. That way theres questions to lead with and to go on about. But after that I'm complete shit.

    I run out of ideas of what to do because I'm really a watching tv shows online and playing games kind of person and not so much lets go out in public and look for clothes and watch a movie and i'm NOT "I know where we can eat" type of person.

    If theres an agenda already as a premise to hanging out, then yes. I can do it because at least we dont both have nothing to do and nothing to talk about. I can talk about what we need to do. Its better.

    At the end of it I feel terrible that this person's still my friend for how awkward it was. Especially if were both introverts. I realized, shit I'm bad at being fun.

    Any of you guys maybe have this same problem? Not necessarily to the same extreme degree.
    Aw that's okay!

    You know, most people don't really lead extremely exciting lives. We get up, we go to work, we get home, rinse, repeat. Life is a grind with a few moments of glory. Kinda like those six hours you spend running around tall grass to train your pokťmon, just so you can take the Elite Four with a sweep.

    What I've found is that friendships, the deep ones, they aren't really built on the extraordinary. They're built on the day-by-day caring. It's all about thinking about people, and letting them know you remember them, even if it's just a "Hi, here's a meme I thought you'd enjoy, how was your day?"

    You don't always have to talk. You can hear people out, and offer them input. But by all means, if you do see something interesting don't hesitate to share! Hell, me and the INFP girlfriend always have the deepest talks about things that aren't necessarily exciting. I love telling sending her pictures of the sunset and guess what - sunsets happen literally every day!

    And while I do live a fairly exciting life and "Babe, today someone DIED ON THE TABLE and STAYED DEAD FOR 13 MINUTES AND THEN CAME BACK!!!!" is something that happens regularly, I absolutely love hearing her talk about her paintings and her college lessons and her friends. Just talk about what you love! Discuss game theories and ships on your series!

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