[INFP] Survey---- MBTI Type & Mental Disorders/Addiction

Survey---- MBTI Type & Mental Disorders/Addiction

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This is a discussion on Survey---- MBTI Type & Mental Disorders/Addiction within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; ...

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    Survey---- MBTI Type & Mental Disorders/Addiction

    Iím not sure whether or not weíre allowed to post links to external sites, but I created a survey (relevant to MBTI, might I add) comparing MBTI types with various mental disorders, addictions, and personality disorders. I realize weíre able to create polls on the site, but unfortunately I donít think a poll would be comprehensive enough to give me the data Iím looking to analyze.

    The survey is anonymous and is being used solely for the purpose of *unofficial* (personal) research (Iím not affiliated with any company, and itís not being used for a University program either- although I am a Psychology student). Instead, itís being used to build upon or alter my own theories. Again, itís anonymous, and I will not ask for your name or any personal information beyond MBTI type and questions relating to mental health and addiction.
    Anyways, thank you to all who choose to participate. Itís a very short survey and shouldnít take longer than a minute or two.

    Also, if you have any suggestions regarding making the survey more comprehensive or exact, I appreciate feedback (thereís a paragraph at the end of the survey where you can leave suggestions or thoughts).

    I'm posting this here in the INFP thread first because, well, if there are any issues with the survey (either not being allowed to post it, or it doesn't function perfectly) I'd prefer to get the feedback first from fellow INFP's rather than get chewed and spit out by the general population here (yes, they maybe scare me a little bit).

    Click Here if you wish to take the survey (the site is surveymonkey--- nothing sketchy!)
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