[INFP] The need for connection, and a way to change the world, can I find it here?

The need for connection, and a way to change the world, can I find it here?

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This is a discussion on The need for connection, and a way to change the world, can I find it here? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I am going crazy not finding the connection I need. I always come back here thinking there are others or ...

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    The need for connection, and a way to change the world, can I find it here?

    I am going crazy not finding the connection I need. I always come back here thinking there are others or another like me. I know most people do not think the world can be change but for me it is not that difficult. The world is changing all the time yet without direction or in a way that allows us to evolve as a society. By changing just one thought the whole whole could become a different place.

    There is a key, a phrase, that can shift the reality we project onto the world around us. We just need a better image, a vision. We need to see that we are not helpless individuals but a powerful force capable of choosing our own destiny. We are each unique but we are inclusive in all we do, we mold the world around us. Our thoughts are not in conflict but a larger picture and produce better solutions. As we each want our own voice to be heard we in turn must listen to the voices around us.

    We can evolve past ineffective discussion and debate, to thought and ideas that we move forward to find answers and create solutions. We do not need money and power. We only need each other. We only need to join together and focus on communicating and functioning together at a different level. We need to evolve. We cannot stay how we are for we are the ones who perpetual the conditions that allow the issues we are facing to continue and grow. The real cost is not in dollar signs but is in what we are losing through inaction. The cost will only increase if we do not change and evolve as a society that exists in harmony with the universe and becomes the care taker of our planet. There is no way in hell a government will do this nor will our system of economics ever allow this.

    We do not need a revolution for it is a waste of energy to fight against ourselves. We are all responsible if we do not see the value and need for each other. It is not whether we agree or disagree with each other but that we work together embracing our differences trusting others to see what we ourselves do not see. We are one race of people on one planet. Together we can do this.

    Maybe someone will think this is not just a bunch of BS. So do this with me!!!!!
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    I really enjoyed this post. It was beautiful.

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    You might be able to find the connection here, but not change the world on a large scale like you seem to want.
    True connection is a one-on-one thing. It is deeply personal, and doesn't scale.

    "There is no silver bullet. There is only the love God gave you."
    - Hugh MacLeod, Ignore Everybody
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    I'm 99% solitude-based, but, that filthy 1% of me wanting to connect, ruins me.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Hello functionalloneness,

    Your text sound like an New Agey lukewarm program but life isn't like this.

    The cost will only increase if we do not change and evolve as a society that exists in harmony with the universe and becomes the care taker of our planet. There is no way in hell a government will do this nor will our system of economics ever allow this.

    To me it's not even bullshits (it's hard too strongly disagree with utopic lukewarmness, you will not create many enemies. I don't say one must create enemies for the sake of it but that is an indicator of authenticity, since lot people are very false) but formal platitude with something moralistic in it.

    When I read you I ask myself "What he really want as an individual? What are his real feelings? ".
    How do you want to make some connection if you speak so formally? Connection needs feelings! Expressing one true feelings (whether sentimentally or about anything) is always risky. To be sure, nobody will connect with you through abstract inoffensive thoughts. Here or anywhere else. At most they will accept you very superficially which can't give you a feeling of a connection.
    Maybe you are afraid of rejection (it's very understandable since being accepted as we are is everything you want but easy... this is the real human problem. The fear of being hurt, the great burden of being hurt when it happens) so you don't fully express yourself.
    Writing this I take the risk of rejection and criticisms but at least it's a voice.
    You say everybody needs to listen everybody's voice... Right. But for this one must have some voice of his own! It's a dumbing gregarious world where almost nobody have this.
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    @functionaloneness I'm going to tell you, everything got better for me when I accepted the world is just a holographic simulation. Who cares? Go eat some ice cream. I think INFJs keep the world of Maya going strong when they get in there and "fix" things. Let's let this thing ruuuuuun dooooooooown.

    As for finding connection on here, don't get your hopes too high. You really only need one other person to connect with on here. I found mine.
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    Hello AnkwardNick
    I thought I had already replied but I am not seeing it anywhere. So I hope this is not posted twice.

    Yes everyone's voice must be heard. I believe you are sincerely trying to help me. I know that I often have impractical ideas and visions, you help to balance such things. I guess you could say my motive is not a connection of love and feelings, but of thought and purpose. Emotions are often a distraction. Does it matter if I like you or not if we both want to work together and support each other. You seem intelligent, you have a critical mind. You see flaws and weaknesses. You challenge me to do better. I don't need people who agree with me other than we can work together.

    I do not think I am lukewarm. I just am not anger with people. My anger would accomplish nothing. Most people think I am a fool and all my ideas worthless and a wait of time. But there is something in me that makes me feel I have to try. We fight between ourselves not seeing what we can accomplish together. I spend everyday of my life working on whatever I feel I can add something good to the world and then I put it out there to see if anything happens. I think some of my ideas could work. Are you good with prime numbers, exercise, construction, or ideas of education (especially changing over to the metric system)?

    I believe that there can be a economical model where no one pays for their home or for food. Yet each person still decides what home they wish to live in and what food they should eat. I think we each should determine how much pay we need to have the things we need and the comforts we can enjoy. All this would come from the profits of incorporated businesses where the funds are available for all. Now this might seem really outlandish but it is necessary and it will likely fail many times. Somehow we have live in a society that is not consumer driven. Also where each person makes their own choices and is not controlled by a government or any group. There are many reasons to do this but the main purpose is to live in balance with the world around us. How much another person has does not affect how much I need. The less I need the more there is for everyone else.

    I don't think there is much emotion in this but I hope you can connect with it somehow. I know such an economy cannot exist today because we would not be able to exist within an uncontrolled situation for we have the mindset the more is better rather than just having what we need. We are wasteful and driven to indulge in order to maintain profit margins and our economy to thrive. But it cannot function in balance with the resources and welfare of this planet. It does not even function for our own personal security and well being. I know you are likely going to rip this apart. It is only an idea. But maybe someone can build on it or alter it to something that could work.
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    I had a plan years and years ago to try to start a change. I mentioned it to a few people, and the majority response was, "I'm happy with the world the way it is."

    So, here's the thing, and there's really no getting around it. If you want to change the world on a grand scale, you are gonna need to find some common ground to get people behind you. That's tough.

    But what you can do, is start on a small scale. Help improve the world for those around you, or in a particular distant place even. And possibly move the scale of change up as time goes on. My take on it.
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    @functionaloneness Just be careful with this, seriously. I studied the Bolshevik Revolution pretty heavily years back, and, let me tell you: in the BEGINNING it sounded just like what you're saying: so, so good. So, so reasonable. So, so obvious! They were great dudes. Smart, compassionate, willing to sacrifice everything for the cause.

    But, you know what? It doesn't matter how pure YOUR intentions are. All it takes is one PSYCHO like Stalin, one cultish personality who appeals to the people that like that sort of thing, to get in there and hijack all of YOUR hard work.

    You don't want to end up like Trotsky! Exiled to Mexico, collecting cacti, and eventually getting a f'ing ice axe in your skull!!!

    You know why that communistic vision doesn't work? Because, believe it or not, a lot of people really like things the way things are. They don't see it the way you do. And you're going to have to FORCE them to go along with it, and that brings nasty power issues into it.

    You want to change the world? Align yourself with God's Purpose. How do you align yourself with God's Purpose? YOU FORGET ALL YOUR OWN IDEAS OF THE WAY THINGS SHOULD BE.

    I used to be Just. Like. You. I don't know how old you are, so if you're still in your 20s, you're probably right on track. But watch what happens to you in your 28th/29th year. That's your Saturn Return. (I know none of you care about astrology! Leave me alone!) You'll see: a whole new view of life will unfold before you. But probably not before you go thru a crisis.
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    Quite incorrect I would say, capability of world to change doesn't equate to world to change in every aspect of it.World (reality) is ran by set of rules and you can administrate change state of through appropriate action within those rules. Meaning that one can convert ice into water through specific means and vice versa doesn't mean I can convert Ice into TV or other materials, and those are merely existing ones not even including not-existing ones such for an example adamantium.

    So changing a single thought does change the world in a manner but doesn't mean that change will change world in capacity you desire. We had shit tons of poets, leaders, philosophers, writers and yet they were unable to turn world into a utopia not even closest thing theoretically could have been to utopia given circumstances. Things are simply contraindicated by a human nature and environment you happen to find yourself that would "encourage" certain types of behaviors within that nature and unless you would find some way to change said nature there is no evidence that humans have infinite potential to change their nature or simply create some sort of utopia. In fact societies that did pursue some sort of utopian vision (that alone not going into differences on what such utopia would exactly look like) turned out to be disasters often worse than societies revolved around realistic "imperfections" of humans and created systems to accommodate them and turn them into a benefit for people living under such system.

    Money and power are just a manifestations of human behavior (nature if you wish) be they used in positive or negative manner, remove money and then product or service will replace it and with ability to provide with product or service will come various degree of power. Removing power itself from human society would pretty require some sort collective consciousness in which humans agree with everything or can't do anything unless they agree (but even then it could be agreed that you are forcing inaction onto others and therefore display power over them to force them into not acting).
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