[INFP] How did you meet the person you care most about?

How did you meet the person you care most about?

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This is a discussion on How did you meet the person you care most about? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; The more detail the better!...

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    How did you meet the person you care most about?

    The more detail the better!
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    Online. On Omegle.com on the "politics" tag to be specific. A pretty weird place to meet anyone, but hey, it worked. She started talking in Russian to me, (in Cyrillic) and I started making fun of her and Russians in general (didn't know it was a girl until the end of the conversation). For some reason she seemed to find this amusing and then started talking to me in English. We clashed over some politics subjects, with her defending Russia's actions in one other country and me not, and I was getting pretty annoyed by the end of the conversation. She gave me her account on a texting app to keep talking, so I did, kind of reluctantly. The first time I saw her face on that I thought she was pretty, but that it was "the face of a troll." She kept talking to me, I was in a bit of a too-angry mood at the time, so after one too many disagreements I may have told her to f-off. She sent me a surprisingly big long text a month later telling me how much she valued talking to me, and after that I kind of liked her more and more as time went on.

    Anyway, that was 3 years ago. We sent each other Valentine's gifts two years ago, then we met up once and haven't stopped since. (She is ISFJ, btw)

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    I wouldn't say I care about one person more than the other, but my oldest friend is INFP and we met through Final Fantasy forums. We chatted and wrote letters (including me drawing a Mog smoking a J), and now still chat a lot. Our convos tend to be mostly about Fi and Se which is exactly what I want to be developing right now.
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    At high school. At first, I didn't really 'get her' as I thought she was quite odd and such, but she turned out to be a really great all-around person; well informed, classy, kind but stern when needed and someone who is really authentic.

    I told her that I really liked her once and she was quite taken aback by it xD she didn't expect me to like her in that way. She didn't say either yes or no, but she didn't push me away (thank god). She really values my ideas, opinions, quiet demeanor and my natural aptitude to listen when needed :)
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    I haven't.
    But I also care about my family lots too, do they count? :p
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    It was sort of an arranged marriage.

    My husband had a boss and I had a boss. This boss was the same person for husband and myself.

    The boss said our personalities were similar. I am INFP and husband is ISFJ. It is a perfect combination. So our boss sort of pushed us together, well, we set up a first date at Denny's.

    27 years later it is the best decision I ever made. I am SO grateful to that boss. He is going to be 84 (the boss) and he knew about matchmaking people. Changed my life.
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    They both came out of my vagina.
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    No idea what happened, but from stories I've heard she birthed me.
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    I guess that would be my parents. They met me first lol.
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    I woke up in his body aged 0.
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