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INFPs and driving?

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This is a discussion on INFPs and driving? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I am a cautious driver who (as far as the records show) follows the rules. I've never gotten a ticket ...

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    I am a cautious driver who (as far as the records show) follows the rules. I've never gotten a ticket in my seven-ish years of driving, and I got my CDL Class B to drive a school bus in August. (So now if I get a ticket, the government will keep a record, and if I break the law too much, I can't keep my CDL.) I drive my band and the cheerleaders around. I am just now starting to get used to driving a bus. You sit up very high above the road, and you don't go any faster when you floor the pedal.

    Driving is mostly okay by me, but I don't trust my vision very well and have trouble at night. I can't read street signs until I'm right on them, so I miss a lot of turns and subsequently get very angry. I'm not so good with navigation and directions. I also get tired when I drive at night. Depending on the level of sleep deprivation, I can get eye or full body spasms and false perceptions of reality. The students on the bus never know though...

    I didn't feel confident in driving until I went on 2.5 hour drives to visit my boyfriend at the time, regardless of weather conditions. I drove in some weather where I couldn't see other cars except by their tire tracks in the sleet ahead of me. Each trip you survive becomes bragging rights/confidence points. It just takes some road time.
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    When I did my first U-Turn I ended up on the median. I swore I was gonna die or kill someone, it felt like I was driving a huge killing machine. I swore I was never gonna drive again. And I didn't get my license til I was 27.

    But now, my mind is literally elsewhere when I drive, not paying too much attention, because I drive to mostly the same spots it's like muscle memory now, sometimes I get to places and don't even remember making the right turns.

    Issues I have with driving though, anytime I park somewhere I've never been, like let's say to get gas, when I have to get back on the road I completely lose my sense of direction and have to re-orient myself to remember which direction I was going. It makes me feel like I got a mental condition or something, because my friend looks at me crazy.

    Also with directions I suck when they are given to me like "Just take 50 down to 1792 and get off on Hopkins." Like NO! I need a damn landmark or something, like "Drive down 2 lights, then make a left until you see a 7/11". Then I'll know exactly where to go.

    But idk, driving is pretty easy, I don't mind it. I do HATE having to do risky things like swerve into a lane last minute to get an exit or something high risk, my heart rate goes straight up anytime I have to do that and requires intense focus where I can't breathe until the deed is done, it's like I'm making sure I don't die until it's all over.

    As far as how long it took for me to get "good" uh,I don't remember really, it just kind of happened, I don't remember the "moment" I became good but it took awhile to get used to not being able to see how big your car is from the inside but knowing how far or close the front or side of your car is to something, that was very strange to wrap my head around, now it's just a matter of gut instinct if I can make a tight spot or not.

    I did scrape my car multiple times in the first year. Also I did get 2 cars in less than a year because I didn't adjust speed for raining and got into an accident without collision coverage, and lost the first car because the price to fix it was the price of a new used car. And my second car I blew up the engine on the first day I got it because I thought gear 2 meant "average" speed and gear 3 meant "top speed" so I drove on a highway in gear 2 doing 70 and set the damn engine on fire XD, VERY expensive lesson I learned, luckily was able to cut a deal and get it fixed. So I'd say after a year I have made far less stupid mistakes.
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    my dad and me had a racing go-kart years ago, so i had some experience in handling a vehicle before license. Even though it was more of the "go fast" kind of driving without the electronics of a modern car and no road signs, it definitely helped speeding up the process (haha).

    on the streets i am a calm, predictable driver and have decent overview on the roads ahead. I laugh at the thousands of others risking their lives, just to stand in front of the next redlights for three seconds longer than me :D

    I don´t like long trips much, because i feel like the hours are not used for doing something useful
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    Every once in a while I do a little screwup and try to say sorry from inside my car... with a palm up and look on my face like, 'yep, I'm an asshole.'

    Then I drive off and chuckle because it's so true.
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    Oh god, well I have ADHD so that affects things as I can't pay as much attention to the road or what I'm doing and I get impulses to drive like a maniac. I took driving lessons for about 2 years but my driving instructor was pretty crap and after a short while started using my lessons just to complain about her husband and her other students and to drive and pick up her next pupil rather than actually teach stuff I needed to learn (I later found out her reviews on Google are terrible for those reasons). Hard to focus on the road regardless when you've got someone literally crying about their marriage in the passenger seat. God. But yeah, I suck. I passed my theory test on my fourth attempt though, and haven't tried a practical yet. Hardest thing for me is knowing where my car is in relation to other things on the road and noticing/reacting to things.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    I love driving a light, good handling car on a winding road in the country. Manual transmission. But I live in the city so it's automatic. Hate rush hour traffic so driving is a chore here. I've been in a few not-serious crashes including one last week but the last time it was my fault was 1978. When time allows I much prefer taking my motorcycle out for a ride to new places I haven't been to.
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    Oh boy - I was SO scared to start driving, but my mom made me as soon as it was legal. My journals are riddled with: "I can never do this, and I will never drive - EVER!!" But, I did and I do. It took a couple of years probably before I was fully comfortable. I just drove as much as I possibly could - in all conditions - and now it is second nature to me.

    I still can only drive smaller cars though. Spatial perception has not really improved. Lol.
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    I'd like to think I'm pretty good at driving. I didn't get my license until after high school. I'm paranoid of getting speeding tickets during most situations, but I love going fast into turns on rural twisting roads.

    I am terrible at pathfinding, so I need a lot of experience or GPS help to get where I'm going.

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    I enjoy driving! I think I'm pretty all right. I have a manual transmission car and I have been told I drive "spiritedly". More accurately when I was a teenager I had a lead foot but I've backed off with age. I still like to push it a little now and again. I got my permit when I was 15 and a half and my license the day of my 16th birthday. The trickiest thing still for me is driving with distracting people in the car... I'm much more focused when I'm alone. The hardest thing to learn was stopping on hills with the manual - I was so scared of rolling backwards into the cars piled behind me. Then my dad taught me the handbrake trick and after that it was smooth sailing. Now my car has hill assist and it still blows my mind.

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    I don't drive. I do have my learners, but I'm just not confident.

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