INFPs and driving?

INFPs and driving?

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This is a discussion on INFPs and driving? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Hello! An ISFP here with a question or some for you guys. (possibly, slightly boring) I'm curious though, how are ...

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    Hello! An ISFP here with a question or some for you guys. (possibly, slightly boring) I'm curious though, how are you guys with driving? Are you good at it? Do you like it? How long did it take you to become good at driving, and what was the hardest aspect (in learning & getting a license) for you?

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    I don't know what it really means to be good at driving in a regular degular car [aka not professional], but I haven't been in any accidents [including when the car behind me FLEW up onto the adjacent median and almost hit me, or the numerous near sideswipes in broad daylight]. So, I consider myself decent and in good standing with State Farm's discount.

    I don't really mind driving, either. I've had my license almost two years (longer story in a second), and it's automatic enough that I can just be alone with my thoughts and bam, back home. I don't like gas prices though, I want an electric car.

    It took me 11 months off and on to practice driving enough to be ready for my license. Prefacing this with living in the United States, and I was already past the age where you can just get a license without prereqs (18 years old is the minimum).
    My relative was gracious enough to be my crash dummy. That grace was starting to wane once I felt good about driving but not parking (oh my God...depth perception and peripheral issues with dyslexia is a thing). I have never seen someone consistently park so jacked up in my life. It was terrible.

    But now I can back in like a pro. No comment on parallel parking because I don't need it here.

    Actually getting the license was a breeze. Went from a burden to licensed and sexy in 15 minutes. Almost gave my instructor whiplash with my parking, but I passed on the first go.

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    Driving was okay for.... let me see.... 45 years, now I want no parts of it at age 60.

    I was in 2 accidents in my 20s, neither my fault, they plowed into me. Bastards. I did get a speeding ticket for going 40 in 25 mph section. I love driving around with husband (if we must go somewheres, & are forced). Haha, come to think of it, one of the delights of my life, is doing errands with him in the car.

    But, just not for me, is city driving and long distance driving. I believe every single person, except for me, is nuts (on the road). I don't trust you people! I have proof with my dash cam.

    I started driving when I was 15. Now, I'd pay a chauffeur if I could. I must be the one driving and in the driver seat, if it is not a Professional Driver, driving me around. I don't trust anyone but me .....and professionals.

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    I'm a world class merger.

    When parking, I have to shut off the radio to concentrate.
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    I'm convinced that my cluelessly clumsy ass behind a steering wheel would have to be legally declared a public safety hazard.

    I've tried several times throughout my life to go about getting my driver's license, even blowing hundreds of dollars on driving school back in 2015, but it has just never panned out. I would never be able to afford a vehicle or the various costs that go along with it anyway. I'm sure if I had own my wheels to practice with, I would eventually become skilled at it, but my actual time behind the wheel has been severely limited.
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    I don't like to drive
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    We use mainly manual cars here. At first i had difficulty getting to hang of the clutch and gear combinations while remaining observant of surroundings. Lots of sensory informations at once tends to overwhelm an intuitive type. Complex maneuvers which involved an increase in potential damage and personal injury caused traffic jams of anxiety in me. Also getting useto my new physical extended body (vehicle) did take some time to get used to. Once i got the combinations right, controling and monitoring the car it just left external observation which was the easiest part of the two. Cars behave much like people on street walk, cars have a personal space and get pissed off when you invade it just like humans. Who would have thought!? I started becoming a somewhat good driver when experience could indicate what type of driver is behind the wheel based on the vehicle itself, how its being driven, where and at what time. In the background while driving, all these details homogenises into how much distance am i going to keep from this car? A good driver to me is someone who keeps ample distance, tells everyone wtf they are doing, respects road ettiquete and gives way to aggrivated/aggressive drivers (or pedestrians) even when they do not have to, with a motive to to diffuse any bad vibes on the roads. Its nice when we can all get to where we are going without dying.
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    I fully admit it: I love driving. My driving style was characterized by family members as "rapid" and "vivacious" which is very true, but I'm not a reckless driver. I've never caused an accident and am careful not to hurt other road users. My family has two cars. One with manual gearshift and one with automatic transmission. I enjoy driving both cars and almost like the manual gear shift better than the automatic transmission, which is surprising since driving is all in all more of a sensory activity.
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    I was trained by a driving school instructor. She taught me the check points on a car to the point that I could always drive within 6 inches of parked vehicles which helps a lot with all the big SUVs on the road who cannot judge the dimensions of their vehicles. In the city and other narrow roadways, they like to drive in the middle of narrow 2-way roads.

    A callout to @WhoPutsTheirFaceOnABus (great screen name! I chuckle every time I see it. It's an important question to ask), for reminding me that I too have to shut off the radio to concentrate when parking.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    I practiced twice when I was 16 (in my 30s now), and after taking a wrong turn in a (practice)roundabout, because it was closer and I was absentminded, and then making a gesture while talking about turning, while still holding the steering wheel, and almost ending up in the ditch, my mother didn't dare to practice with me anymore, and since then I have for starters not been rich enough to pay driversinstructors to teach me, secondly hasn't really wanted to (as I feel I would be a danger, as I would very rarely drive and then be out of practice every time, it would be just for jobs that require a license or the odd moving of heavy stuff like furniture, and I fear I would slowly start to become lazy and drive when I don't need to, I live somewhere with good public transport). Perhaps I will learn sometime if I get a job where I really need it, but hopefully I can find one that respect my wish to not depend on cars.

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