[INFP] What is my Eannagram ? (=

What is my Eannagram ? (=

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This is a discussion on What is my Eannagram ? (= within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Hi I'm an INFP ( dude dont try to argue me on that I mean ......XD ) and im lost ...

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    What is my Eannagram ? (=

    Hi I'm an INFP ( dude dont try to argue me on that I mean ......XD ) and im lost as to what is my eannagram ?
    I'm constantly trying to learn new skills ( especilly art wise as it is how I wish to inspire people ) at the speed of the light and my goal isnt to be perfect at it , and quite honestly sometimes I do it even know I know I will suck at it ( hum hum I suck at dance ) . Every art or skill than I I do is in the purpose of showing it to other people to boost them if that makes sense. I absorb everything and have such colorful art because I want to people to see all the possibilities in life. I try to experience a lot of things that I would definitly say are out of my comfort zone and I know for a fact that wont make me happy as I know that it would make other people happy
    Time is definitly something tricky for me I feel like I do everything so fast and try to absorb so many thing and then I get THE BURN OUT where I feel like my Fi is like DUDE WTF DONT LOOSE MEANING YOU HAVE TO INTROSPECT and then I become a lifeless potato for a LONG TIME I would say I become a potato for 6 month ( where i score as eannagram 4 ) to recharge and then 6 month after that to turmoil of excessively learning new data and experience and trying to THROW IT at other people even though I suck I communication skills so im like fuck you know XD ( It is where I score as 7 ) I have litterally two friends in my life that are INFJ and quite frankly im like why the fuck do u stick by because when I am a lifeless potato I am so lifeless that I dont even talk to them even tho sometimes they are in existential crisis mode and when I finnaly come back like they really get what Im trying to throw at life even tho I lack clarity I feel like I managed to inspire them
    I know that I am a potato and I want to inspire other potatoes that I know have much less energy than me . Its like every potato needs another potato to brighten their day
    I definitely think that my burn out are cause by me using my Ne wayyyyyy to much and I dunno it feels like I like I lack Te to really support my Ne. And there is also my Fi that wants my Ne to be quality if that makes sense ......

    Now I dunno for the 7 I heard they fear sadness and dude i dont care if Im sad or happy I dont fear either of them , those are my common ground with humanity and I need those emotions to be genuine with other people and connect with them . My happiness dont shame my sadness but look at it as a big sister , just like I would like to treat sad people. So I would say happiness is a major focus is my life , as in taking care of your body or making sure I keep seeing these bright future would definitly inspire other people to do the same

    My struggle in life are TIME TIME AND CONSTLANTLY HAVING MY FI OR MY SI TRYING TO SLOW ME DOOOOOWN ( no shade I love them tho)


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    You're probably better off asking here and using one of the questionnaires.


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