[INFP] Anyone not relate with some infp articles?

Anyone not relate with some infp articles?

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This is a discussion on Anyone not relate with some infp articles? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; A Lot of this forum I don't really relate to like the whole not knowing the proper way to dress. ...

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    Anyone not relate with some infp articles?

    A Lot of this forum I don't really relate to like the whole not knowing the proper way to dress. I often know the proper way to dress for a occasion do I follow it not always if it not needed I am not not following it...

    I would also say though I am pretty young infp 22 years of age I do think I have honestly always listened to another opinion do I do think its good or right? not always
    but one of my values is to listen in-fact sometimes I get too caught up in the differences of me and the others opinion and will try to change mine to fit someone else then regret it (usually involving what I think I deserve and not what someone else does)

    I think this relates to how I was child abuses as a kid which may have effected my perception in both good and honest horrible ways

    I do relate with some articles but not the newest ones I can find on this site that are more basic.

    like certain parts but I think may use my functions differently if I am infp (I honestly doubting for a minute lol)

    Honestly I would describe myself as a passive person sometimes quirky that if I feel you really deserve it will become really hot headed and may try finding a legal form of retribution I am often really silly. kinda loyal.
    I feel like my biggest flaw is actually I don't really listen to my thoughts very often, my autistic stuff, my lack of confidence, and my self hate I sometimes have. I don't know if the whole world finds problems in me. Though some misunderstand me and think I see the world in black in white when I actually don't

    if there more passive then me or think I am weird.

    I also have problems with procrastination.

    Though I hate social norms I would say my ideals are pretty common. I just rebel and seek to change certain ones but generally others are doing the same.

    I am a little (cough cough alot) unhealthy but I think if we had the who community polling my view
    it would probably be pretty normal.

    I would say though I honestly don't care much about shop lifting though I don't do it myself. I find it very petty.

    and I do think lgbt+ including non binary people experiences are real

    Sometimes once in a while I listen to opposite people views on you-tube to see if some ideal I have is wrong or illogical somehow I don't know

    Someone told me not to listen to myself and poll more as the diagnostic person thought I was schizoefftive
    this ended in horrible mess

    and I was finally like you know what I got this.

    and I feel like its going to end better now cause I am not very impulsive and I try to not and high and mighty

    I think individualism should be celebrated and sometimes (especially with intuitives probably)
    things work well..
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    INFP speaks more to the thought 'processes' of an individual than their behavior. Obviously, nature vs. nurture plays a factor (environment, culture, relationships, etc). No INFP will be exactly like another, because no human is exactly like another. Someone I know is an INFP, we have the same birthday, we are the same ethnicity, and we studied the same subject in school. It wouldn't take more than two seconds to realize we are completely different people.

    That's why I could never put too much stock into typology. It's definitely fun, but people need to live as people, not as ABCD.

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    I find those types of articles can be written by people with preconceptions or ideas that don't necessarily relate to reality. And I know too some INFP's who I barely relate to at all on an emotional level, we are very different, but still I can recognise the basically similar mental processes we share.

    To be really honest though I found your post a little bit disorganised and hard to follow.. but, if I follow what you're saying correctly you are just trying to understand yourself apart from other people's ideas, and that's fine, that's the best way to do it.
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    The articles/profiles are all just stereotypes. All being INFP really means is that you're Introverted Feeling-dominant and Extroverted Intuition-secondary, i.e. you're led by your personal values and take in information indiscriminately as patterns and concepts. Anything there is to say about INFPs past that is generalisations. A lot of behaviours and mindsets are common amongst specific types because of those preferences, but it's never a rule, there are tons and tons of other factors that affect your personality. It's nothing to worry about.
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