[INFP] What's the most memorable dream you've ever had?

What's the most memorable dream you've ever had?

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This is a discussion on What's the most memorable dream you've ever had? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; It can be mystical, prophetic, shocking, surprising, or lucid: whichever one means the most to you....

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    What's the most memorable dream you've ever had?

    It can be mystical, prophetic, shocking, surprising, or lucid: whichever one means the most to you.
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    I have had quite a few. i always remember 1-2 dreams a night. I dream often of tornadoes. They have always fascinated me since i was a child. Usually having to protect others from a nearing tornado, running to a basement before it hits. I get this neat feeling like a pull, maybe gravity, but I feel myself lifting off the ground. We always survive it, then I go outside and turn around just to see one or two more coming our way.

    I've had nightmares of being cemented in to a cart going on a roller coaster in darkness for eternity. Never stoping. I joke now and refer to it as montoney in life. Dreadful.

    i've had dreams as a child of a little girl standing before me in a pretty dress, smiling sweetly but I can tell that she is pure evil inside. And I have to keep starring at her or these boulders come and crush her.

    i had a dream of being at a sex-themed amusement park. There was a jello pool, a rollarcoaster called The Orgasm, and these people dressed up as furry monsters running after people; they were called STD's lol.

    i dream of houses I've been and people in my past

    i've had guilt dreams

    i've had spiritual dreams- both bad and good :s

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Sometimes I dream that I am back in one of the countries where I used to live as a child. The dreams are so vivid with sight and sound and smell. It is like am really there.

    Whenever I have such a dream, they are very intense and bring up a lot of emotions.
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    i had this one really crazy scary dream where i was locked in my bathroom with a lot of people. then i killed all of them and i realized i didn't have any bullets left to kill myself. i panicked because i heard the police outside and then i woke up.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Like arwen, I dream about tornadoes a lot. There are usually a few that we can see and watch. Somehow I know they're coming. It's kind of bizarre. Then there were the waves - I'd be on a beach, usually with my family. It would be pretty crowded. But the waves would get higher and higher. A few times we'd be in a house and they would come down over us. Another, I was swept out which was kind of oddly terrifying. I remember somehow seeing above myself and there was a giant whale beneath me. It probably sounds kind of weird, but that dream left me with an incredible sense of peace. The waves had stopped and the sky was bright. Everything was clear and entirely perfect, straight out of a vacation brochure.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    I'll give you 3.
    The happy face is a lie for most of these are not happy.. XD

    1) I dreamt that my grandfather passed away, that he passed in his sleep. The setting was my grandparent's place. And it was as though their daily life was filmed. My grandmother had woken up early. She did some things around the house. When she got to him, she realize he was dead. The freaky thing is some time later he did pass away but from sickness. I don't think he was sick when I had the dream. (If I was a spiritual person, this would be cool, but it's a coincidence) I don't think I told this to anyone.

    2) I dreamt that I was spending time with my son. He seemed really intelligent and I felt like I loved him. The problem was we were in a cemetery. My husband was dead and we went to visit. What is with my mind? Anyways, I have a feeling, if and when, hopefully, I have a child, the first will be a boy. And I obviously don't want my partner to be dead.

    3) I had a continuous stream of flying dreams. I started off at my lamp post. I would raise vertically by flapping my arms lightly. Then I would go horizontally. The best was rising up. I'd swoop up in a curve, slowly ascending, going above trees. That was the best.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arwen7 View Post
    i had a dream of being at a sex-themed amusement park. There was a jello pool, a rollarcoaster called The Orgasm, and these people dressed up as furry monsters running after people; they were called STD's lol.
    Sounds sort of like something out of dystopian fiction.

    Somebody really needs to open up a place like that in real life. They could call it Randyland.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    I dream nearly every night; they're like movies - mostly "dramas & thrillers". Others would consider them nightmares. I should write them all down & turn the "best" ones into stories, but I don't. Here's one of my favorite short ones:

    I was standing in a courtyard with a rhinoceros, after the End of the World. There were only two animals left: the rhinoceros, an elephant outside the courtyard, and I was the last human. I felt desolation and sadness.

    Man had been King of the World, but had caused its End. The rhinoceros says to me, “Now that the lion is dead, it's time for me to be King of the Savannah. I must fight the elephant.” I tried to persuade him not to, but he wouldn't listen.

    I hear them fighting outside. After a short while, the rhinoceros comes back, limping & bleeding a bit with one eye hurt, but nothing serious. His horn was soaked in blood. The rhinoceros says to me, “Now I am King of the Savannah.” I know what is coming.

    Then he looks straight at me with his one good eye and says, “Now I want to be King of the World.”

    Then I wake up.

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    Okay, I'll go ahead and share some of mine since I started the thread. :)

    1. When I was very little, 4 or 5 (maybe younger) I had a dream where I was being held in the arms of a woman (my mother?) who was rocking me to sleep in a rocking chair. I was looking up into her face and she was softly singing me a lullaby then her face starts to morph and she transforms into an old, ugly witch who starts cackling maniacally. (I'm sure there's a Jungian interpretation of this dream.)

    2. I am in the ocean, swimming, it is dark and the sun is setting. I feel like there’s another ship that I just jumped off of behind me but I don’t look, I see a rope in the water ahead of me, it goes up into the air and is attached to a huge ship, like the Titanic. There are people/voices with me and they marvel at the size of the ship. I grab onto the rope and climb up to the bow of the ship, which is coming towards me. I finally get to the top of the rope and I lounge peacefully on the deck with a couple of other people my age who I feel are my friends. (For context: I had this dream right before I started college. The symbolism was really obvious to me: the ship I left behind was my high school life and now I had to climb onto a new ship: college, where I hoped I would find friends.)

    3. One of the worst nightmares I've ever had was when me and some schoolmates were being herded into my old school gym for an "event." Most of us sit in the bleachers while some of my classmates are on the gym floor for the game/event. I feel a heavy sense of impending doom. As the game proceeds, it grows more depraved and violent. Basically its just people hurting each other in horrible ways and having fun doing it, which is the most disturbing part for me. I see a girl I know bleeding from the nose and laughing hysterically. Then I see another classmate's eye get knocked out of the socket when she is hit over the head with something really heavy. Eventually the gym floor is slick with blood and brain matter. A group of adults stand on the sidelines "supervising" the game. Eventually they bring out trays of food items that are intentionally disgusting (goat cheese, sourkraut) for people to throw at each other. The food mixes with the blood. At this point I stop watching and leave the bleachers. I hesitantly ask an adult if I can leave and he lets me. (I have no idea what this one means, but lots of my nightmares have elements of sadism/masochism even though I rarely encounter these things in real life).
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    INFP - The Idealists

    I have recurring dreams about backcountry skiing. They are delicious. And they always start up in September, when I've been jonesing for a while to get back on snow. I do tend to write them down when they are really good. Here is one of my more recent ones.


    Nate and I are staying in an ice palace hotel on top of a mountain in a cold, remote country that seems like it must/might be Svalbard. The hotel has an elevator from the bottom of the mountain back to the hotel. The hotel is also connected directly to the airport. It is dark, the middle of winter. But the aurora borealis play a continuous curtain call of greens and blues in the clear night sky. We are staying in a small room with a handful of other skiers. Our room reeks of weed and sweat and is stuffed with duffel bags and ski gear. We sleep on the floor between the piles of luggage. Our words are few. There seems to be no human activity in this hotel outside of ours.

    The runs we access directly from the ice palace are long and the powder is deep and soft. At the bottom of each run, we traverse left and enter a foyer from which we take the elevator back up to our room. How long have we been here? Time seems to have lost all meaning. We ski and we sleep. Every run merges with every other run, though no two are identical. At some point, we realize that our stay is about to end. We have time for one more run. Leaving our room, we walk down the hall between dimly iridescent walls of ice like we have done a thousand times before. We exit again into a cold night so deep and indigo it feels like we could be on another planet. Hmmmm… maybe this isn’t Svalbard at all. Perhaps we have traveled through space/time for eons to be here. In silence we clip into our skis. I take a deep breath in the frozen air and push off, traversing right, farther than we have gone before. The aurora form immense curtains of greens and blues that illuminate the mountain below us as the full moon would do on Earth. I’m heading for a precipice we have known lies off in this direction for the duration of our stay. The skiing has been amazing, though we have kept our skis in contact with the snow all the time up to now. We are double pole pushing and trying to build up all the speed we can manage to find in the coldest snow we have ever experienced. The local wax we applied in our room helps us to glide, but it takes some effort to gain the speed we are looking for. I reach the cliff first and WOW! I am in the air! I pull my feet up and drive my hands forward and down the mountain in a mirror of the stillness around me. I fly out and down from the edge of the mountain for a long interval of weightlessness until I sink with gentle bliss into this perfect pillow of powder. I drop my right knee and begin a turn in that direction, away from the world we have known, only to pull back my left knee in a tease of return, but then I pull away to the right again. I don’t know how long I keep this rhythm going, but the right turns keep pulling me farther and farther away from familiar terrain and the run gets longer and longer than all the others we have made here.

    Gradually, the slope begins to ease and a small cabin with a single lighted window appears in the distance. We glide to a stop on a gentle slope, still far above the lonesome abode. Nate and I are side by side as we look back to the left and begin an easy traverse back toward the ice palace we started from. We travel in silence. Soon enough, we are back inside a hall of ice, with doors and rooms around us. Now we can’t contain our voices and simultaneously burst into the biggest WHOA!!! THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOMENESS!!! our lungs and vocal chords can produce. Laughing at the absurdity of the moment and waking people sleeping in the rooms—oh yeah, there must be other people here not on our time—we remember to keep the noise down until we reach the landing where the elevator will return us to our mountain top room. Now we can talk, and we relive all the memories of our time in this paradise of snow and ice and electromagnetic phenomena while waiting for the ice castle elevator to pick us up.

    Returning at last to our room, we find our bags packed and staged in the hall. We change out of ski boots and finish packing our ski and boot bags. We say farewell to our room mates, who have only just arrived and are getting ready for their first run. They tell us they heard we sent it over the cliff and we say yeah we did and how could you know? They just do. We have ski packs on our backs, duffels and ski bags in our hands, and smiles on our faces. It is still dark as we walk down the hall and into a waiting train that takes us to the airport at the top of this mountain of extra-terrestrial snow and ice for our long journey home.
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