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Pleasures of the Flesh

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This is a discussion on Pleasures of the Flesh within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; What are the things in life that give you pleasure? Can be anything physical. For me, drinking my tea so ...

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    Pleasures of the Flesh

    What are the things in life that give you pleasure? Can be anything physical.

    For me, drinking my tea so hot that it burns on the way down
    Baths so hot that I can barely get in them and then they make me light headed
    Feeling my toes on hot sand, but then digging them in underneath to the cooler sand
    Swimming in the sea in summer and finding the cold spots in the water
    A flock of birds flying right over my head - or any large group of animals charging past me
    Anything written, listened to or seen that gives me that internal rush

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    I had a very different idea when I read the thread title. =P

    Rain. Feeling the raindrops fall onto my skin and head, walking into heavy rain and feeling the weight of the water battering your entire body. I always liken this feeling to emotion and the change of a light drizzle to a heavy rain just contrasts how we sometimes experience emotions very mildly and sometimes so powerfully that we almost can't stand.

    Wind. A particularly strong wind against me feels like I might take light at any moment.

    The smell of fresh air. Getting away from the city and just breathing in long and deep somewhere surrounded by nature.

    Animals in the wild. The sounds, the movements, I love just observing them.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Humid heat
    When it's boiling hot in a country with constant downpours going on <3
    Eating rare chicken o__o *loves blood*
    Riding in a jeep really fast and feeling the adrenaline rush from it
    Roller coasters and other fast rides in theme parks.
    Walking down a promenade next to the ocean and feeling the sea breeze through your hair~
    Stroking a purring cat/kitten

    That's all I got, for now~ XD
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    The smell of the earth just after rain, when has been dry for many days.

    Having a cold drink in a very hot day.


    Stroking a purring cat/kitten
    You stole my idea here :P

    Fresh sea breeze

    Cold sand under your feet

    When you touch a tree trunk with your bare hands

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    Unknown Personality

    The thread title certainly caught my attention.

    -the feeling of blankets after a nice warm bath
    -silky smooth hair, I'm always touching my hair
    -opening the windows while on the road and feeling the breeze on my face(I'm not a dog)
    -walking bare-foot on grass
    -the smell of books and vanilla

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    Quote Originally Posted by willow the wisp View Post
    What are the things in life that give you pleasure? Can be anything physical...
    This world is a Wonderland.

    There is just so much, you know?

    I could go on with a very long list, but this is what comes to mind immediately:

    Smelling fresh brewed coffee.
    Smelling books.
    My all time favorite -- swimming underwater as long as I can stand it.
    The feeling of microfiber, fleece, velour, flannel sheets/clothes, on my skin.
    Faux fur throws.
    Being warm and not cold.

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    Unknown Personality

    Feeling paws on my thighs the instant I step into someone's house, then chasing owner of said paws to a certain distance before turning back and running away, and hearing the sound of his/her paws skittering across the floor as he/she pants.
    Music, of course And singing along to it. Even better is singing along to it while everyone else does the same thing!

    Sleeping. Or, well, falling asleep among a group of people. Don't know why, but quiet voices are really really soothing.
    Or sleeping in that secret place on the beach, feeling the bottom half of my body curve down the slope that could actually lead to a dangerous fall into the sea (which won't happen since my feet would be safe against the top of some rock), with the hot hot rocky ground supporting my head, the sun shining down, with the wind just brushing here and there. Heaven :D

    Water! :D Not deep in the sea, but along the shore, the really cool, shallow area. I just like dipping my hand into that kind of water. There was this one opportunity where I got to kayak, I really really liked running my hand across the surface while my partner rowed, hahas xD

    Just, you know, random textures. I like feeling the pages of a new book, and I also really like feeling the yellowed, roughened pages of old books. I like running my hand over engraved designs or bumpy stone/rock (?) walls. I know you're supposed to take really good care of peacock feathers, but everytime I get one I can't help but touch the outer part of it, where the rigidness kind of blends into super-softness :D

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    I enjoy (these are also pleasures of the soul since they become one):
    Smelling crisp, fresh air not too cold but has the smell of the autumn.
    petting cats while they purr and salivate from pleasure
    Softness and love of a Bird pet sleeping next to my cheek. Unfortunately, he died.
    Graininess of warm send in which my feet like to swim; smell of fresh salty breeze on a beach.
    Listening to soothing or sad music with quiet notes
    Peacefulness of deep blue skies.
    Taking a nap during a day. I usually cover my head with a soft, light, and fluffy pillow.
    Swimming in a calm sea water when you actually can see your feet and legs.
    Smell of cypresses and pines close to the sea.
    Smell of air after the rain
    Peace in people that surround me.
    Mountains, hilly terrains
    Vacations - changing environment - forgetting all worries, but enjoying what a different environment has - mostly peace.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    The feel of a soft baby's cheek on mine.
    The tight grip of a baby's fingers around mine.
    Blankets right out of the dryer over chilly skin
    The soft breath of a baby on your chest as it sleeps.
    When your nose is ice cold but your body is warm, almost sweaty, as in after a brisk walk in cold weather
    Bare feet in soft, squishy mud
    Digging out pumpkin seeds with your bare hands
    The sudden atmosphere change from when you're outside in the freezing cold rain and wind and your ride finally comes and you get into their warm, windless, dry car.
    Going from a swimming pool straight into a hot tub.
    Laying your head back in a pool just so the water covers your ears and your hair floats all around your head. You can see clearly but you can't hear anything.
    Getting your hair shampooed at the salon, that moment the warm water touches your scalp. mmmm
    Taking off tight, stiff pants and putting on super comfy, soft pants. Ahh!
    This might be just me but, putting in a super tight pony tail.
    Eskimo kisses
    After you've been hunched at a desk all day, that first opportunity to lay flat on your back on the hard floor. oh yeah

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    Coming in out of a harsh, bitter winter cold to snuggle under thick, warm blankets.

    Having someone run their fingers through and play with your hair.

    Quenching of thirst.

    When you enter a building that's either warm when it's cold outside or air-conditioned when it's hot outside.


    A pat on the back.


    Walking outside on a calm winter's day while being fully dressed for the season and comfortable.

    Getting into a warm car when it's cold out.

    The embrace of a beautiful woman.

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