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Love for INFP? What is your best match-up involving type or ideal match?

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This is a discussion on Love for INFP? What is your best match-up involving type or ideal match? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; You guys think you're doomed!? I am turning eighteen and have never been in a relationship longer than two days! ...

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    ISTPs all the way!

    You guys think you're doomed!? I am turning eighteen and have never been in a relationship longer than two days! I can bet it's because of my preference for ISTPs. I still have daydreams that one of my significant ISTPs will come back into my life and profess their undying love for me. *crying laughter* It's a deadly relationship for an INFP, indeed. I don't know what's wrong with me, but it's like a goal to get an ISTP to fall head over heels for me. I've been perfecting my techniques by torturing myself, learning about cars and makeup and celebrities. The ones I've met don't care for makeup and celebrities, but it turns out that they date girls who do. They like talking about themselves a lot too, as long as I don't ask meaningful questions or ramble. They hate when I ramble.

    Besides endlessly chasing after ISTPs, I am sure I would fall in love with an ENFJ if I met one. The idea of the personality seems perfect for me, but I don't think I've ever met one in real life. All of my girl friends are ESFJ twos and ES/NFP sevens. I found out that being seen with them attracts very cute ISTPs into the vicinity. (I also do a lot of car washes to attract them and go to cliff-jumping events too.)

    I like other types too. (There was an ISFJ once, and even an INFJ!) I am just very into the shallow, emotionless ISTP types (which I am sure is not every single ISTP, because there seems to be some open-minded ones on here.) I know it seems like I am stereotyping, but I really do love the personality. They have many more pros than cons. I guess I just get a little frustrated, since we are so different from each other. Mostly since I am sensitive.

    The one girl ISTP I met was still a little insensitive in a way. She was the kind of person that was quick to point out if I had something on my face, loudly. The way she'd go about it seemed kind of rude, but she wasn't trying to be at all. She was into cars too, strangely enough. She was also very motivating when we worked out together. It wasn't because she said anything, but because she tried really hard and that motivated me enough to do more. Even she stopped being around me.

    Don't get me wrong, I want a deep relationship. I prefer romance and steamy intimacy. But I cannot deny the attraction I have for silently cocky ISTPs. Every time I see them, I am instantly infatuated. Daydreams of us traveling the world and him proposing to me, they cloud my mind. I am still very sensitive though, so sometimes it hurts loving them. Most remarks that they make don't bother me, because I know it's just things that they say. But there is still the occasional incident where my ISTP will tell me to stop talking and it makes me want to run away and cry. He will either shush me very harshly or literally say, "Stop talking." I know that he's not trying to be mean, but it still hurts.

    He's also not afraid to tell me if I look fat in a dress, even if I didn't ask. Lol.

    INFP-ISTP problems.

    When I was naive about personalities, I tried to get my first ISTP to open up about his feelings. He broke up with me the next day, (the only ISTP I officially dated) and I made things worse by telling him that he was just running away from his feelings for me. It was all really embarrassing, because even though I am sure he did have feelings for me, I knew that telling him that he did would lessen them. He was very insensitive about it all. When the next ISTP came around, I did a little better maintaining control of my emotions. They're extremely hard to get to date, because I feel like you end up having to do most of the work to get them to ask you out. Even then, they'll still act no different than when you weren't dating. Absolutely no chance of holding hands. (At least I don't have to worry about cheating, because they don't even flirt with me!)

    The highlights are that if they think you're hot, they'll make sure you know in some form. ;)

    I think I'm pretty good at pointing them out in a crowded school. They're the guys who most girls find attractive. That doesn't necessarily mean they date a lot of girls. They probably don't even talk to many girls. Girls talk to them (and about them). They usually have a lot of guy friends, who they are seen with on instagram dirt biking and/or snow boarding. But they're also very independent: they're the type to PURPOSELY sit at the end of a lunch table. They're not always in organized sports clubs. But they might have their own "unofficial" sports club outside of school with their friends. :) If a bunch of people got together for a public extreme-sport event, I can guarantee you there is at least one ISTP in the crowd.

    My fellow INFP internet-friend has told me many times, "Stop chasing after ISTPs!"

    I honestly can't help it. If there is a reckless and independent ENFJ that likes to go sky-diving and scuba-diving yet is still very considerate about people's feelings and likes romance just as much as adventure, then maybe I will stop chasing the ISTPs. Until then.
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    Another INFP... or an ENFP.

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