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This is a discussion on INFP careers (INXX, INFJ, INFP, INTP) within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I finally figured out the answer to this. Natural scientist. Hydrology, archaeology, urban permaculture, rock sampler, etc etc. Look into ...

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    ISFP - The Artists

    INFP careers (INXX, INFJ, INFP, INTP)

    I finally figured out the answer to this. Natural scientist. Hydrology, archaeology, urban permaculture, rock sampler, etc etc. Look into permaculture. Together we can make a better future. (infp pun) Urban permaculture is definitely a winner at the moment. It would have to be run by small groups that are willing to rewrite communities with sustainability and abundance in mind.
    If thats too much for you just look into permaculture, or other natural sciences. The school work is grueling but I know that in 5-15 years the market will demand more natural scientists with probably tons of entry level jobs begging for people to help with various projects. No one has really considered that the subculture of sustainability is about to blow up. How could it not? It is the answer to all our problems that can be summed up with two words: corruption and poverty.
    I know it could seem like my head is in the clouds on this one but with some realism, I can make it happen for myself, and the system is doomed to be rewritten sooner or later. If we prepare now, we may be of more assistance later.
    There is this group called the venus project. They have an extensive amount of new designs every day for all the above. I have recently heard some politicians and even the president reference the designs of this group. All of detroit was going to be relocated to make way for these projects.
    I am currently in school for Environmental Scientist. I hate the school work but I will love my career if I can get in with the right group.
    You know the homeless people holding up the signs "will work for food"? lol. I'm done.
    What do ya think?
    Permaculture - Free Online Sustainability Course - Regenerative Leadership Institute, http://youtube;5zn8MRKOskw]http://ww...?v=t7PZVYG57UQ, The Venus Project - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,

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    INFP - The Idealists

    I am an infp and hate science, sorry.

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    Infp and an aspiring Geologist. Derp.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    city architect of some kind is a common daydream of mine :) . And some kind of permaculture is more in line with what I'd like than big fields with crops. But it is just the early stages of the first and the last of the second that appeals to me: getting ideas for transport, housing etc, not finishing all the boring details, and picking the things grown, not planting anything and taking care of soil and all that kind of boring things, haha. I like trees and bushes, you plant them once, just make sure they get enough sun, perhaps cut them a little every second year or so, and then have fruit and berries for many, many years. Had I money I would sneak around at night secretly planting black-currants and red-currant bushes all over the city :)

    I saw a strange documentary about the venusproject mixed with some story about a couple some months ago, and then those circular cities was in one of the zeitgeist movies, he/they seem to have become very popular. I don't much like the idea of the circular cities, but I am sure there are lots of ideas in there worth examining, even if the full concept might not appeal to very many, to much efficiency over soul.

    I think groups of people with various personality types would be need to make good visions of future living. Perhaps infps and intps in close cooperation for the very first idealistic visions and ideas, then bring in the intjs, entps, and entjs for reality check, over to the isfp/esfp for some artistic input, then back to the infp/intps for a second round, then over to the infjs/enfps/enfj/isfj for a "human reality check"(will people like this?), and to the istpand istj for ideas on how to solve practical matters of construction etc. and to the esfj and estp to try out the prototypes, and the estj at last to present it to the public and start pulling threads to make it real. Have I forgotten any? estp! hm... perhaps they are good at coordinating the whole planning process.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    INFP and wannabe psychologist here. No sale.

    I've actually heard of the Venus Project, though I'm skeptical that it will succeed. Would be pretty cool, though.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    INFP and either wanting to be a private school German teacher or fitness trainer (mostly done with my German major and am picking up an exercise science major with a vengeance next semester)


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