[INFP] INFPs raised by thinkers? Share your experience

INFPs raised by thinkers? Share your experience

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This is a discussion on INFPs raised by thinkers? Share your experience within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I was raised by an ISTJ mother and an ISTP father. Obviously my NF ways were ridiculed and called irrational ...

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    INFPs raised by thinkers? Share your experience

    I was raised by an ISTJ mother and an ISTP father. Obviously my NF ways were ridiculed and called irrational (no shit ) Luckily I have an INFJ sister. We only started getting along when I hit high school though.
    It was very confusing to live in such a family now that I look back and I'm starting to see some of the pros and cons that came with it.
    -I have slightly different perspective on emotions in comparison to my INFP friends and I can recognize the truth behind a more rational perspective even if how I feel doesn't agree with it one bit.
    -I was encouraged to exercise my mind with games like chess or brain teasers and my father taught us about astronomy and chemistry.
    -I was allowed to figure out my own limits and interests (my father let me play with wires and pliers or climb on top of the garage with a ladder.

    -I never felt like the emotions I expressed were taken seriously other than when I hurt myself or if I full out cried.
    -My parents weren't in tune with my emotions so I would get hurt a lot and they wouldn't notice because I didn't know how to express myself and neither did they.
    -I was not one bit social and I'm still not very.
    -For a long time I thought that being insensitive to others feelings was just how it was done and never gave it much thought until I had hurt a few people badly and realized just how bad I felt.
    -I did not regard my strengths at art and understanding other people as a strength. Art I built up as a strength by trying to compete with my sister for attention.

    etc. etc.

    Anyway, what are your experience regarding a thinker parent. What do you notice as pros and cons that developed by being raised by them?


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