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What do INFPs do best?

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This is a discussion on What do INFPs do best? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Originally Posted by MooOfTheCow Self-flagellate. Had to google that one...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MooOfTheCow View Post
    Had to google that one

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    We tend to suggest things or come up with grand ideas and solutions to problems, at which point other people take the advice and pretend that the idea just magically popped into their own head or conveniently forgot that you had any hand in it when credit is due. The hard life of a wallflower unwilling to correct them. :(

    I think we can keep a secret better than most? Such as if we overheard gossip, we're less likely to spread it around. I think it's because we understand the gravity of our actions towards others in a way that most personalities do not. That darn domino effect ruins lives.

    Also have to agree on some that have been said and maybe a few that have not? Such as being good listeners, mediators, philosophical conversations, staring at nothing/out windows, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fantastic Fantaseer View Post
    sounds like a cool idea to me. even though I stink at english class, I like writting. especially fantasy, so being considerd a gardian is not only pretty awsome to me, but itkinda inspires me with so new ideas to. so thanks!
    English class is kind of stupid in my opinion, In particular, the writing portions. While the vocabulary and reading comprehension type of stuff definitely has its value and importance, in writing, the truly great writers don't even follow these bogus rules like "to be verbs" and whatnot so

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    yah, my issue is spelling and punctuation. but it also doesn't help that the little text box you use for writing posts on this site really doesn't like me. when I come here and type something I'll look up to find that half of what I typed is messed up because not all the keys I hit actually show up like they should. then I have to go back and fix everything. this, is an extremely rare occasion, I actually didn't have to do that this time. it took my input correctly for the 1st time in over a year! :D

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    INFP - The Idealists

    wandering off
    rambling (when it's with the right person and it's after midnight, for me)
    zoning out
    getting lost
    feeling too much or nothing at all
    using too damn many metaphors (I'm SO guilty of this)
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    We show innocence and ethics in a world devoid of such things.

    We put the human back into humanity.

    We champion the ideal, and the underdog, at the same time.
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    Not go after our dreams .

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    I think INFPs are extremely effective at impacting individuals by pointing out truths they never thought about before. We aid people in their discovery of self and the world.

    Essentially, we heighten people's awareness. If anyone thinks I'm being arrogant, I want to mention that heightened awareness doesn't always create a positive response. I also think this is why we make such good writers and counselors (pretty much the INFP jobs I see the most).
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