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What do INFPs do best?

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This is a discussion on What do INFPs do best? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; we are the best at creating romantic scenarios in our head...

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    INFP - The Idealists

    we are the best at creating romantic scenarios in our head
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Aren't we best at WRITING? I mean..those literature thingy

    Im INFP but i cant say im a good listener, i always tend to cut someone's sentence in d middle (out of excitement to know the next fact or the next gem) although i know its very impolite to do so

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    INFP - The Idealists

    We are very good at having values that are generally compassionate and sensitive towards others. Excluding the delusional and the unhealthy INFPs and all that.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    We're generally good at recognizing the inherent value of all living things.
    Empathizing... the world is at an almost total loss for empaths at the moment.
    I'm good at keeping secrets, and I imagine most INFPs are good at this, also.

    I'm reading about Audrey Hepburn at the moment and wondering what the world would be like if all INFPs had that sphere of influence... I imagine it would be much easier to teach the world to be kind.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    What do INFPs do best?

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    INFP - The Idealists

    I think we are pretty good at seeing the beauty and positive things in everybody and everything.
    A lot of people concentrate on the bad stuff and negative things in people, but we rather sympathize and try to also see their point of view; to understand.
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    Here ya go ------>> a quick Google search came up with this at INFP Personal Growth

    As an INFP, you have gifts that are specific to your personality type that aren't natural strengths for other types. By recognizing your special gifts and encouraging their growth and development, you will more readily see your place in the world, and how you can better use your talents to achieve your dreams.

    Nearly all INFPs will recognize the following characteristics in themselves. They should embrace and nourish these strengths:

    * Highly creative, artistic and spiritual, they can produce wonderful works of art, music and literature. INFPs are natural artists. They will find great satisfaction if they encourage and develop their artistic abilities. That doesn't mean that an INFP has to be a famous writer or painter in order to be content. Simply the act of "creating" will be a fulfilling source of renewal and refreshment to the INFP. An INFP should allow himself or herself some artistic outlet, because it will add enrichment and positive energy to their life.
    * They're more spiritually aware than most people, and are more in touch with their soul than others. Most INFPs have strong Faith. Those that don't may feel as if they're missing something important. An INFP should nourish their faith.
    * INFPs are very aware of social injustice, and empathize with the underdog. Their empathy for the underdog and hyper-awareness of social injustice makes them extremely compassionate and nurturing towards disadvantaged members of our society. INFPs will feel most useful and fulfilled when they are fighting to help people who have been misfortunate in our society. They may be teachers, ministers, writers, counsellors or psychologists, but they will most likely all spend extra time trying to help people with special problems. An INFP can find a tremendous amount of satisfaction by enacting some kind of social change that will help the underdog.
    * They're usually good listeners who genuinely want to hear about someone's problems, and genuinely want to help them. This makes them outstanding counsellors, and good friends. An INFP may find great satisfaction from volunteering as a counselor.
    * They accept and value people as individuals, and are strongly egalitarian. They believe that an individual has the right to be themself, without having their attitudes and perspectives brought under scrutiny. Accordingly, they have a great deal of tolerance and acceptance dealing with people who might encounter negative judgment from society in general. They can see something positive in everyone. They believe in individuals. If they give themselves the opportunity, an INFP can become a much-needed source of self-esteem and confidence for people who cannot find it on their own. In this way, they can nurture a "sick soul" back to health.
    * Usually deep and intelligent, they're able to grasp difficult concepts with relative ease. They usually do quite well academically, and will find that educating their minds nourishes their need to think deeply.

    INFPs who have developed their Extraverted iNtuition to the extent that they can perceive the world about them objectively and quickly will find that they enjoy these very special gifts:

    * They will have a great deal of insight into people's characters. They will quickly and thoroughly understand where a person is coming from by assessing their motives and feelings. These well-developed INFP individuals make outstanding psychologists (such as Isabel Briggs Myers herself) and counselors. They might also be great fiction writers, because they're able to develop very complex, real characters.
    * They will quickly understand different situations, and quickly grasp new concepts. They will find that they're able to do anything that they put their mind to, although they may not find it personally satisfying. Things may seem to come easily to these INFPs. Although they're able to conquer many different kinds of tasks and situations, these INFPs will be happiest doing something that seems truly important to them. Although they may find that they can achieve the "mainstream" type of success with relative ease, they are not likely to find happiness along that path, unless they are living their lives with authenticity and depth.
    * The INFP who augments their strong, internal value system (Introverted Feeling) with a well-developed intuitive way of perceiving the world (Extraverted iNtuition) can be a powerful force for social change. Their intense values and strong empathy for the underprivileged, combined with a reliable and deeply insightful understanding of the world that we live in, creates an individual with the power to make a difference (such as Mother Teresa - an INFP).
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    Unknown Personality

    We can be the most depressed out of all the MBTI types, then become happy again a day later. (I feel sorry for all those confuzzled psychologists out there)
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    INFP - The Idealists

    We care deeper than others and will often be the ones that reach out to others that are in pain.
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    We're good at picking up on things unique to others - details such as mannerisms, preferences in food/drink, music, etc., as well as broader stuff like habits, comfort zones, personality traits, etc.

    as such we can be good listeners/advice givers (provided that we balance honesty with tact), as well as pretty damn good gift-givers, even when we're guessing. hopefully those moments of feeling understood will help people not take it so personally when we are plastered to a book in a corner, oblivious to their existence...
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