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    During the summer, I’d written so many posts in this reply box here, so close to submitting, confessing, but I had always changed my mind at the last minute. Out of curiosity, I clicked “Restore Auto-Saved content” today to see which aching sentiment has been frozen there. This one was written just a few weeks before my breakup. It was the exact moment I realized that everything I thought I knew about that relationship was wrong.

    It's been a year since I've really felt like myself again. And for so long, I didn't want to hear what my intuition had to say, but I promised I'd listen.

    I'm not just moody for no reason. The death knell is ringing non-stop now. I'm holding onto the littlest, last bit of hope. I keep thinking about your smile, your laugh -- those faces you make, laying with you, the person you are... and my heart is breaking.

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    I feel like a prisoner to my feelings. I can't let go of them and i can't do anything about them. I try to ignore them and distract myself but then they all resurface later with a vengeance. I'm not even sure if they're holding me back or somehow moving me forward in a way I can't grasp. I wish i knew... i'm tired of and frustrated with these emotions.

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    sahi ja raha hoon main haraamzadon, sahi ja raha hoon main. Dimaag ka dahi kar rakh diya poora mera 2 din.

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    I just realized I don't know what a druid is. I think they are from the UK, live in homes made with peat and I'm picturing a circle of people, holding hands, in my mind with a fire pit in the center. Past life, maybe............ I was a druid. A priest. Robes. My DNA says I'm loaded with Germanic influence. Why am I so intent, on making my ignorance public? It's a bit embarrassing. I just like writing, hope I'm in the Stream of Consciousness thread.

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    I chose isolation and now I can't reverse it. I'm dealing with really heavy stuff and I have nobody.
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    I unironically like vaporwave. Suck my dick, internet. It's so relaxing.
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    I dont't even know if I have the right type like seriously I don't know if feeling like I just uses all cognitive types b ut in a special
    is a special snow fake in a stupid way thing r has some bias

    I personally think being some type of nice is logical but also have my own personal value system at a certain point because eventually the whole if someone you know tells you to jump off a cliff thing becomes apparent like most of the time I would say I like being imaginative but try to stay grounded like in the dirt sometimes when things get to daydream as my anxiety goes up
    but as a child I would usually daydream when I didn't want to do something but was kind of forced

    like I hated church as a kid so would imagine little Pokémon playing on parts of the shrine
    and when I tried forever but couldn't do well in a subject because I was anxious
    I would imagine jumping out the usually ground level window and heading to my room :P

    I have been kind of depressed lately but actually in a way its just a better chapter in a book called my depression so I struggle whether to do anything about it but I also care sorta a little?

    Like for some reason some people think anything bad in my life must have been a lie which is hard to fight against
    because what if some how it isn't its just weird like most bad things I don't think of keeping something tangible to serve as proof just weird?

    But sometimes I wonder if somehow most of my life has been a lie which is weird...
    Why do I have to have everything be tangible?

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    I noticed I have two kinds of attractions to a girl. A lustful one where I can feel my tongue getting wet, and a wholesome one where my whole chest feels filled with light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by L P View Post
    I noticed I have two kinds of attractions to a girl. A lustful one where I can feel my tongue getting wet, and a wholesome one where my whole chest feels filled with light.
    That's not light. That's Viagra.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bucolic View Post
    That's not light. That's Viagra.

    Damn, I confess the real confession. It was your last stash of Viagra. I'll pay you back later.


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