[INFP] So, You Are Screwed In The Head. Would You Love Another Mentally Disturbed Person?

So, You Are Screwed In The Head. Would You Love Another Mentally Disturbed Person?

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This is a discussion on So, You Are Screwed In The Head. Would You Love Another Mentally Disturbed Person? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; So I was at some website somewhere and I came across this online manga. (Yeah because, why waste your money ...

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    Unknown Personality

    So, You Are Screwed In The Head. Would You Love Another Mentally Disturbed Person?

    So I was at some website somewhere and I came across this online manga. (Yeah because, why waste your money on a real manga when you can read them online after they have been scanned?)

    So out of curiosity, I read it. It's about this boy and a girl. When they were younger, they got kidnapped and were held captive, where they were abused, tortured beyond belief, and suffered for God knows how long before they either got let go or they escaped. Since then, they tried to move on with their lives separately. It was, I think, 10 years later when they got to high school, that the boy managed to find the girl again. He followed her home one night, and he went into her apartment without permission from her. The girl freaked out at first, but when the boy told her his name, she went from shocked to relieved to finally see the boy who suffered alongside of her again.

    The screwed up thing is that the girl is holding captive of these two little boys in her closet. She is planning to kill them (The guy too? I'm not sure...), and well... If anyone is interested in the title of the manga, just say so and I'll provide the link.

    Anyway, I am wondering, if you were the girl (female INFPs), will you accept such a guy in your life, knowing you'll never be normal in the head again and nobody will want to be with you because of your horrendous past? Would you rather you move on and find a better life, despite your past? Male INFPs, if you were the guy, would you also move on, or would you find the girl and protect her as well as love her? (Cause the two main characters totally luuuuv each other. )
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    Unknown Personality

    Which manga is it?

    I would not accept her on a relationship level myself, even after attempting to leave the disturbing situation behind. I would try and free herself from the situation as a friend, try to make her realise that what she will do will control her forever. Up until that point, she can try and move on from what happened to her but as soon as she has killed them, there is no turning back. Whether she does the deed or does not, I will try and help her how I can. As for relationships, I would let it play out and see what happens.

    I would wonder whether being with someone you suffered with in such a way would only eventually trap the both of you in your pasts even further. If she met someone new who could accept her and confessed what happened then she has a chance to come to terms with events whilst embracing a new future. Being with someone who's only connection to you is the past will likely keep you trapped in the past, especially when forged from such trauma. There's also the risk of the events bringing out the worst in both and they both decide to take revenge, together.

    Finally, on a more controversial yet personal note, I find two people equally messed up whether it be any mental illness or extreme neurotic instability would have a much more rocky relationship or turmoil than "normal" couples. Both the pain and misery influences their perceptions in similar ways, and it could affect relationships in ways that neither would suspect. It's like trying to lean a house of cards on another house of cards and expecting stability and strength.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Your questions are hetero- and cisgendernormative and thus I don't know which one I'm supposed to reply to.

    If you see my long-ass post in the "stream of consciousness" thread about how I got to the forums, you will see that I've already loved a very mentally ill person.

    You will also see that if I think I am not in a stable enough emotional state, then I don't allow anyone to be with me, for their sake; if I fall into something, I pretty quickly decide to end it.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Very intense scenario. Seeing myself as that boy in the closet my first reaction was I wud kill her( not very INFPish of me) but then i wud understand as to y she is the way she is. To accept her, to fix her wud be like fixing a part of myself, which never showed.
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    Unknown Personality

    Quote Originally Posted by Ectoplasm View Post
    Which manga is it?

    Chapter 1.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    I would definitely love someone with a mental illness or a troubled life. They often have very deep personalities and gentle, fragile spirits, which I love. But the people in that story are probably a bit to extreme for me. But hypothetically, if i were the boy in the story I would try and help her because I think they would be the only people in the world who truly understand each other, so they are connected for life, like soul mates.
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