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Thread of Random Thoughts and Ideas

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This is a discussion on Thread of Random Thoughts and Ideas within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Aurora Lovely Leaps...

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    Aurora Lovely Leaps
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    I did a bad thing.

    I signed up for a free month of Netflix but I forgot I already signed up for it once, so no free month. I cancelled the subscription right after, and it says that it'll be effective at the end of the billing period (end of the month). Does that mean I just paid for a month I'm not gonna use? Damn.

    I just wanted to watch a series without getting monkey viruses on my pc...

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    Location change, whoooo! Colorado, you're crazy so far but I'm loving every minute of you.
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    Living alone in a small rural town in the north sounds so appealing to me.

    Well, I'd definitely budge on the alone part if I met the right person, but living far away from high volumes of people sounds so nice. Just me, possibly a partner, and plenty of animals with no one to disturb us. I'd often dream of living this sort of life when I was younger. I lost sight of it in recent years, but that same vision recently returned and had the same effect on me: I just get really happy when I think about my ideal future life.

    I'm afraid I can only dream of that, but still. I like dreaming about it.

    Oh, and @MissAl , thanks for that fun little unicorn name thing. I'm Elegant Laughter Bell!
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    The only way anyone can make you feel like they're talking down to you or in a condescending manner is if you've already convinced yourself the opposer is indeed better or more than you.

    Mind over matter. Don't ever say outloud someone is talking down to you. Grants them power they never even had.

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    OOOH, i have a great idea. I'm going to write, produce and direct a horror movie about sleep deprivation.
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    Wrong thread.

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    I'm glad that I am not my thoughts.


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