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This is a discussion on Thread of Random Thoughts and Ideas within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Originally Posted by Goetterdaemmerung Finally getting the hang of my espresso machine so jealous...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goetterdaemmerung View Post
    Finally getting the hang of my espresso machine
    so jealous

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    If I was a music teacher, I'd totally have them sing Never gonna give you up. I don't care that kids don't get that reference anymore...

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    another cold wave incoming!!! for the infp's in northern and western europe. It's again getting colder. Mother Nature is pranking with us....

    UK Outlook for Sunday 25 Mar 2018 to Tuesday 3 Apr 2018:
    There will be sunshine and showers for most on Sunday, and some of these could be heavy and slow-moving with a risk of hail and thunder. Through the early part of next week the weather is likely to become changeable once again, with showers and rain at times, interspersed by drier and brighter interludes. Temperatures will be near average or rather cold during the day, with a risk of overnight frosts. The Easter weekend is still too far away to be confident with any details. The most likely scenario currently is a spell of colder than average weather, with increased likelihood of overnight frosts, and a greater than normal chance of snow, especially in the north.

    UK Outlook for Wednesday 4 Apr 2018 to Wednesday 18 Apr 2018:
    Colder than average conditions are likely to prevail overall; often showery with fairly light winds, and a continued chance of overnight frosts. Showers could be heavy with hail and thunder at times, but there are also likely to be good spells of sunshine in-between. Showers or longer spells of rain could fall as snow at times, mainly over higher ground and in the north. Any milder, wetter and windier spells are likely to be relatively short lived.

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    If I were putting together a band like a fantasy sports team, Adrian Belew would have to be in it. What a showman.

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    Van Gogh had such a heart melting life.

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    "Sorry" has begun to feel very empty to me nowadays. I've heard it in so many insincere contexts that it basically translates to "please don't be angry with me" at this rate.

    I wish people wouldn't apologize to me if their apologies are insincere. To me, it's more disrespectful than not apologizing at all. At least the other person shows some level of conviction if they refuse to apologize. I can respect that, even if it's at my own expense. I may still be frustrated or angry with them, but I'd respect them a lot more than if they insincerely apologized. Insincere apologies seem like cowardly ways of trying to make someone react less badly to something that hurt them or otherwise inconvenienced them.

    Using an apology for the sake of formality is also irritating. It turns something that's supposed to be warm and sincere into a seemingly robotic response. Even when a computer program crashes or something, some error messages contain: "We apologize for the inconvenience." It turns something individual and sincere into a programmed response; the program doesn't even know the person it's apologizing to. Those messages always got on my nerves as a child, and I think I might now understand why I hated them so much (besides the fact that I associated them with my video games crashing and losing my progress between saves, of course, but that line always got to me... "We apologize for the inconvenience").

    Of course, I will still accept sincere apologies, and I will forgive mostly everyone who comes forward with them.

    ... I guess my initial thought developed into more of a vent, but I guess it's too late now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Found this interesting.Carl Schmitt on Political Power | Philosophical Explorations
    Whereas Marxists pursue class warfare to advance their goals, liberals pursue an opposite strategy of the neutralization of conflicts. They refuse to distinguish between friend and enemy, and thereby they reject the core of the process that creates political identity. Liberals by nature want to diffuse social tension and struggle, and by doing so, they try to turn politics into administrative affairs. Schmitt criticizes this tendency towards neutralization and asks them: “how can you decide not to decide?” By avoiding conflicts, they reject the other as other. Liberalism allows differences, but only within a legal framework that understands itself to be rational, hence also universal. This will render fundamental differences into degrees of similarity, thus failing to recognize the real differences between people or groups of people. Liberal parliamentarians try to decide all questions by law, but what they really do is attempting to defang and tame politics. The consequence of a liberal understanding of the state is a weakening of the state that exposes it to the dangers of political factions, such as fascists, Bolsheviks, or, in today’s environment, to large corporations and lobbying groups. Schmitt argues that liberal republicanism is not really a political doctrine; it is a negation of politics, an attempt to replace real politics with law, morality, or economics. In fact, liberal parliamentarians are elitist as well, without admitting or recognizing it. They think they represent moral and legal humanism. The enemies of liberal societies, then, are easily labeled as anti-humanist, or even as terrorists whose motivation nobody can understand. The next step is to treat them as insane, anti-social, or as enemies of all of humanity.

    Schmitt suggests to attack liberalism by exposing the neutralization tendency. This will allow us to see that liberalism in its core is not a philosophy of law and politics based on impartial, Enlightenment-style rationality, but rather a form of political theology, because the hope is to dissolve the sovereign nations into a system of universal legality. Schmitt’s critique of modern liberal thinking is based on a nuanced reading of Hobbes and the history of sovereignty itself. In his final analysis, he detects a process in modern times that transforms politics as unavoidable power struggle into a form of politics that aims to establish a universal humanism as a secularized version of theology.
    It is easy to discern the falsity of such a gesture of empathy: The notion that, in spite of political differences, we are all human beings with the same loves and worries, neutralizes the impact of what the soldier is effectively doing at that moment. The only proper reply of the mother should be to demand that the soldier address this question: “If you really are human like me, why are you doing what you are doing now?” The soldier can then only take refuge in reified duty: “I don’t like it, but these are my orders,” thus avoiding any responsibility for his actions.
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    Something you never hear on the television news...

    "And now we turn to the EXPERTS to debate their side of the argument"
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    Writing a quick song because I want to:

    I want to dance around the palm trees that you gave to me,
    an island for the two of us
    you smiled at me and took my hand
    you twirled me around like a baton
    but I fell to the ground,
    and you were gone

    Your sailboat was gone,
    I waited patiently for you,
    Time has been long,
    and I was worried you were stranded somewhere in the sea

    I didn't want to believe you were dead,
    but to found out you wanted me dead,
    it was too much for me.

    Will my song ever reach to you from this island?
    This island that was divine became unwanted,
    without you what point is there for me?
    I kept thinking that there was something wrong with me.
    How long do I have to wait on this island for you?

    I have walked the edge of the sea
    Having no one to talk to,
    I began talking to the sea

    I dreamed you would sail back for me,
    Having no one to dance with,
    I gave my hand to the sea

    I drowned from the tears,
    I was swallowed by the weight of them,

    I was hauled to a boat,
    a kiss brought me back to life,
    it wasn't charming,
    but being out of the island,
    I could just see how many possibilities are in this vast sea.

    The ending still feels a bit not done. I should add more to it, but I am out of juice!


    For now, I am alone now but not completely.
    Single. I'll find someone
    to grab my hand
    and be united.
    In unison, our dance will go on charming.
    But for now, I can only dream
    that there will be someone for me.


    Time to watch anime now. Thanks for singing, humming, or reading along.
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    that feeling when you want to be skeptic about relationships but your inner core is still hopeful

    i dont know, it's like i no longer want to believe with anything and in anyone, like i just want to have a complete 0% trust, but i am still hopeful that there are still people out there i can trust and be vulnerable with.

    I am very, very, very tired :(

    when it rains, it pours, huh


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