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    One of husband's friends (they have known each other since HS), will be singing the above mentioned song, in a karaoke contest tomorrow night.

    Poor choice! This song cannot be sung properly, without singing like a cat with it's paw stuck in a bear trap. It's way too high.

    Try it. It cannot be done. I mean........ why even try, to win a contest, if from the get go, the song is impossible to do.

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    I've thought of another insane idea that is even harder than Yoelnam.

    Both of the ideas have some crazy mechanics which make them naturally difficult.

    The working title for this project is called 'Hades'. This idea was inspired by a peculiar soundtrack when my squire boy was playing Monster Hunter World Iceborne. It was the Shara battle theme 2 that inspired this idea.


    The premise of this idea is that it involves lots of Eastern stuff, and has something to do with the return of Buddha after 2000 years. Some sort of apocalypse has begun and you have to slay a lot of demons as a warrior monk.

    The battle system is something of a mix between Nioh's posture system, Ikagura, and focus from Code Vein.

    The atmosphere is kinda a mix of Onimusha as well where you fight demons and horrors.

    Basically there are two forms which are white and black. To hurt enemies you need to swap to the opposite color and likewise for dodging or avoid their attacks. If you are the same color as the attack you will be unable to block it and have no invincibility frames in your dodge nor can you parry or deflect the attack. You also do little damage when of the same color.

    Swapping colors as you block will absorb the attack and give you 'balance'. A perfect block will also purify and grant even more balance.

    Swapping colors as you parry will reflect a physical attack back and purify it.

    Swapping colors as you dodge at the last second will give you lots of 'balance'.

    Swapping colors as you change stance will deflect a projectile attack and nullifies its effects and purifies it.

    Swapping colors as you attack will allow you to project either an aura or a projectile, and you can chain attacks from either black or white and some moves from black and white (even when not in a balanced state) easily.

    Now when you evenly perform black and white moves you will enter a 'balanced' state where you are both white and black. You must perform a somewhat even balance of white and black moves and once both colors touch then you become balanced for 60 seconds (being hit lowers the duration). Doing all black or all white moves will not cut it. In this balanced state you will have access to powerful white and black moves and enter a hyper state as well where you will use no AP for attacking or dodging and your action speed is increased. However, both black and white attacks will hurt you, but you are able to hurt both white or black enemies, and white and black enemies. White and black enemies cannot be hurt by white or black by itself and so you must enter the balanced state to hurt them.

    In addition to this you also have high, middle, and low stance. If an enemy is in high stance, low stance attacks will lower their balance (light attack) and can break their form (stun) (heavy attack). Middle stance is broken by high stance, and low is broken by middle stance. Not only that, but each stance has different attacks and techniques and methods.

    To lower an enemies AP so that they tire out you must chain attacks or combo.

    So you have to do the white and black stuff, break their form (stunning them can break them out of a balanced state if you cannot enter a balanced state), lower their balance (they will transform if you don't lower their balance), and lower their AP (it is much easier fighting a tired out enemy... not to mention the higher their AP, the more moves they can do and the longer their balanced state lasts).

    The game is very fast in similar vein to Yoelnam and just as complicated. In my opinion the Souls games combat mechanics are kinda out of date. If you want simple combat than yeah, but Bloodborne and Sekiro do combat a lot better than Souls. Code Vein and Nioh are the same as they play much better than Souls.

    Then there are the weapons separated into man, heaven, and earth. ()* means what color is predominate in the fighting style.

    The martial arts are man based and they are: Spear and Polearm (white for spear, black and white for Polearm), Quick Draw Sword (white and black), One Hand Sword (white), Great Sword (black), Axe and Hammer (black for axe, white for hammer), and Rifle (black). The game revolves around the spear though.

    The only earth weapon is your fists (white and black) which have styles of their own (they can vary between white or black. They can be both or they can be either).

    Heaven has bow and arrow (white), and talismans (white and black). However, if I want the game to be more grounded then talismans are removed.

    The cool thing about this idea is that it is suppose to be a painting of rapid strokes of white and black as you cut and slash the demon, and sudden strokes of red in the mix. Paint will splash as you attack and block depending on what color you are in. Paint will also appear when you dodge. Projectiles will also cause paint to appear when they explode or impact.

    When the demon is defeated, it will explode in a beautiful blast of white and black paint that can also stain your character and the surrounding area.

    Then it will rain black and white for a duration...

    Oh, enemies benefit if they are in a puddle of white or black paint and same for your moves (even for red paint aka blood). You can purify the paint and turn it back to normal by using a few purification techniques.

    Some enemies also go briefly invisible when they step into the colored puddles, and some are invisible if you're not the right color.

    The secret superboss for this idea is ???, Apocalypse Queen of Disaster.

    She changes the zone temporary into some wicked natural disaster such as a flooded area (slowed movement, and tides of water), sandstorm (pillars and tornadoes of sand), blizzard (visibility to near zero and wind gusts), a forest fire (don't touch the fire and watch out from ground eruptions), a rainstorm that also has wind storms (with random lightning strikes), a barren area that is going to experience a meteorite strike (comets will fall from the sky), and lastly an area that will experience earthquakes (ground tremors and pit falls).

    She is like a magical version of the Queen of Ruin, but is more aggressive than the other magical types such as the Bloodied Queen and the Queen of Despair. The Queen of Disaster uses almost unseen force to attack you and sound waves and natural elements (fire, water, earth, and wind).

    She can only be harmed when you are in a balanced state otherwise your weapons will bounce off of her.

    That is what I got for 'Hades' for now.

    On another note I hear that Elden Ring does not have villages or towns for its open world design...

    Deathsinger does have towns and villages (such as the Auroran Township and the village of Autumn) as you make your way to the Pale Moon to make the setting more believable since there are towns and villages scattered throughout the kingdoms of Cathara and Reylene. However, in those towns and villages mostly everyone is either dead, undead, or a demon. Rarely will someone ever interaction with a deathsinger too if there are any that are alive that is.

    I also remember the kingdom far to the south where you can only visit its huge black wall. It was called Kellegan and you can only visit its gates and is one of the few places where you can find living souls. They will attack you from the wall since well, you're a deathsinger after all. One of the few places that have held out during the events of the Pale Moon, but like other places it is experiencing decline as well.

    And that is all I wanted to discuss.

    heh heh heh

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    I'm pretty heavy in to flannel shirts all the sudden.

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    Unknown Personality

    Having double standards doesn’t necessarily make one hypocritical, but being hypocritical necessarily entails double standards.

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    My wife says I can pull off a fedora. She's blissfully ignorant of internet culture, but I dunno maybe I shouldn't care either? "triggering" people who would care would be fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WhoPutsTheirFaceOnABus View Post
    I'm pretty heavy in to flannel shirts all the sudden.
    Donation box for the matching pants.

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    Some people comment often about certain types, so its always a pleasant surprise when you notice them browsing them the forums for that type. And then every so often you get random types commenting in places you don't expect like ESFPs in INTP threads. Also pleasant surprises.
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    dang, i regret revealing so much about myself on this website... not that imma become famous, but there's always that lingering scare of the unknown future.
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    I made it a point to do "nothing" today.

    While I sat in my office and did nothing, I thought of an autumn-themed game that the elementary kids might enjoy playing (while secretly getting better at music). Then at the end of school, I miraculously had enough energy to start preparing the game. I think the ability to do "nothing" is what makes this new job a good fit for me. I don't have to appear to a coworker that I'm doing something all the time. I can be good instead of busy. I like being the lone music teacher of the district.
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