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This is a discussion on Thread of Random Thoughts and Ideas within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I love the Ban and Infraction section. I think I mentioned this before? I am so damn nosy....

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    I love the Ban and Infraction section. I think I mentioned this before? I am so damn nosy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhoPutsTheirFaceOnABus View Post
    If someone goes in a coffee shop alone... and only a few spots left to sit down.. a booth or a small table with 2 chairs... it's weird how their choice determines everything I know about them.

    For me it depends on what the booth or small chairs look like. :P
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    I am really sad if the guy thought I wasn't interested in there sushi burrito in the restaurant yesterday I was like I was very happy to know amazing slightly weird food like that exists but I have been kind of depressed lately so he probably thought I was faking but no eventually I am going to buy them even though I always wanted to be vegan today fish so far tastes so good oh my. Yeah like its probably the plants on it but till I learn I wanna do it anyway they actually I think have a vegan option
    but oh well I know the truth about my own feeling (:

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    Quote Originally Posted by neutralchaotic View Post
    INFPs are inherently contradictory, I believe. I personally refer to myself as a walking paradox (and have been called such more than a few times...). Just part of it all. :-]
    That's why it is hard to understand us
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    Anyone loves music over hear?
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    From an absurdist point of view (I know that tradition is the answer to this): why do sports fans stay with a terribly-run team for so long? My example is the Knicks. Their owner is so bad that they won't get better unless they get very lucky or the owner changes their stance on things.

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    A couple days ago I bought my mom some white flowers first things he said was
    we must pain them red
    I laughed so hard
    Im like we are related!
    and hes like of course I know that I lived with you
    I am like but why the first thing you thought of? :P

    It was pretty fun

    I wonder why all the things I write in this thread end up being Alice in Wonderland themed I really only like the referenced media now :P

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    We don't need no thought control. No dark sarcasm in the classroom

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    Look at this (My results for some test..) This is cool...

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    I wonder if it's possible to be both an INFP and an INTP. Like 60% Fi and 60% Ti.. Like more brain power or something..


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