[INFP] How many other INFP's do you personally know?

How many other INFP's do you personally know?

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This is a discussion on How many other INFP's do you personally know? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I only know one other, my son. Is our type really that rare? I can at times notice the types ...

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    INFP - The Idealists

    How many other INFP's do you personally know?

    I only know one other, my son. Is our type really that rare? I can at times notice the types in people I work with, come across in a social setting, etc. but I have never come across someone where I thought ' they seem like an infp'. Ive come across tons of estj's :-)

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    I've met many more in recent years since I started to immerse myself more into this volunteer work I do.

    I can think of 4 INFP women I've know IRL, 1 confirmed INFP man that I met, and possibly a few other men (but am not sure of anything but NF for one and IF for another). I meet way more ISFPs, and when I was first into MBTI, I'd confuse some for INFPs. e4s are tricky too, because I can relate to them, but they are not always INFPs. I've realized how hard it is to type a 4's MBTI type because of the nature of 4s (to be aloof and mysterious). e9s are tricky because so much e9 behavior is associated with IxFPs, but quite a few are not Fi types at all. Anyhow, all but 1 of the INFP women I've known are 9s. Not sure on the men.

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    Unknown Personality

    Wouldn't know as I don't type people, but I do know one who typed themselves as INFP. My mother might be one as well.

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    I am aware of one in my poetry class, and there is one that I know from a strange sexual altercation, and there is one that is my friend but I mistyped her as ISFJ at first. I only know one other one well.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    My close friends are INFP's...so probably around 4 INFP's I know IRL, and many INFP internet friends.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    3 of my male cousins are INFPs, but I really dont know them that well. Have never had a conversation with them directly. My theater and philosophy professors last semester were INFPs but i dont even know if they knew i existed xD I also had a discussion with a guy in a history class i was in who i thought was an ISTP at first (he didnt like to talk a lot) but for sure when we were discussing world problems and the way he instantly changed his persona to something softer and almost childlike i knew he was an INFP. My first real conversation with one but it disappeared after that time. There is a girl in my design class (really small class, so no im not stalking xP) and i know for sure she is one.

    So yeah. Ive met a lot of male INFPs but you can tell how great my socializing skills are and how many people i know personally. INTJs on the other hand....

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    I know 1 INFP male who is an enneagram 3w4. Well presented, has high standards for himself, good aesthetic taste. Doesn't present as emotional, longing type 4, it's interesting to see how the 3 core plays out in him, the Te in him seems to almost be reinforced through his need to create results although his lack of confidence at times creates doubt and holds him back. We have some great conversations that I don't get to have with many people.
    Thay thanked this post.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    1 acquaintance I'm sure about, 1 ex-roommate I'm not that sure about, and a few former classmates I really doubt are INFPs because the test we took sucked.

    None of them I got very close to

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    Since I retired, none. There used to be some INFPs at work, who I worked with. We used to go to inservices and they identified themselves as INFP after taking the test. Currently my life is surrounded by one ISFJ, 2 ENTJs and I've given up on typing my BFF.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Well technically three self reported INFP, but honestly I doubt that two of them actually are.
    I always thought one of the persons was INFJ, and with the other one she said she took a test in school but I honestly thought she was an ENFJ.
    And my best friend is the third INFP, and she's the only one I know for a fact that is INFP. She's taken the test, and we are such kindred spirits. When she talks about her actions and reactions I just completely think "That is definitely what I would have done!"

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