[INFP] Have some events/illness made you doubt your INTUITIONS?

Have some events/illness made you doubt your INTUITIONS?

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This is a discussion on Have some events/illness made you doubt your INTUITIONS? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I gotta say, I used to really trust my intuitions. Something about them felt so...me, so inside, so familiar, so ...

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    Have some events/illness made you doubt your INTUITIONS?

    I gotta say, I used to really trust my intuitions. Something about them felt so...me, so inside, so familiar, so close to my heart and who I am at the core. Yet a few things happened, one being a long period of depression, then some serious anxieties and PTSD, and one of the things you learn when you go for therapy, is that don't trust your intuitions! Like you might have relied on your intuition that some people were judging you and you would get performance anxiety in front of them, right? So you're supposed to do this logical thing, list reasons for and against things. So maybe they're not judging you at all and your intuition has been wrong! It's a relief...at least in part.

    There were other ways my intuition was challenged. That's the intuition not about others but about yourself. A simple example is the intuition of a very depressed person who thinks his body or mind is not working so good and given that, that life is hopeless. Or that he is dying (but it's only a panic attack). So not only your intuition about others is seen as wrong in some situations, so it is about yourself!

    This is a scary situation guys, for a very intuitive person. You know how sometimes you look into somebody's eyes or you hear stories about people and that first look and that they fell in love? Well what the hell do I know now?! I could look at a girl and think she loves me but I may be fool. Granted, I was never exactly 100% sure about this before (lol) but now I feel like as if I'm completely clueless! I've lost all confidence in my intuition. I don't feel like I know people anymore and I don't know myself. Heck, during depression I had ballooned up 120 pounds overweight, so forget about intuition cause just looking at myself in the pictures, I don't recognize myself.

    I'm sorry, I don't even know where I'm going with this....

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    There's a difference between intuition as it is understood in personality typing, and the feelings you get that are a function of habit. Jungian intuition is working with perceptions, being able to connect things, to understand the potential of things, to see their symbolism and their multitude of meanings. What your therapist is talking about is emotions. Jungian intuition is emotionally neutral.

    I believe your therapist is speaking about the habitual emotions that influence and distort your understanding of your perceptions. If you're in the habit of gloom, you will find yourself interpreting events as catastrophic and reaching for a pessimistic interpretation of potential outcomes. CBT is not about changing what you see or what you experience, it's about changing your understanding and reaction to what you see and what you experience.

    Same word, different meaning perhaps?

    Remember that we're Ne, our intuition does not converge. It is the intuition of potential and multitude. It is not the intuition of conclusion and singularity. If you're ever feeling that something is the one and only, maybe then you can start to exercise intelligent skepticism.


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