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deemed psychotic

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    INFP - The Idealists

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    INFP - The Idealists


    o rly?

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    Unknown Personality

    Psychotic how? Like a troll?

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    INFP - The Idealists


    yeah, sorry i just got nervous. l
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Don't stress it, just enjoy. Some day our minds will not have the ability to dream up, create and all the good stuff,
    so let it breathe while it can. It's harmless isn't it, if it's in your head.
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    Thank you for sharing Ada,
    I'm sorry that some people were attempting to be funny, but don't quite understand how terrifying a lost sense of reality can be. I'll withhold some of my comments and save them for another thread :D.

    Nonetheless, while I do work on a crisis line and have a full psychology degree, I admittedly don't recall any particular treatments for what you're describing outside of medication that blocks dopamine receptors within the brain. If you are not familiar, high levels of dopamine will often accelerate the electrical impulses within the brain and in some cases, may create hallucinations, paranoia, and so forth.

    Glancing around the web really quick, it appears like things are entirely treatable, but would require a strong commitment by you. A few steps I've glanced at include: creating a routine within your life (this may be difficult for INFPs, maybe ask a friend or family member to help you create a plan and stick with it), ensuring that you get plenty of sleep (may need to speak with a doctor in regards to this), you also may want to take Vitamin B12 supplements.

    I'll look into things a bit more and lug out the big psychology books.

    A few questions for you though,
    - How well do you sleep? If you had to give me an average number of hours per night, what would you say that would be?
    - How common do you experience the symptoms you are describing? You mentioned a few things came in phases.
    - Are you aware of any known cause? -- Perhaps suffering from some sort of trauma in the past? Was it something that just developed within a certain age?
    - What type of treatment are you currently involved with? I know you mentioned medication, but what about therapy? Are you registered with any agencies specifically related to this? Or just generally psychiatry / counselling?
    - Have you caused any sort of physical harm to yourself? If so, what.

    You are welcome to talk to me in private if you feel that's best, I'll do everything I can.
    Thank you once again, I imagine it wasn't easy to make a post about it.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Maybe it is serious, if so though, don't get my paranoia going here.

    I think it's healthy to fantasize, I wouldn't stop it, but just direct it.
    I do agree with Lad about sticking to a strict routine, I'm very natural feeling if doing a schedule,
    except strictness interrupts the freedom of the mind and the dreaming up becomes difficult.
    I think it takes a good balance, I hope to achieve one at some point, too. I'm either too strict and very dull, + tired.
    Or an over-indulgence of too much free time on vacations, in which I become more feisty to control those ups and downs.
    I'm at my best on a strict schedule with multiple breaks to walk in fresh air for awhile, the walks 'jog' my mind, the clock keeps me from stirring up trouble.

    Don't panic though, be aware and find a way to work with it. Examine the triggers, find what heals them best.
    And love who you are.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    thank you very much you two!
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    Unknown Personality

    No need to apologize, we all get nervous at times. I thought you were joking, since you hadn't made any other posts. Actually, I do understand, personally. If it is serious there are some good online resources, but community ones are usually better. Find what works for you, it tends to be slightly different for everyone.

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    I struggle with psychosis.

    I put on a 'sane' face for everyone because they rely on me but it takes me to scary places from time to time.

    I can't say there is a best way to handle it, everyone is different.
    Pills didn't help me.
    Sometimes just having a proper outlet and getting your basic necessities make a difference.

    Stress aggravates psychosis, so if you can identify unnecessary stress in your life and work on handling that day by day, it might be useful.

    I wish I had something more useful to offer, except just take each day at a time, and feel free to PM me if you need to vent or whatever, I guess.

    Best wishes.
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