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This is a discussion on The Happy Thread! within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Sooo, I am done. Technically graduated and deserved my title, still need to do some work. Why does it feel ...

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    Sooo, I am done. Technically graduated and deserved my title, still need to do some work.

    Why does it feel "meh"?

    :P But I am glad this is done with and I am over.
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    I got accepted in to two colleges one from yesterday and one from today. I am soooo fucking lucky. Especially for the fact that I am not a productive or studious person. It's like one of the best days of my life rn.

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    Wooooo Hooooo!!!

    Im super happy:)
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    ...I had "broken" the forum by accidentally changing something in the settings (like how you view the threads) so my internet couldnt handle loading the weird version of the forum AND NOW i figured out to change it back and I can finally talk bs of my weird life here. I couldnt access any part of the forum for too long. lol and I thought I'm the expert at computers and tech things - guess not. but yay, I'm happy about finding it out.
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    Got my Wii U pro controller paired up to my Pi with bluetooth. Now I can play the remaining 85-90% of my games that require a D-pad.
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    Sorted stuff out with my mum and now we're bonding over the fact the dog is ill. That's not really happy but she will be fine so that is alright. Considering she is 12 1/2 we got a bit worried. I have been round all weekend and will go over after work tomorrow. I don't even live there anymore but apparently I am chief petter.
    Sold lots of junk today at a car boot sale so now I am going to gorge myself book buying XD
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    I'm extremely stupid, but I'm hella happy!

    I'm stupid because there's this exam that I've had to do over three times already...

    I'm happy because on this last try I managed to pass! Yay!

    I also completed an assignment that I never thought I would manage to get in on time 20 minutes before the final deadline today. And it wasn't completely shitty! I'll probably have to amend some parts of it later on, but still, I managed to get it in on time!
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    Great couple of classes to start my week off. Escaping the heat tomorrow by day-tripping to the coast; good time to visit (before the busy season).

    Here's a polar bear:

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    I feel a lot more appreciative and a lot more..willing to be nicer to myself.
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