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This is a discussion on The Happy Thread! within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Oh no! I came back to respond to the scorpion post and it's gone. What makes me happy is that ...

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Oh no! I came back to respond to the scorpion post and it's gone.

    What makes me happy is that a bunch of kids somewhere get to have an adult like @WickerDeer who shows them and tells them all about things like scorpions, and lets them say goodbye to the tiny, often-reviled creatures when they are set free. I seem to recall other tales of you showing kids things like moths and bees in the past. You're like a nature-oriented fairy godmother for those kids, showing them the beauty in parts of the world that most adult shriek at and squash. What a true gift to those impressionable little beings-- makes me happy just thinking about it.

    Quote Originally Posted by WickerDeer View Post

    I went for a walk today and recalled the identity of many familiar plants...almost all of the ones I saw.

    It was nice to just recall them--mostly common names though, rather than latin names.
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    Last night I drank one drink; I didn't drink because I was depressed (got over it by then), I didn't drink more. I think that's a W.

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    I am happy that I'm not deaf or blind. That I can move and get around. By my self. I can take a shower without having to ask for hlp. I can walk down the stairs :) I am so lucky and I think about it way too rarely! Yey :)

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    Happy it's almost Thanksgiving :)
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    Might have an idea for a YouTube series. Won't publish anything unless I actually stick with it.

    Also happy that my ISP is a tiny public utility that only serves my city and the next one over.
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    My husband has a four day weekend beginning tonight, so four plus... and we'll walk tomorrow, not eat Thanksgiving anywhere until Sunday, and ah-ta-dah, it's time for Beezus and Zanona "to hit the ground running," i.e. The Kids as I call the sister rats have never been--as Pickles has--on the floor; they stay on the bed and side tables, but it's time:

    They've reached sexual maturity (they're five-and-a-half months old), and fight each other, so full of competitive 'gotta have me a man' instinct thing going on, so it's time to give them more roaming room, which means rat-proofing the bedroom to the extent this is possible, mainly aiming at insuring they don't get electrocuted or do damage to the flat we rent--pillows and such are fair game.

    My husband should be home--depending on traffic--within an hour and a half. Then let the fun begin. ≧◠‿●‿◠≦

    Zanona posing for me__bedside cube__Lnsharpensep__PintansrdcCntrs__500 x 365 pixels__Oct 15 2017.jpg
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    I love whenever someone refers to me as "the funniest person they know."

    I know it's hyperbole, but I really, really appreciate it when someone compliments my sense of humour. It's one of the most flattering things to me. Making people laugh is probably near the very top of the list of things I really enjoy doing on a social level.
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    How much work we got done on the bedroom rearrangement for The Kids so they can play safely on the floor, run up the curtains, whatever... Gotta get back to it soon, though before our energy is tapped out.
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    Fighting my instincts. I'm very much a subscriber to "do what I feel like doing", but that's leading me to a lot of bad patterns. I'm often in a low-energy state (maybe depressions?), and when that happens I just want to sit on my recliner and watch YouTube/Twitch. Also I'm trying to keep my drinking at a moderate level as well. One-two drinks is fine; more is counter-productive. I've restarted my calorie counting ways. Today I threw myself into a walk even if I wasn't motivated. The key for me is to not overplan everything. I'm still very much a perciever with little interest in using Te for self-improvment.

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    I am happy to be able to understand that I am more a complex of drives and reinforced behavioral mechanisms than someone with absolute free will. Or rather, I have free will, but that will is more like a democracy with a mix of small, quiet, noble thinkers and obnoxious, pushy, strong arming oafs.
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