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This is a discussion on The Happy Thread! within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; mmmmmmmmm delicious tea and delicious ice cream :)...

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    INFP - The Idealists

    mmmmmmmmm delicious tea and delicious ice cream :)
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    Got money for the first time all year and I've finally been able to replace my broken headphones cable! Now I can use my PC with decent sound quality again instead of having to use my phone earphones that blocked my ear up with earwax whenever I used them! Yeeaaaaahh!

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    I made a House in Fata Morgana-themed desktop in Wallpaper Engine! Yeeeaaaaaahhh!

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    Off work for at least a 7 days and off to a festival over the weekend...there's a good chance the weathers gonna be pretty shite, but hey, no work for a week to spent with good friends.
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    I woke up happy today. Im going to keep this happiness train moving. Chugga chugga chugga woo woo!
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    Welp, I did it. The ending story of The House in Fata Morgana was finally released in English after years, I just finally finished it, and that's it. No more The House in Fata Morgana, it's ended. I cried. I actually cried. I haven't once cried at anything since I was a kid, not one single time, and I had tears streaming down my face as the credits rolled. What a fucking incredible story. There are no words. Absolutely no words in the English language or any other to convey just how powerful a story that was, the entire thing. I just can't believe it's over. It never felt completely over before because I knew there was still that final story I wasn't yet able to play hovering over my head (though don't misunderstand, the original game without it is still a perfectly fantastic as a self-contained story, the ending story was thought up later down the line), but now that that's finished, it's over. Fata Morgana is over. That's absolutely devastating, but my god, that was incredible.

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    I only met my 3-year old nephew and 7/8-year old niece-to-be for the first time a few months or so ago and I've only seen them a few times since, apparently they're both really picky with who they talk to and they just sort of blank the majority of people and don't so much as give them the time of day, but they both seem to really like me. I have no idea why as I'm really quiet and I'm not very playful with kids, but my nephew happily runs up and says something to me with his weird three-year-old pronunciation every time he enters the same room as me in my sister's flat and even my sister said that my niece-to-be in particular really seems to have taken to me and that she's never usually like that. Last night/this morning was my third time ever seeing them, last night the niece asked if I was staying the night and my sister's fiancee said I am and she said "yaaay!" then later said "I like it when you stay over!" to me, and then before we all went to bed she asked to watch YouTube videos on my phone with me and snuggled up with me watching them for a while, and then today as I was leaving my sister's flat after exchanging byes they both said "love you!" to me unprompted and I really don't think they say that to many people at all. All that really warmed my frosty-ass heart.
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    Got some easy subbing money starting this afternoon. Helping set up a kindergarten classroom, then testing kids. I don't know how long the job will be, but it's at least 2.5 days. Pretty good for rarely getting any work during Septembers.
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    @Jagbas Congratulations!
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