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This is a discussion on The Happy Thread! within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; The undergraduate coordinator emailed me the results today, and I checked my university's registration system. It's all official. I got ...

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    The undergraduate coordinator emailed me the results today, and I checked my university's registration system. It's all official.

    I got into the senior advanced fiction and poetry writing workshops! I'm so happy to be able to take a nice sigh of relief and believe in myself a little more. I compare myself to my classmates quite often and feel like my work leaves something to be desired, so it feels amazing to get into classes of the highest level in both forms, especially without being able to fall back on lower-level classes in case I didn't make the cut.

    I've got something else to be happy about, too. I've lost 10 pounds (~4.5 kg) over the past 5-6 weeks, and I already feel much better. I'm only about 6 pounds away from falling back into the ideal weight range, but I'd like to lose another 15-20 pounds so I can settle right into the middle of the range. I feel very optimistic about the progress I've been making, and I'm eager to keep up the work and add some more exercises to my routine.

    I feel so good all around right now... I almost cried on my way to class, but I kept it together :)
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    I can finally play at least one song two-handed on keyboard! Nice! My kack-handedness can be defeated after all. Now I just need to overcome my left-handedness too so I can play treble competently. Bleeecchh.

    This one! I can play this one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WitcherDeer View Post
    I organized my dwelling a bit more!

    I got and assembled a set of shelves, and was able to get things into vertical space (rather than stacking them on top of each other on the floor). And I finally moved my bed to where I envisioned it before.

    I am so glad. My room had almost no shelves (except one book case with books in it) before, and now it has places to put my art supplies. I was beginning to worry they would just get lost or something without any organization.

    It's still a complete mess, but I'm so happy to have places now to put things. While it seemed super overwhelming before, I realized it's not really that much, but that it is way easier with actual shelves to put things away.

    They aren't organized very well yet.

    Maybe I also feel good about how I managed my time as well, and how much I can get done if I just get it together with time...like instead of just putting it off or worrying about other stuff.

    Anyway...I want to continue to use time more efficiently and also just focus more on my own goals.
    I didn't know you were an ENFP
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    I think I've made a new friend this week...
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    Yesterday was the best day of 2019 for me, hands down.

    Baby's first conference presentation? Complete success. To be talking about my own research, and have people really enjoy my presentation and ask me a lot of questions and really give me good feedback....just continuing to affirm that I am absolutely in the right field and on the right path.

    It felt like I was talking about me in front of an entire room. Dissecting a part of myself, and others understood. I felt understood, and I felt heard, and I felt worthy. I know that I am those things, but, it feels so good to see it manifest in front of mostly strangers.
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    Neurons firing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sei35 View Post
    I think I've made a new friend this week...
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    I had a really shitty week last week, but two things that got me through were the principal at the school I'm long-term-subbing at and my weekend. I played a ton of Arkham Horror LCG; on Sunday there was a big event hosted by some content creators who knew me and I got to introduce myself and it was cool to be known. Which sounds selfish I suppose. Anyways, I had a ton of fun, I won a prize my wife really wanted, and it took my mind away from my work situation.
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    Thank you, Lord God, for the gift of sharp instincts / intuition. I know that sometimes, i have the bad habit of doubting the gift of discernment you have bestowed upon me; always second-guessing and distrusting my instincts -- forgive me, Lord, and help me trust my intuition more and more everyday.

    Lately, it seems that when i listen to my instincts and heed your call (in the form of discernment), i am led to the right way. It's like when you ask me to do (or not to do) something, and i listened and do or not do it, it shows its relevance later on, that i couldn't have been thankful enough that i listened!

    To God be the glory. This gift is not mine but God's. I am just a vessel.

    Thank you!!!

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