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This is a discussion on The Happy Thread! within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Today I learned how to read and write runes. Yeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhh. I'm a VIKING now....

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    Today I learned how to read and write runes. Yeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhh. I'm a VIKING now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenkao View Post
    Thank you, Lord God, for the gift of sharp instincts / intuition. I know that sometimes, i have the bad habit of doubting the gift of discernment you have bestowed upon me; always second-guessing and distrusting my instincts -- forgive me, Lord, and help me trust my intuition more and more everyday.

    Lately, it seems that when i listen to my instincts and heed your call (in the form of discernment), i am led to the right way. It's like when you ask me to do (or not to do) something, and i listened and do or not do it, it shows its relevance later on, that i couldn't have been thankful enough that i listened!

    To God be the glory. This gift is not mine but God's. I am just a vessel.

    Thank you!!!
    Praise God!

    At least I can be happy for you, while I'm still waiting for the answers to my questions...

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    Did a male role for a love scene in a short film today. Achievement unlocked.

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    Whenever i get to study, read and do a research about the brain, neuroscience and neurology, i can't help myself but be in awe of God's wisdom and creations. We are spending years and years of study and research to get a holistic understanding of our brain, its functions and interconnections and yet God made it all in a snap. In a way i am happy that he didn't make it so simple because our brain and genes/DNAs are what make us unique and i don't want to have multiple versions of me. I'm just happy that some wisdom remains as mystery and sometimes I'd rather have it that way because considering humanity's lack of restraint, gaining too much knowledge and wisdom on something powerful will certainly be abused.

    Just my thoughts and opinion.

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    The new Attack on Titan chapter was LIT! SOOO MANY FEEEEEEELLLLLSS. And all of my babies were wearing a suit each..THEY'RE WEARING SUITS! OMG. MY PRECIOUS BABIES. And they had their first drinks and got drunk too! Attachment 834185
    And Armin was so adorable! And Eren and Mikasa, and Levi! asdfghjkkll. And Hanji tried to talk to a car!
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    Woke up early this morning. Feel amazing >:)

    Will be spending the day learning about investing =P

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    I'm happy to have a decent-for-me following on my YT channel without much advertising. I feel weird pimping my videos on facebook, and my videos are usually for beginners (Arkham horror card game) so it doesn't make sense to pimp them on dedicated Discord servers.

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    I just ligted some incense and my apartment smells pretty good also have been working on this mlp fanflic for years and the prolouge story is almost done just on more chapter and the chapter is almost done just like a few more scenes :P
    I almost have a feeling of completion. I feel though it was poorly edited I might of leveled up and I might have a new sense of direction and understanding myself though not may like it because of my grammar I feel its a pretty good story once you get passed it though it went along time for a fanflic


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