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The INFP art and photography thread. Show us yours, we'll show you ours!

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This is a discussion on The INFP art and photography thread. Show us yours, we'll show you ours! within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; A drawing of some characters that I've saw in my dream, which are the bottom golden ones. Not exact or ...

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    A drawing of some characters that I've saw in my dream, which are the bottom golden ones. Not exact or entirely sure either as I'm trying to go by memory. And plus I suck at drawing curves in paint.

    The top row of characters is a comparison to the Creationist(?) set at the bottom. I am not entirely sure of the origin of the top set of characters either.

    Now that I think about it just now, the first character in the top row is a lightning bolt looking thing right?

    That character as I am aware stands for life. The split version of it with a filling in the middle is the opposite version of it aka death.

    I wonder if the origin of life is when lightning struck water since most things come from water or the grounds of the Earth or within the Earth right?

    I am pretty sure lots of things have an electrical charge right down to the atoms and that most cellular stuff has water in them?

    Who knows?

    There is also some spoken language that I call Yoko or Hana's language (I am not sure if those are their true names though. That is what I call them. Same for Kaede). I am not sure if it is the Creationist tongue though.


    heh heh heh

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    Poem I am kinda proud of I usually like kinda venting through poems this very weird venting poem in this poem I try to be the "person" my mother and there abusive vibe in the poem while still trying to have my own voice. So the poem kinda gets enmeshed I might turn it to a song but I sing bad and I feel its a little heavy maybe for one? I took of one line as I am embarrassed to share that part on this forum for some reason


    I think I can do better but I really love how i can show my voice in my poems
    Hold her down

    don't let go
    tell her everything is a s(bleep) show
    if she looks up or down she will know how beautiful the sky is
    rest her head on the ground tell her shes almost worthless
    Don't let her make her own choices or she will grow

    Let her forget that she can talk
    Just let her stare at my clock
    never let her know the crown she has on her head don't even mention it when shes dead
    never let her say bye
    She is a prize to someone to be wed

    If she tries to leave grab her
    if she tries to fight drag her
    She is a wild one let her be mowed

    Let her play the world is beautiful and fine while everything is gloom
    put her in a castle so she will bloom where she is planted
    make her believe she has to have a prince charming
    but if he comes he must answer to me
    and my beautifully convincing team
    that can mince ever misconception she puts in your head
    and he will see me how I work my magic
    the queen
    don't for second tell her life is tragic

    Make her do more more
    Though for me its a chore to get up
    and pretend it will ever be enough it's just the basics
    But don't let her be tenacious
    go to college for me though I did almost nothing
    Though I won't acknowledge I didn't go

    Let her hair burn
    I have to be so stern though the king has the dough

    she can mime till she hits her 50s
    Don't even let her touch oven mitts
    being voiceless is great
    Where is the hate?
    A child should be your slate
    I don't want it to be her time if she happy
    its crappy for me

    Let me let her play with the floor
    I rather pray with her soul then act with her toys
    There probably demons on it to wash out
    No she trusts other people more and more!
    At Least shes thinking about boys
    it's so evil for her to be a child and what a bore!
    At Least she has not successfully left the door
    It's an agreement that I never asked for
    oh gosh she has feelings
    I wish I could just peel them out so I could say whatever to her impressionable young brain
    But at least I can make her feel pain
    Though I know it's not okay
    I want her to not notice thankfully her mind is made of clay

    Let's make fun of the confusion I made
    Let's make her believe she is never sane unless with her mother

    Everyone will forget about abel and cain
    My voice matters above everyone else
    She will it feel it in all her cells
    Even when it makes it rain on her head
    Even when it makes her want to be dead
    I am right and she is wrong
    Though I change my opinion all night long

    While she wastes away her light forgotten
    Never give her anything she deeply craves instead lets give her plastic
    Pretend sometimes her heart isnt as elastic
    Perhaps she truly is rotten? Nature and nurture both are on the same side today
    let her beauty bleed on the pavement
    because at least I stayed my heart so pure
    that's my lure

    Well I couldn't have been so bad?
    And her dad backed me?
    I don't like feelings so instead let's drink some tea
    You know it isn't fair
    to give me a stare?
    Shes alive?
    and now she is starting to thrive now that she almost left me? So was it wrong?

    Lets paint the world in roses so very pink
    this will stop you from thinking about what is just under are noses
    I know you can't understand me?
    But any other thought is rude and banned
    So think of me as fragile and pink daisy

    And think of her as a crazy
    and so very lazy
    so very naive, sensitive and negative
    and I am her medicine

    Grind those that try to take her
    Salutations if they try to make her
    Because then she won't go
    I will tell her I am the only one for her if im gone she is alone

    She a rebel for ever challenging me
    She is possessed by a devil
    I am her water
    She is my daughter

    How dare she stand on her own
    How dare she speak ill of me when she is at her" home"
    She is the picture of me
    not at all free
    Why speak ill of your own?
    on my only throne?

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    I actually used the wrong pen for my recreations.

    It was a fine tip marker pen, but I couldn't find it.

    Anyways, here are some full art versions of the cards I've created long ago.

    The first drawings is the four queens of the apocalypse which appear in Deathsinger just before the fight with the last Deathsinger.


    I've also included a scale of how tall these unknown entities are compared to a person (with a giant sword) and a pillow.

    The queen of ruin is weak to blunt damage, and strong against slashing, thrusting, and piercing damage. Her head was damaged by a hero long ago, which she slayed right after.

    The queen of chaos is neutral against physical damage, but is weak to magic. Her sword handle is actually a part of her arm which she can infuse with at anytime to extend the range of the sword as if it was a flail.

    The queen of despair is weak against piercing damage, and strong to slash and blunt. She is also strong against magic. It is hard to see but the queen has a black veil hanging from her face and there is one on her back. She uses needles/spikes in her attacks.

    The bloodied queen is weak against slashing damage, but strong against blunt, thrust, and piercing. She is also strong against magic. She uses blood magic.

    There is an alternate version of the queen of blood where she still appears with both of her arms, which is in my other idea Yoelnam or Black Blood. In this version she is actually strong against slash, but weak to magic. That is actually a brain on top of her head. Her arms are kinda like tentacles, and she uses powerful psionic attacks in addition to blood magic.

    And here are the references I used to draw the full art version.


    These are the other queens that appear in Deathsinger 2 or Flamebringer/singer. I think the queen of dreams, time, fortune, and twilight are the final foes before Hana. I will have to check again.

    Queen Luxuria also appears in Deathsinger, but I didn't have enough room to draw her.


    I'll post the other drawings of the protagonists of Worldphase after I finish showering.

    So stay tuned.

    heh heh heh

    edit- For Deathsinger 2, it is actually the queen of desire and the queen of balance that appear instead of the queen of fortune and the queen of twilight.

    These other queens appear as hidden bosses which are: Nomine, apocalypse queen of identity; Anima, apocalypse queen of death; Odium, apocalypse queen of hate; and finally there is the actual queen of the apocalypse who is the corrupted flower, but I won't say who it is.
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    Here are the drawings of the protagonists of Worldphase.

    For some reason I had trouble drawing the dragon queen.

    It is like a curse. Sometimes I have a harder time drawing the lovely princess, and on the other times I have difficulty drawing the dragon queen...

    Um. I also drew some things a lot shorter compared to the references...

    Here is the cast of Worldphase. I included two versions which is the adult versions and the younger versions.


    Blessed Durandal is my ultimate weapon (in addition to Blessed Sanctuary) which gives me the skill Annihilate (Evil Swiftly Slain) and Divine Protection (Sanctuary). My penultimate class being Paladin and my ultimate class being Transcendent or a Creationist.

    Snow is the lovely princess's ultimate weapon (in addition to the Aurora) which gives the skill Spirit Shot (Super Power Shot) and Aurora Rainbow Flash (Rain Dance). Her penultimate class is Angel Caller and her ultimate class being Valkyrie.

    Ragnarok and Excalibur are my squire boy's ultimate weapons which gives the skills Combo Attack and Buster Sword. His penultimate class is Warlord and his ultimate class being Legend.

    The Nightingale and the Chaos Blade are the dragon queen's ultimate weapons which gives the skills the Nightingale Tail Cutter and Outcry (Full Burst). Her penultimate class is Sword Saint and her ultimate class being Avatar.

    And the references that I used to draw the full sized versions.


    Unfortunately I couldn't fit Baby Pillow or Cloudy in the cast.

    That is all I wanted to share for today.

    Sometimes I do better than the references and other times I do worse.

    My drawings are kinda one of a kind.

    I can't really replicate the original a second time, but instead I create something else 'like' the original.

    heh heh heh

    edit- Blessed Durandal is not shown in the reference art, but it is much shorter compared to the original... probably due to a lack of space.

    I knew I should've drew that vertical instead of diagonal.
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