[INFP] Where do you all live? Share as much as you like. Anything.

Where do you all live? Share as much as you like. Anything.

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This is a discussion on Where do you all live? Share as much as you like. Anything. within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I am just curious where all of you guys live. (No I am not asking you for your adress don't ...

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Where do you all live? Share as much as you like. Anything.

    I am just curious where all of you guys live. (No I am not asking you for your adress don't worry) You can share anything you like about your hometown. Paint a picture with words. Post a few pictures, yours or Google's or just tell a few things about the house you live in.

    I'll start. The pictures aren't my own, because quite frankly I don't take pictures if I am not on a holiday.

    I live in a small city called Gorinchem (Gorinchem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) and the city is located almost in the middle of the country. A few important highways run next to my city and because of that we get lots of traffic jams. Most people know my town from the traffic reports on the radio. A few rivers run through the town as well and they are rather busy, just like the roads.

    The largest churchtower is the most famous building in town, not because of it's extraordinary beauty but because it is leaning like the tower of Pisa.

    Personally I think this is the prettiest building in town. The window blinds look like they are made out of candy and the overall design of the house is so typical of Dutch architecture. The building is also very well maintained.

    This is an aerial view of a part of the historical city centre. I love the roofs. The orange color makes me happy somehow.

    And this is probably the prettiest street in town. Old warehouses that have been converted into homes. Also very expensive. Don't expect to buy a house for less than 600.000 euro.

    Our family can't afford a house in towncentre so we live in something similar to this. Not a pretty house, but I feel at home.

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    Interesting, thanks for posting, not sure how many responses you'll get, a lot of people don't want to share that information. Myself, I'm a open book, I live in the United States, Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are known for being polite and respectful but very passive aggressive, often overlooked we are referred to as fly over country and Canada south don't cha know. We experience all 4 seasons with temperatures as high as 100+ in summer and - 40 to -50 in the winter. Very liberal, tolerant, understanding community in the city and surrounding suburbs, Minnesota country folk are more likely to be religious and conservative. Our state motto is Land of 10,000 Lakes, very true, up north cabins, hunting and fishing are the norm. I actually feel pretty lucky to live here. I would post pictures but I still can't figure that shit out.

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    I live in Atlanta, the east side of it specifically almost in the shadow of Stone Mountain which is a really big rock that some guys did a carving on. Atlanta is a very diverse city with a pretty sizable population of immigrants, by the standards of the southeast US its quite liberal, so moderate to center right for most of the world. Atlanta is for the most part a beautiful city and though we boast a population of a bit over 4 million there are trees everywhere, even in the depths of downtown, I've visited and lived in cities all over the world and I've never seen one with nearly as much foliage. There are a lot of historical sites here, mostly having to do with the civil war and the civil rights movement. The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library is here and Carter Center is also big in promoting social change worldwide, as well as the Martin Luther King Center for Non Violent Social Change. Atlanta has long been a major city for business and transport with the busiest airport in the world since I believe the early 90s, and has had a major media presence since the CNN network was created here in the 80s. Lately our presence in media has grown with a cable network based here (cartoon network), and several film production companies building studio complexes locally, not to mention a large presence in the hip hop music scene. For the most part its a great city to live in, crimes not bad, we have a thriving cultural scene, tons of great restaurants, countless parks and recreational facilities, and mild winters,.....the summers though. The summers here are hot, I don't mean a little hot, I mean HOT, when we hosted the summer olympics we had tourists from all over the world dropping like flies. People from tropical countries even commented on the heat, it was so bad the city started passing out bottled water for free just to avoid a serious body count, thats not an exaggeration, like four or five tourists died from heatstroke during the three weeks or so of the games.

    and this is Atlanta during a zombie apocalypse, filmed in the Fairlie-Poplar district downtown mostly

    this is what happens when them Duke boys come to town

    And finally a few words of sage wisdom from one of our civic leaders.

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    I live 20 minutes south of Portland, Oregon. In an apartment building that is opposite of a trailer park; but that street also has ridiculous $700,000+ homes on it too, so I dunno. Is that a thing anywhere else in the country/world?

    Portland pretty much speaks for itself; hipster, liberal, foodie, beer snobs* balanced by a ton of ironic PBR consumption, wonderful theater/art scene balanced by the fact that it has the highest strip club count per capita of the country. Portland cares about silly things like airport carpeting and Voodoo donuts (unpopular opinion alert; they are more gimmick than substance). We have a giant bookstore in Powell's where I saw at least 30 people dressed up as Waldo walking around.

    The surrounding cities are like that, but more mellow :).

    *We don't look down on cheap beer drinkers. We just buy expensive beers and pair them with food, and own different stemware for different kinds of beers...
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    I live in Okinawa, Japan.

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    I live in California.

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    In all honesty I don't live there right now, but for most of my adult life I have and this summer I'll finally move back to; Aarhus!

    It has a population of 300,000 people, but still has almost all the benefits of a city since it functions as a sort of capital of the western part of Denmark. It is basically a university with a town around it, so about 20% of the inhabitants are somehow connected to the university, which means that it has many records, such as most immigrants, youngest people and highest IQ on average in the country.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    @54-46 ThatsMyNumber You are a Minnesotan? Cool! I've spent two weeks in your lovely state last September and I must say I really enjoyed myself. You have beautiful national parks and interesting little towns. I felt right at home there, the people reminded me a bit of the Dutch, Germans and Scandinavians. Minneapolis and Saint Paul are pretty interesting cities too and I must say very green! I was also surprised by the quality of the museums over there and the size of the uni campus !
    @Turlowe Thank you for sharing more information about Atlanta. I of course knew of it's existence, but had no idea how life in Atlanta was like. All I really knew was that the airport ist the busiest in the world. I might add Atlanta on my 'To visit' list.
    @bigstupidgrin I knew that Portland was pretty alternative, a bit like Seattle?? The giant bookstore has me interested....and....the craft beers...and the airport carpets. No. Not that. Art/theatre scene! If it's as alternative and innovative as the city itself it should be interesting.
    @japanesewhispers Oh my Okinawa looks very pretty indeed! Doesn't Karate originate from Okinawa?
    @Arturo California was the desination of my first US holiday. All the clichés about the US and it's inhabitants were both confirmed and denied. Such a diverse place. Really had a good time there, good memories, and would like to visit once more. @UnicornRainbowLove I love the modern style clocktower! The Danish really know how to make a pretty building that is for sure. It sounds like a lovely place to live and you must be thrilled about returning there.

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    Interesting, great places so far! All so different :) let me add to the diversity.

    I live in a small town called Rozenburg, which is officially part of Rotterdam (The Netherlands). The town is situated right in the middle of the Port of Rotterdam, I've marked it with the red circle:

    Areas in orange is industry (oil and petroleum refineries like Shell and Exxon Mobile, chemical plants, container ports)
    Areas in grey are city developments

    Attachment 271074

    It is quite an interesting place to live. The town itself is nothing special, most of it basically exists since the 1960's (uggly flats and rowhouses). However, we do have a typical old windmill though, but that's it. We've got nothing like what @yippy posted, which seems like proper Dutch town to me :)

    The lack of nature and beauty is compensated with spectacular displays of the biggest containerships / cruiseships / oil-platforms and meanest sea equipment passing by the town, so there's always something to see. There is a big oversized shipping wharf located directly next to my town. The Oasis of the Seas (cruiseship) was parked there for over a week last September I believe. The entire Port is truly massive, over the last years they extended it into the North-sea to anticipate increased shipping transports and to be able to handle the new generation of ships.

    Attachment 271098Attachment 271122
    Attachment 271130Attachment 271138

    Until this day I have not experienced any big disasters in the Rotterdam Port area, but I am still waiting for that day when shit really hits the fan. On a rare occasion there might be a power outage, then they will start to play with fire to burn everything off into the sky as a safety measure , the overal air quality is quite good here though

    I love to drive around the area when it's dark outside, all the thousands of (different) lights everywhere can be pretty sometimes.
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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    Where do you all live? Share as much as you like. Anything.

    These are all interesting places! I live just outside of Detroit, Michigan, USA. It isn't as bad as it seems. I live in a small house but there's so much to do 😊 we have an old target store that was converted into laser tag and a bunch of stuff like that p
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