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& Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy or Phlegmatic?

View Poll Results: I am an INFP and a

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  • Phlegmatic

    38 12.84%
  • Choleric

    2 0.68%
  • Melancholy

    77 26.01%
  • Sanguine

    13 4.39%
  • Choleric Phlegmatic

    2 0.68%
  • Melancholy Phlegmatic

    97 32.77%
  • Melancholy Choleric

    11 3.72%
  • Sanguine Phlegmatic

    34 11.49%
  • Sanguine Choleric

    2 0.68%
  • Sanguine Melancholy

    15 5.07%
  • Diplomatic (the test didn't work for me)

    5 1.69%
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This is a discussion on & Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy or Phlegmatic? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Melancholly 36 Sanguine, 43 Melancholy, 21 Choleric, 36 Phlegmatic pretty evenly distributed, I could probably get other results some other ...

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    INFP - The Idealists


    36 Sanguine, 43 Melancholy, 21 Choleric, 36 Phlegmatic

    pretty evenly distributed, I could probably get other results some other day, there were many questions where the answer didn't feel obvious. Like the first, I can both be the one who just starts things without thinking and don't finish, and the one that plan until there is no time left to execute the plans, it all depends.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Melancholy Plegmatic
    21 Sanguine, 57 Melancholy, 0 Choleric, 57 Phlegmatic

    yep, definitely me.

  3. #133
    INFP - The Idealists

    Sanguine Phlegmatic. Totes me.

  4. #134
    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    I got Phlegmatic and melancholy. :)

  5. #135
    INFP - The Idealists

    I got Sanguine Phlegmatic. Even though I'm like a shining beacon of negativity, LOL. And I am not extroverted, like, at all, except around people who I know really well or if I'm in certain moods. I don't think this was accurate.

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    Sanguine Melancholy
    50 Sanguine, 43 Melancholy, 14 Choleric, 29 Phlegmatic

    Dear test taker, I must immediately point out to you before I explain this personality type that Sanguines & Melancholy's are opposites. In the logic of the test, you are not supposed to be able to be both. I have watched the results of this test for years, and it is generally unlikely that anyone gets this answer. I mean that. Mathematically, it is so unlikely. This explanation is the test's fluke result. It means that most likely, I botched the test, so I advise you to maybe retake the test and see if you get a different (better) answer. If you truly are the exceptionally rare Sanguine Melancholy, then Congratulations!!!! You are an awesomely unique individual! Cue trombone, trumpets, marching band! Bram Bum Bump Buh Bum, boo BUM BUMP! Explaining to you what it is like to be Sanguine Melancholy is almost impossible. For years before I took this test, I was the only one I knew, and so had no idea how to explain it. You are an extroverted introvert who is pessimistic and optimisitc. You think too much or not enough. It is akin to being bipolar, but it is different, and I imagine/hope you understand. In the other personality types this section is about how your two types combine to make you super awesome, but Sanguine and Melancholy don't really combine. It is my experience that you are either one or the other. Best that can be said is you probably can get along with a wide swath of people, by being variously introverted or extroverted depending on the situation. So here is what you get: below are the strengths of a melancholy, then the strengths of a sanguine, then the weaknesses of a melancholy, and then the weaknesses of a sanguine. Enjoy! Here is why you totally rock as a Sanguine: You are enthusiastic, excitable, the life of the party, talkative, a story teller, cheerful, sincere, wide eyed & innocent, curious, emotional, demonstrative, and fun. You are adaptable, you live in the present, and you have a good sense of humor. In your workplace, you think up new activities,volunteer for jobs, start in a flashy way, inspire others to join, charm others to work, look great on the surface, have boundless energy, and you are creative and colorful. As a friend you make friends easily, love people, turn disaster into humor, thrive on compliments, seem exciting, are envied by others, don't hold grudges, apologize quickly, prevent dull moments & like spontaneous activities. And here is what is so perfect about being Melancholy: You are deep, thoughtful, analytical, insightful, serious, purposeful, genius prone, talented, creative, possibly artistc, musical, poetic or philisophical. You are considerate, conscientious, self-sacrificing, and sensitive to others. In the workplace you set high standards, pick up after others, are schedule oriented, organized, detail concious, persistent, and thorough. You like charts and graphs. You see the problems and find creative solutions. As a friend, you make friend's cautiously, are content to stay in the background, avoid causing attention, are faithful and devoted, deeply concerned for others, will listen to complaints, and you can solve people's problems. Conversely, Sanguines tend to have these weaknesses: You are a compulsive talker who exaggerates, elaborates, dwells on trivia, gets lost in tangents, and can't remember names. You scare others off, has too much energy for some, you have a loud voice, a loud laugh, and you seem phony to some. You are egotistical, naive, easily angered, immature, frenetic, restless, and disorganized. At work you are forgetful, don't follow through, undisciplined, your priorities are out of order, you would rather talk than work, you decide by feelings, easily distracted, and your confidence fades fast. As a friend you hate to be alone, need to be center stage, want credit, want to be liked and wants to be popular. You dominate conversations, interrupts and don't listen, you answer for others, repeat stories, make excuses and your are fickle. And this is a realistic analysis melancholy weaknesses: You remember negatives, hold on to hurt, sulk, get moody or depressed or guilty, you are too introspective, self-centered, with a low self-image, you feel persecuted and you mind is off in another world. In the workplace you may be too meticulous, or a martyr. You are not people oriented, choose dificult work, are hesitant to start, spending too much time on planning, prefering analysis to work, and you are hard to please with your high high standards. You secretly have a deep need for approval. As a friend you live through others, are critical, withdrawn, hold back affection, don't accept compliments, you are unforgiving, suspicious, and you dislike those in opposition towards whom you are antagonistic and even revengeful. So right, if you don't see that you oddly have both of those sets of weaknesses and strengths, then retake the test.

    Lol, yeah.
    Well...I always knew I was weird.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    I got Sanguine Phlegmatic.

    It would be even more interesting, I think, to see the correlation with Enneagram type, since it seems to reflect my combination of type 9 and type 7. Not sure if this applies for any of the others.

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    7 Sanguine, 36 Melancholy, 36 Choleric, 57 Phlegmatic
    Hail you who are Phlegmatic!

    The stability to stay straight on the course. The patience to put up with provokers. The ability to listen, while others have their say. The gift of mediation, uniting opposing forces. The purpose of peace at almost any price. The compassion to comfort those hurting. The will to live in such a way that even your enemies can't find anything bad to say about you.

    Here is what's great about you:
    You are easy going, easy to get along with, relaxed, consistent, patient, well-balanced, calm, cool, collected, a good listener, quiet but witty, sympathetic, kind, you keep your emotions hidden, you are happily reconciled to life, and you are an all purpose person. At work you are competent, steady, peaceful, agreeable, you avoid conflict, mediate problems, lead by consensus, and you don't get that pressured. As a friend you are pleasant, enjoyable, compassionate, concerned, inoffensive, a good listener with a dry sense of humor.

    And here is how you suck at your worst:
    You are unenthusiastic, fearful, worried, indecisive, selfish, shy, reticent, self-righteous, too compromising and you avoid responsibility. At work you are not goal oriented, lacking in self-motivation, hard to get moving, resentful of being pushed, lazy, careless, discouraging & you have a quiet will of iron. As a friend you dampen enthusiasm, stay uninvolved, are indifferent, unexciting, judgemental, sarcastic, teasing & you resist change.

    But you are still totally awesome, and everyone has their flaws. At least you are not bossy and tell everybody what to do all the time, right? Right.

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