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<<<ATTENTION>>> How do INFPs view ENFPs?

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This is a discussion on <<<ATTENTION>>> How do INFPs view ENFPs? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; As human beings :D...

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    As human beings :D
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    ENFPs for the most part are NICE, but definitely also have their annoying/cocky moments.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    My 28 year old daughter is an ENFP but is certainly not
    the stereotypical ENFP.

    I think she is an Ennea type 4 who also has a very well
    developed Te.

    She has a wonderful side, but has given me much grief
    over the years - the child from hell when she was young.
    However, that could have been me being too soft with her
    and not setting firm enough boundaries.

    She was ADD like, a total dynamo, rebel and would do
    nothing I asked ........you would think the NF combo would
    be good but I actually related much better to my ISFP daughter.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    personally, i have quite a few ENFP friends and they tend to annoy me a little by how flashy and loud they are. but they are also funny and as accepting as an extravert can be to an infp. i don't find them to be anything like INFP's though. INFP's are so introspective. we live through our creativity, ability to ponder, and imagination. i persoanliy enjoy dramatic and sad imagery. whereas ENFP's tend to be a lot happier and don't ponder (introspect) as much.
    just a side not: i really really don't like when some of them wonder into INFp land nd start asking annoying questions. this one's fine, but when they get to be like 'I don't understand you!! WHy do you Do thiS???" i just get irritated. i'm not here to be judged.
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    Yes. You will love us.

    That is all.


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    I don't try to type the people I know; so I am not sure about how I view ENFPs in real life. From some of the posts I see on here; it seems like they have a "little more balls" than INFPs at times which is a good thing in my opinion. From their picture threads, I also find that ENFPs seem to be a little more sexy than INFPs. Generally, though I think it is good that there are so many different personality types because it adds variety. Life would be boring or it wouldn't work well if we were all the same. For example, you need leaders and followers. A team would never work if it was all leaders or all followers.

    None of the personality types is better or worse than others; they are just different. Each having their own unique sets of talents that are better suited for certain situations and are not as helpful in others. I think it can be helpful if we have the wisdom to know, for example, if we need to be more extraverted for a particular situation or if we might be better off to go back to our introvertedness. Although in the case of INFP introverted will be more dominant in us, they are times when it will benefit us to speak up and embrace our extravertedness.
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