[INFP] <<<ATTENTION>>> How do INFPs view ENFPs?

<<<ATTENTION>>> How do INFPs view ENFPs?

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This is a discussion on <<<ATTENTION>>> How do INFPs view ENFPs? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Hey! I have an INFP girlfriend and have learnt a considerable amount about INFP-kind. I think you folk are absolutely ...

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    <<<ATTENTION>>> How do INFPs view ENFPs?

    I have an INFP girlfriend and have learnt a considerable amount about INFP-kind. I think you folk are absolutely amazing, and I love INFPs from the bottom of my heart!!!

    I was just curious - how does INFP-kind view their extraverted counterpart? I think every ENFP is curious as to how people view them..
    And come on - be honest...

    This is open to other MBTI types, but INFP input is valued the most..
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    INFP - The Idealists

    I see enfps just like me...except for the extroverted part. Infps are "glass half empty"s and enfps are "glass half full"s. I'm trying to convert:)

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    A few of my closest friends are ENFPs. I can't make any generalizations about ENFPs as a whole, but I can say two things about my friends. They're incredibly clever and can make anything funny, so they're always a blast for me to be around. We have a lot of the same interests and tend to have similar ways of looking at things, but their humor and their intuition just seem to come much more naturally than do mine. On the flipside, my friends also tend to be a little flaky. For example, they'll cancel plans with you if they feel like taking a nap or if they simply change their minds on a whim. That can be a little difficult for me to deal with because of my own insecurity with making plans with people in the first place. (My ENFP friends are very stereotypically "P." They make me look like such a stickler.)

    Oh, and I love how compassionate one of my ENFP friends is, in particular (the one I know best). She is always thinking of other people, always looking out for the underdog, and although she is extroverted and has a much larger social circle than do I, she interacts with people on a very personal level, which I definitely admire. She makes every person she meets feel important. I kind of wish I could be more like her.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    I think the giant ATTENTION in the thread title says everything.

    Just kidding, just kidding.

    I'm not quite sure that I know any, but judging by the forum... they seem to be awesome people that I think I'd instantly be interested in and drawn to. I'm not always quiet, so I think they'd be the type of people that I'd blabber on with about silly things, and then randomly have a serious, deep discussion with.

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    INFP - The Idealists


    I have an ENFP boyfriend, I adore him so much. ^^ I think we complement each other wonderfully.

    He is playful and affectionate and loves humour. He can always find the sunshine no matter how much the sky is raining.

    He even finds my weird awkwardness (and jokes with no punchlines) to be funny and endearing, which perplexes me but I am so thankful!

    Most of all I love the sincerity that ENFPs convey. I feel safe with them.
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    - Warm personalities which often make them well-liked. In terms of meeting new people this can be great, but other types may be skeptical at first.

    - Many consider Romeo to be an ENFP -- take from that what you will.

    - In terms of depressive / angered ENFPs and INFPs -- ENFPs are the worst to be around. They're more incline to cause a scene / drag you down with them, if you ask me.

    - I believe they're compassionate people, but may juggle around too many ties at once. This can lead to the above ^.

    - Are likely to have more positive/negative relationships + reach greater levels of personal success than most INFPs will.

    - I suspect an unhealthy ENFP is more likely to kill themselves / make serious attempts of suicide vs an unhealthy INFP.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    inspiring, a bit more judgmental than infp's. i also see enfp's as "selectively inspired" whereas infp's are "selectively motivated". i suppose that motivation for infp's is requiring more deep thought whereas motivation for inspirers rather comes from their surroundings. i also think enfp's are more engulfing, as in devoted to life.

    in addition, looking at if infp's would change one letter, i think that enfp would be easily possible. inspiration lies close to being helpful, and an infp would find it fun to take up energy to inspire other people, in that way being helpful.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    It depends on the particular ENFP. Some of them embody all the wonderful qualities of ENFPs - warm, friendly, fun, intelligent, crazy (I mean that in a good way) etc

    Others however ... take my mum. She's what I would generally consider an unhealthy ENFP (outside of work): she doesn't think before she speaks (and that can be so frustrating and very hurtful), she's clingy, she's irrational and waaay too sensitive, she lacks so much common sense it's astounding.

    That being said, she does embody some of the best qualities of ENFPs as well. She's a fabulous doctor - extremely empathetic to her patients (if only that could be quality she possessed around me ... ), very intuitive and intelligent and caring when it comes to her job. She's got an awesome set of internal ethics that some doctors really don't possess. Also, all her ideas when it comes to academic side of her profession are extremely inventive and groundbreaking (I know this because I've been her informal research assistant for like 6 years now and I've basically all the body of literature in her area).

    so, ENFPs ... yeah, it depends.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    I'm not sure if I know any ENFPs, but I often like to be around extroverted people as they are more motivated than me and I can ride their waves of adventure! Sounds good to me :)
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    I have an ENFP friend and my only sister is an ENFP :) I quite adore them. They are just like me but totally different. Kind of, who I'd want to be, actually, because they are so irreverent and fun, like me, but more comfortable around others and going out and doing things.
    My sister though when angered is very irrational and touchy. She gets really upset by people doing things like losing her stuff, borrowing things and not returning it, not appreciating gifts or her time, but she does the same thing all the time-- she's lost like all my gifts to her and borrowed some art I gave her for her move and didn't bother to tell me she lost it. If you call her out on something she goes for your sore points... not on purpose, she just feels the emotions really strongly at some point and feels if you're not sympathizing your against her. So, she's sometimes a little inconsiderate, yeah.

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