[INFP] Something you admire about yourself

Something you admire about yourself

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This is a discussion on Something you admire about yourself within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; What is something you admire about yourself as an INFP? :D (Let's put self modesty away for this post ;P)...

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    Something you admire about yourself

    What is something you admire about yourself as an INFP? :D

    (Let's put self modesty away for this post ;P)
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    I'll go .

    Something I admire about myself is that I see the positive in what can be seen as 'dark' situations. Or, rather I see the shades of gray in life's difficulties so I am able to focus on things that are positive and can get people through (including myself). Basically, I am aware of my own resilience in my own difficulties in life, so I readily recognize that in others.

    It also makes it incredibly difficult to give up anyone (myself included). And, I admire that I don't give up.

    Now hopefully someone else will put something soon so it doesn't seem I'm bragging here...
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Basically, if myself from 9 years ago could see myself now, they would think I'm badass as fuck.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    I hate a great many of my traits for a vast multitude of reasons, but I have never really hated myself. That's because there is one trait I have, in particular, that I admire: My mental fortitude.

    Empirically speaking, the expression is meaningless, but the thought of being psychologically tough means something to me - I'm brave in the face of existential crises, I'm determined despite low self-esteem, and I'm unyielding even as depression tries to rip my mind asunder. I've spent the past eight years on a rollercoaster of despair and emptiness and never lost hope that things will somehow be alright in the end. I've battled my deepest fears and darkest thoughts for as long as I can remember, but have never once seriously contemplated suicide. Even though my body may be skinny and frail, I'm still the undisputed champion of my mind.

    And no matter what I've endured (or will endure), I will keep moving forward. There are many things I dislike about myself, there will be many traits I will hate even more, and all of it is subject to change. But one thing will never change: My will cannot be broken no matter how many improvements I need.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    I can put myself in the other persons shoes and I can pull out and take on emotion as I want.
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    My humbleness of how I not admire anything from myself but know that I'm awesome.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    I'm empathetic and I'm not insensitive. I put all my negative feelings into something meaningful (and consequently depressing) creative works and I'm not even sharing the biggest downers I wrote. I can draw and paint well for my age. I also write stuff up pretty well but I know I have yet to reach a creative peak. I'm not ignorant. I know I'm intelligent and I could kick the crap out of our valedictorian's grades if I wasn't this lazy. I like how my peers both want to humorously offend me and at the same time genuinely respect me for what I can do. And, more than anything else, I cherish the fact that once I start loving something, I never stop. It keeps growing and growing like the Tree of Wisdom from Plants vs Zombies. Even if said person/thing would probably turn off others. And I know deep inside that I could probably make a real difference if I really work on it. And I'm still pretty insistent that I'm not cool.

    Also, despite being super introverted, I can survive metal concerts and do extreme vocals. I also have perfect pitch hearing.

    Modesty code is obviously off.

    Oh right. I'm still 15.

    Please. Forgive me.
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    I like that I have a good sense of aesthetic, know how to put items together carefully - I often spend a lot of time thinking about future fashion ideas or thinking up new sources of inspiration. I think im pretty smart in many ways, I never used to think this as I was in bottom sets in most subjects at school(school was a very difficult time in my life though) but I recently took some formal IQ tests and other various tests that score different types of intelligence - I scored in the top 10% in the IQ test and scored high in visual intelligence. So that was a real confidence boost ^_^

    I spend some much time contemplating, working out the nature of things to improve life, to build strong philosophies.

    I am very in touch with nature/animals, I value these parts of existence very highly and do what I can to preserve them.

    I have a strong bullshit detector and don't like to mince my words if I can, people are turned off by that but the truth is more important so aim to seek it and share it. Im very attuned to the world around me, to the injustices, misinformation, lack of democracy and corruption. I need authenticity in my life, without this, life can be toxic. But I do have patience for people's flaws and like to offer advice for their life issues if I have it. My advice is usually well considered.
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    I have a of learning, full of wonder and optimism and I can entertain myself for ages on end.
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    Looking forward, never look back.
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