[INFP] Anybody else like constantly moving, dream of wanderlust, nomadic life?

Anybody else like constantly moving, dream of wanderlust, nomadic life?

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This is a discussion on Anybody else like constantly moving, dream of wanderlust, nomadic life? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Well, I'm not sure why I have been fighting it... I think it is within my nature somewhere deep within ...

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    Unknown Personality

    Anybody else like constantly moving, dream of wanderlust, nomadic life?

    Well, I'm not sure why I have been fighting it... I think it is within my nature somewhere deep within my psyche and genome... I want constant change and growth...and for that it means... moving all over the country and world!!!

    For the past few years I have been in a relationship, so I got the settling down bug, but even within that relationship we moved 4 times in 3 years!

    I don't really even like being in one place for longer than a couple months without getting out of there, I need a change in scenery.

    I remember my freshman year in college, I flew to NYC for new years b/c I wanted to go see it. And also remember driving (by myself no less) across the country on a whim and going down into mexico, then a few months later, I did it again in a different direction. Followed by years of travel out of the country and 5 trips to Europe. This was all before I was 27. I have quit many jobs in the process, took many classes and for awhile I was asking myself ...what is wrong with me? But I think the real answer is...wait, why I am fighting this urge, I always do my best stuff when I'm constantly on the go, free of chains of life, with 100% independence. I hate...hate..HATE routine.

    Anyway, these thoughts are conjuring up again within me, after deep reflection on what I want in life... I am about to be 31, and you know... they are as strong as ever to just live semi nomadic my whole life. I've even based possible careers around this, such as freelancing doing coding/writing/volunteering abroad (harder than it seems to keep the $ coming in though)

    Anybody else like this?
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    Unknown Personality

    yeeeesssss. if there's one thing i noticed about myself, it's that i change my mind and i dont or cant seem to stick to one thing, place, time. i change my mind frequently, which means that i enjoy changing the scene. i would really like to be a nomad of a sort. there's gotta be a way to do this even if im not the daughter of a billionaire.

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    Unknown Personality

    I agree... I am best in bursts, then need down time, but I have a lot of interests... long term projects scare me, not a fear of commitment, I just want something else or get bored with it after I have mastered it or stayed on one subject too long. It doesn't mean I will put it in the eternal trash bin never to revisit it, oh no... I'll come back to it with the same burning interest I had before, but then... I'll need to switch to something else.
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Yes. I totally am with you all on this. Change is both refreshing and even challenging, and bodes well for me because I seem to grow bored of things rather quickly compared to most people. It's not like this for everything, such as relationships and whatnot. It's quite the opposite in that regard actually, but with living somewhere, and jobs as another example... yes...most definately love change.

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    Have you seen CouchSurfing - Participate in Creating a Better World, One Couch At A Time? I want to live in ashrams isolated entirely and also travel the world. Right now I'm working on growing roots, creating a home, but I'll find times to embrace my wanderlust again.
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    Unknown Personality

    Yeah I'm aware of couchsurfing, the way I would like to travel though is be one place for a few months at a time though and get immersed in the culture, while still working. i.e. just swap out a place or sublet an apartment. I know there are some folks on there that will put you up that long, but most are a few days-week max. Ideally it would be 2-3 months in one place and explore, then go somewhere else... could handle 6 months also, any longer than that I start itching to get out of there. I think I am going to avoid any long term leases in the future.

    erica, the whole growing roots thing and creating a home...yeah i tried that, but... I dunno, not for me I guess! haha
    I mean I always have where I grew up and where my family is, and I guess that is enough. Anytime I think of a place that I would settle down in though, the whole thought of settling gets to me, and then I find something wrong with the place or think...yeah but that would get old... I wouldn't mind having like 5-6 main places that I constantly frequent though and have contacts there though, but one place? ahhhh..

    rejectedreality, yes i am not like that with relationships or friends though (At all) just adventures/projects/interests.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Me too. I'm in the same boat. My friends taught English in Asia and they loved it! So jealous! If I can want a few more cash I would definitely move to another country. My ideal is living abroad for six months and live in the states for another six. I do not want to keep living in the states though. I want t o go somewhere where I am forced to learn a new language, like brazil or France. Even Asia. I'm 26 right now and am settling into a new relationship. Back of my mind, I want to send my children to an international school abroad. As for me, live half a year at home and half a year somewhere else. Too much familiarity can make me feel caged. Too much unfamiliarity may make me feel as an outsider (just like most of my childhood). Where is the balance? I think it's travel.

    Read Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. Teaches you to live abroad on small money... It's somewhat fascinating. I read it last year and will be applying what I learned in a moment.
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    Unknown Personality

    haha yeah i read that one in 2008... I was all about that stuff back then, but then as you, I got in a relationship... 3 years later... well...getting the same thoughts again.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    If I had infinite money I would travel everywhere.
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Yes....that's exactly how it is for me. I go crazy without some form of change. I wish I could wander for a living, never settling in one place..

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