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Why does she do this?

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This is a discussion on Why does she do this? within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Originally Posted by Wulfex I'll be honest... You sound boring to me. Have you ever moved passed small talk? If ...

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    I'll be honest... You sound boring to me. Have you ever moved passed small talk? If not, she's probably bored and has no idea how to respond any more. I can only stand talking about normal day to day stuff for... 10 mins maybe. After that, I get bored and start looking for more important things like "I wonder where that butterfly is going?" or "What would I do if I could fly around the universe?"

    Anyway, why not try actually talking to her? This doesn't mean she's an INFP either. Don't expect personality types to explain behavior, or vice versa. Ask her what her childhood dreams were, or what she'd like to be remembered for.
    I can't completely discount that she might be bored, but I have good reasons to think it unlikely. We do move beyond small talk, usually once we detach from group interactions, which is when I've noticed that reaction of her's tends to disappear.

    You may be right that she's not an INFP after all, which takes away from the premise of my thread (though I've still gotten helpful feedback). Although I do think that type and behavior must be related, at least in a way that offers mutual insights into each other. I mean, if I see an INxx that seems to have sequestered themselves in a corner of the room, I think it's reasonable to think they might've reached their limit of social interaction and need to be alone to recharge. But if I see an ESxx doing that I think it's more reasonable to think that something's wrong, you know?

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