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This is a discussion on The Dreamjournal within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I could remember three dreams for tonight. The first one was me as a statue similar to lady Buddha. Instead ...

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    I could remember three dreams for tonight.

    The first one was me as a statue similar to lady Buddha. Instead of being white, I was colored.

    I was flying around Vietnam I believe. There was water, a jungle nearby, and ancient houses around the water and on the jungle.

    I was just flying around for fun and it was pleasant.

    The next dream I was a swordswoman running around this port side town.

    I was kinda like Sakura Shinguju clothing wise, but I looked like Sensei from Way of the Samurai 4 in looks.

    Strangely this town only had a bunch of women everywhere.

    I found one lady curled up and napping in this odd place. I barely even noticed her.

    And the last dream was a really cool Dynasty Warriors styled game.

    I was watching my sister and the dragon queen playing it.

    I did see the introduction video for the game when starting up and it was so awesome, but I remember none of it sadly.

    They went in the main menu which played that one theme from Dynasty Warriors 6 when selecting a stage or preparing for the stage.

    The menu was similar to Dynasty Warriors 6 and was also bright like it.

    They went into the character barracks and there were a lot of characters. I guess way over 100+. Though it seems most characters had 3-4 color swaps, but were different characters actually.

    The song being played here sounded like that one song from Final Fantasy 13 called 'In the Sky that Night' (with vocals). I don't remember what it was, but I called the theme in the barracks 'the children of the stars'.

    And that was all I could remember.

    heh heh heh
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    I remember *him* and his beautiful vibe. Once again in my dreams he loved me.
    It felt so real.
    Life felt so lackluster when I woke up.
    I remember feeling annoyed. Like.. why cant I stay asleep and dream of being with him forever?

    I really feel like he was the love of my life, and no one else can compare to him.
    They can come close, but something will always happen to stop me from falling whole-heaartedly.

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    Two nights ago:

    I don't remember that much from the dream, but I remember that I was supposed to go to an amusement park with my crush (who was supposedly my girlfriend in the dream, but we weren't exceptionally affectionate towards each other) and a young man who was maybe a little younger than her and looked like a younger version of Andrew Yang. (I like Andrew Yang. He's not my top choice for a presidential candidate, but I have a favorable opinion of him overall. These positive feelings informed my opinion of the younger lookalike man in the dream.)

    I remember being in the isolated classroom building across the street from campus (where most of the creative writing classes are held, including the class I had with my crush during the spring semester). She and I sat on the floor at the back of our previous classroom, and our previous professor sat at the lone desk at the front of the room, but I don't think he noticed either of us. I remember having my laptop in front of me and trying to prevent my crush from looking at the screen, though I don't remember what I was hiding from her. She had a bunch of essays next to her, all of which received 70% marks. I told her I'd help her write essays in the future, and she hesitated for a moment but ultimately accepted my help. I remember leaving the classroom with her shortly thereafter. The "younger Andrew Yang" man was outside.

    I don't remember the interim events (or if there even were any), but the next thing I remember being in a city not too far from my hometown, just on the edge of the county beneath us. I lost my crush and the young man, but I saw a bunch of old classmates (who live in that county IRL) and my mom. I told my mom that I had a girlfriend, and she got angry with me (even though she'd be the last person to be angry with me for that IRL).

    The young man then called me and told me to meet him at the amusement park. After he hung up, I looked at our recent texting conversation because I forgot his name, but I only saw a number. I wanted to text him and ask him if my crush was there too, but I woke up before I could do that.


    I haven't had a dream about Undertale in a little over 3 years... and then last night happened. (Undertale spoilers ahead)

    The last time, I had 2 back-to-back dreams about the True Lab that scared the shit out of me. I remember being chased by Endogeny down the hall and being unable to move my feet quickly enough to run away... and that was one of the scariest things I'd ever experienced in a dream.

    Well, last night, the True Lab was inside my house. There was an elevator in my house for some reason, and I got in after getting a note from my dad to go up to the second floor (which doesn't exist either). Just like in the game, the elevator failed about halfway up to the second floor, and it crashed in a dark green basement. "Here We Are" started playing after I walked down the hall (I've heard this song in my dreams before... especially ones dealing with death).

    I reached a line of sinks, and the Memoryheads poured out. I remember their attacks being a lot harder to dodge in the dream (maybe because I was physically avoiding them rather than moving a cursor on a screen), and there were something like 64 different actions that could have spared them. I somehow got the correct combination, and the True Lab turned into a women's restroom after I proceeded to the next room. The music still played, and the room was still a very bleak dark green, but I was just alone in a very large restroom. I was still terrified, of course.

    I avoided the toilet stalls, but I remember being exceptionally afraid that an amalgamate was going to jump out of the tampon dispensers, of all things.
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    A woman lives inside the refrigerated section of the grocery store. She steals all the strawberry cheesecake and eats it to stay alive. That's cool except that's what I'm at the grocery store to find so it's pretty irritating. I try to reason with her and she offers me an old loaf of bread. I tell her I don't want it and so she throws it somewhere behind her.

    The other shoppers know about her and seem unperplexed at her being there. The store employees are not able to understand me when I try to explain to them what's happening.
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    I remember having a practice sparring session with my squire boy... at the grocery store.

    No one seemed to mind that we were literally fighting right in front of them.

    In this session we were fighting with our hands instead with a sword in hand.

    We haven't been practicing since we are a little busy. I do find sometime to hone my skills usually be myself and other times with the help of the dragon queen.

    The next dream was my squire boy recording some gameplay for our Youtube channel.

    He was playing Monster Hunter and he was hunting an Anjarath with a hammer.

    He also jumped out of a plane and jumped attacked all the flying creatures on his way down..

    It was some pretty good gameplay.

    It was weird how the Anjarath suddenly became resistant to blunt attacks to the head though. It was orange numbers during the hunt but later they turned gray for some reason.

    There was also a dream about two women in this really nice house. I don't quite remember that dream though.

    There were two other women in addition to those women. There was also another woman that was the boss? I am not quite sure.

    And that was all I could remember.

    heh heh heh

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    In this dream I was in the basement looking through Yoko's laptop?

    I was sitting on the sofa and the lights were on down here. I looked through her laptop.

    Apparently she was registering everyone in the hut on this registration sheet. It also had a spread sheet in the document too.

    My dream self knew this was important and tried to remember the contents using shortcuts since there was a lot of information to take in.

    I remember some letters like R, E, Y, U, O, A, I. I don't quite remember what order or if those were the actual letters. The letters also had more text beside them. I am certain that R was the first letter though.

    The basement started to gradually turn darker and darker suggesting that Yoko-san doesn't appreciate me looking through her stuff.

    I grew weaker and weaker until I was out cold.

    I was in class now, and the classroom was literally inside the hut.

    I remember saying something to a female student and I got a $4 dollar fine because she was offended or something?

    I refused to pay it and walked out of class and convinced others to walk out of class.

    Now we were outside the front lawn and we just waited here?

    I don't quite remember, but people gave up or something and went back inside.

    Outside also became darker and darker.

    I decided to go to the park, but I turned back when the sky was getting darker and started to look ominous.

    I instead went back to the hut and turned back.

    I believe this was the secret dream since I can only say that 'a great storm is coming' to describe what was happening.

    The hut was actually different and was way past the hut's location in real life.

    I waited outside since I didn't want to get in trouble with my mother for coming home too early since that meant I got into trouble or something.

    I don't quite remember much else. There were more dreams, but I'll make it easier on myself and just talk about this one. Then again by this time I'll have difficulty even remembering the other dreams.

    Usually I write them down shortly after I experienced them so that I can remember most of the contents.

    I was quite busy in the morning so I was unable too.

    And sometimes I'm lazy as well...

    So that was all I could recall for tonight.

    heh heh heh

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    I could remember one dream for tonight.

    I mean, there were other dreams such as this Minecraft style game and something to do with Aether Raids.

    The Minecraft one at one point had lots of spiders appearing everywhere once I went into their nest. It was terrible, but I managed to escape them in this nice mansion.

    The Aether Raids dream was about someone trying to beat my defense team. The map layout was the same mansion I believe? Anyways, the person failed to beat my defense in time since some of my units were hidden through different parts of the mansion.

    I also attacked someone's defense team and I just fell for their traps despite me trying to anticipate their plans.

    My strategist was female Robin while I was up against male Robin. We didn't beat this defense team since our plan didn't work out.

    Okay, the dream I wanted to talk about was me riding in a taxi.

    My driver was an Asian man, and he was driving me home. I sat in the back right behind the driver's seat.

    We drove past the mall and there was a scene of two different car crashes.

    Later three women also rode the taxi too. I don't recognize any of them though.

    The taxi was full, and there wasn't much room in the back now.

    The woman right beside me was a little odd...

    She tried to lean her head on my shoulder, but I want to respect the lady by not coming into close contact with her so I moved my head a little further to the side.

    She kept trying to rest her head with mine, and now my head was touching the window so I just rest my head on the window while she rested her head with mine.

    We sat like that for a bit. It felt like we were a couple or something.

    Later, I moved seats since we were getting closer to the hut. I swapped over to the passenger side and waited for the taxi to arrive at the hut.

    Anyways, that was all I could remember for tonight.

    heh heh heh

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    In this dream I was watching natural worlds being created by the universe.

    Lots of worlds appeared before me and they were quite wonderful.

    Just nature and wildlife and that was it. Sometimes it was just nature though. I did not see any other lifeforms in these worlds besides plants or animals and sometimes just plants.

    The universe then merged some of the landscapes by pressing them into each other to produced a mixed landscape or something else entirely.

    At some point it tried to merge two Halo worlds together.

    I then ended up in the workshop in the back. I was in the far back of the place in the staining room where we stain wood different colors.

    Someone seemed to be here in the middle or back of the room in a closed cage.

    It was Loki from FeH.

    For some reason I wanted to hide from her or avoid her, and I hoped that she didn't notice me.

    I hid behind the staining station, but I remember her saying that she did see me and that she knew I was there.

    She opened her cage and came over.

    At this point it was no use taking cover behind the station so I revealed myself before her.

    I made my way slowly around the room as she approached me. She finally cornered me to the wall near the entrance, and kept some distance. Loki was shorter then me as I observed her.

    I assumed a fighting stance with both my hands low near my stomach and close together. It was not overly aggressive and was more of the inviting stance where the opponent attacks first and I use mobility to relocate/reposition.

    I don't think it is a good idea for my dream self to fight a very powerful magic user with fists.

    She didn't seem to mind and seemed slightly amused.

    She pulled out some handcuffs and came over to arrest me.

    Hey! Can we talk about this?

    I just stood there and didn't attack her at all. I think she knew I wouldn't attack a lady of her stature.

    I also didn't even use Zannin, which is what I would use when cornered and in danger. She did not pose a danger in my mind, but I was still hesitant of her.

    She went behind me and grabbed my arms one by one to put them in the handcuffs. She then took another set of handcuffs, and attached it to one of my left back ribs magically and then attached the other end to my right arm.

    It felt so weird feeling this metal inside of me kinda grinding on my rib.

    She started to drag me from behind somewhere as she embraced me from behind. Later I was on a box trolley now and she pulled me on that.

    I think we were at the mall now? I don't quite remember what else happened.

    I think that was all I could remember for tonight.

    heh heh heh

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    the beginning of your dream reminds me of one I had once and still remember vividly. similarly to yours i was watching worlds being created (but is stood in some kind of super modern flat with big windows and a huge kitchen counter) and when suddenly everything was being pressed together and imploded i could feel the earth move or rather gravity failing. i did a rotation like in that one scene in inception and then watched the creation outside, floating upside down in mid-air.^^ that dream had felt very realistic. no idea what my brain was trying to process there though haha
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    I don't know what my brain does either.

    In this dream there was a huge gust of wind or something. There was a wind storm approaching as it was quite dark outside and I think the power went out.

    I could hear how strong it was from the inside.

    We were all quite worried.

    The next dream I could remember was me sitting on a chair with a monitor or TV nearby.

    There were two women here as well. I think they were twins since they kinda looked and dressed the same?

    They were also familiar to me but personally I don't actually know them.

    The two women were also imposters and weren't actually those two women they resemble.

    The dream did cut a bit into another scene where the two real ones were interacting with the dragon queen, the lovely princess, and my sister. I don't quite remember what they were talking about but I think the two women were looking for me?

    Now it was back to where I was. I was doing some work on the table or something and I noticed the two women approaching me.

    I welcomed them back, but noticed that one of them had blood all over her dress.

    She said it was nothing, but in actuality she had killed someone earlier with a kitchen knife.

    The two began to try to put stuff into my mind.

    They turned on the TV and began to show me something about a red star and the moon. It was quite bizarre.

    They were wondering whether to kill me or not when I was watching the footage, but decided not to since I didn't deserve to die.

    There were a lot of missing gaps in those dreams so I am not entirely sure if I'm recalling them accurately.

    Anyways, that was all I could remember for tonight.

    heh heh heh

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