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This is a discussion on The Dreamjournal within the INFP Forum - The Idealists forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I had a dream about her again the other night. I simply told her how much I cherished our time ...

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    I had a dream about her again the other night. I simply told her how much I cherished our time together and prayed that she would find God. It felt so real until I woke up and realized it wasn't. So I pray in my dreams now. huh? I thought I was over it because I hadn't thought of her for some time. And then my subconscious came up with that.

    In another dream, I went to my old catholic school and was embarrassed when I said I was still studying. But I wanted to see the math building and my old math teacher for some reason. And then some time passed in the dream, and I woke up on a Saturday thinking if I should go visit again because it's Mathematics Trainers' Guild day. I had a few other dreams of MTG before but it's the first in a long time. But it was raining hard, so I decided against it.
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    I managed to lucid dream for tonight.

    Except it was really short lived.

    The dream began normally, but I was the only one in the hut it seemed. I was standing in the living room with Durandal.

    I was facing the stairs to the basement and the door was slowly closing. The stairwell also got darker and darker as the door closed. The door didn't close all the way though.

    In real life that door is never closed since there is no reason to close that door since we usually go out that door instead of the front door or to do things in the basement like laundry.

    For some strange reason I became self aware that I was dreaming.

    I think the door closing triggered something. I could feel a strange feeling as it was closing. Fear? Anxiety? I am not sure.

    I had some lucidness now so I had to gain more control.

    Wast this really a dream? I began by doing some tests to gain more control in the dream and to affirm that I was in a dream such as pinching myself.

    Yes, I was in a dream and now I was aware I was dreaming now.

    I could feel my control was slipping though so I tried to use some lucid powers.

    But they wouldn't work.

    I was pretty much standing there now and unsure what to do... until it was time for her move.

    I could feel her serene and gentle presence now. She was unseen but she was there.

    She began to induce sleep into me with her sweetness, and I could feel her all around me.

    I didn't last very long.

    Within moments I was slowly collapsed onto the floor, and I pretty much woke up right after.

    You know, I kinda know the results of my experiment now. If I were to just stand there once I attained lucidness, which I was pretty much standing there in this dream, it would make her job a lot easier.

    I have thought of a theory as well. It seems if I dream earlier in the morning, I have a higher chance of lucid dreaming but her response is much faster. On the other hand if I attain lucidness early in the night which is rare, her response is slower.

    Kinda makes sense since she is probably busy doing stuff in the middle of the night, but early in the morning she is pretty much done with whatever she is doing in my unconscious/subconscious.

    And that was all for tonight.

    I am not sure what they're doing nowadays... They must be busy with something.. If I were to guess, it seems like control of the dreams has switched from Hana then to Yoko and finally to Kaede herself.

    I kinda know what Kaede is up to, but her methods are unknown to me.

    heh heh heh

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    There were a bunch of dreams I could remember for tonight.

    It was kinda like a MOBA of sorts like League of Legends. I was on a team of three including myself and we were black. We were up against a team of five and they were white.

    My team pretty much lost everything, and defeat was soon.

    After we beat back an advance by the white team we decided to do a full push right for their base.

    However, one member of their team got by us and was heading towards our nexus.

    I went back to defend our nexus long enough for my other two teammates to return.

    We eventually lost when the other four members of the opposite team joined up with the other member at our base.

    Me and the king of team black were captured and were placed in this room.

    I dunno what happened beyond that.

    In this dream I was a soldier from the Napoleonic era it seemed. My sister who was not actually my sister was right beside me. Apparently I was ill since my temperature was 37 degrees.

    I was laying on the sofa in the living room of the hut waiting for this nurse lady. She came from somewhere around our rooms to perform a check up on me.

    Apparently I was raised in a feminine masculine kinda way.

    My bow around my neck was also not tied in the traditional style which was the knot centered with the two hanging ends also pointed down. My bow knot was slightly off centered to my left with the two hanging ends also hanging from the side. The style was more feminine than the traditional style.

    I don't think this bow was apart of the actual battle dress of the Napoleonic era though but it was in this dream.

    The next dream was me in this black void with lots of sparkles in the background. Like kinda being in the middle of space except without the planets but just stars instead.

    It was kinda like the Infinite Plane except the black version of it. The white version was boundless white with a thin layer of water on the floor.

    Apparently evil had won and there were two of the bad guys standing right in front of me in this blackness.

    I don't quite remember what their motives were but they did upset the balance.

    They had just defeated sir Auron from Final Fantasy 10. They also defeated Noctis from Final Fantasy 15 as well.

    Noctis wanted me to kill him but doing so would remove his younger self from the past so I couldn't do it.

    Io was here too and she was like a goddess or something??

    She was going to send two back to the past to balance something, but I don't remember which two she was sending back. It was a girl and a guy she was sending back that was with us here.

    I don't remember what the purpose of this balance was.

    I can't quite recall this dream beyond that since it is becoming difficult to do so.

    The dreams were quite strange for tonight.



    That was all I could remember for tonight.

    heh heh heh

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    I can remember one dream for tonight.

    Me, the hut, and my father were at these ancient ruins. We discovered skeletons and bones when we activated this stone plate twice. We took some of the bones with us.

    However, this caused an earthquake moments later so we had to get out of the ruins.

    We planned to drop off these ancient bones at the university for research.

    It was nighttime and my father drove me and my squire boy in his truck while the women of the household rode in my mother's car.

    We drove to the university, but my father instead drove in a different direction to the archeologist center along the highway near the bridge.

    We drove in the parking lot and tried to park the car.

    However, there was a woman with a child stroller and another woman who was her friend that walked in front of our vehicle.

    My father slowed down and tried to go around them, but he ended up bumping into them and kept going briefly. He stopped when the woman with the child was enraged.

    We got out of the car and the woman with the child was angrily complaining which she was right to do so.

    After her argument we began making our way to the archeologist building.

    However, the woman with the child approached my father's truck and took a purple shirt and threw it in the air. The wind blew the shirt away. She was planning to toss more stuff out of the car.

    We returned to the truck to stop her.

    The next thing she was planning to throw out was Baby Pillow!

    I take the pillow away from her.

    We were planning to call the police to settle these matters, but my father somehow called the FBI?

    I was about to tell her something, but she interrupted me with her complaints about the bump earlier.

    I let her finish her argument since she will only keep interrupting me.

    After she was finished with her complaints I say that she is right that my father was at fault for bumping into her, but she shouldn't be tossing out other peoples stuff.

    I was neutral in this situation, but attempting to toss out Baby Pillow only dragged me into this situation. I was trying to tell her that bring others into your problems will only create more problems.

    Her friend with her seemed to agree with me.

    The situation cooled down and we both parted ways.

    And that was all I could remember for that dream.

    Anyways, that was all for tonight.

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    I have a hard time remembering this dream.

    I remember I was in this pretty nice house and I was playing with children toys and contraptions.

    There was a man on this nice bed. He was a older middle aged man and he had whitish grey hair.. Is this Death who I have seen in my dreams long ago?

    Unlike Death in my older dreams, he didn't seem to hunt after me and wasn't angry at all.

    He gave me a tarot card that had two halves on it similar to my own which was death (normal) and the emperor (reverse).

    The upward half was the tower.

    However, the tower didn't resemble the one in real life. The lightning was coming from the left side instead of the left, the two people falling off the tower weren't in the card, the tower wasn't on fire or cracked, there wasn't a crown on this tower either, and the background was black(?) with some clouds(?).

    The lightning didn't seem to touch the tower, but it was close to striking the tower which was already pretty tall.

    Must be a sturdy tower.

    I do have high defenses as a Paladin..

    It is going to take a little more than a little lightning to strike me down.

    The upside down half I unfortunately don't quite remember what it was.

    I think it was fortune? I can't quite be sure darn it.

    Death(?) had to leave after giving me the card, but I asked him what this all meant as he was leaving in the rainy mist outside.

    He wasn't suppose to leave yet without telling anyone, but he was.

    He didn't tell me what this path meant or he didn't tell me at all.

    He silently disappeared into the light haze outside.

    I have no idea what this dream means.

    What does this card mean?

    Anyways, that was all I could remember for tonight.

    My sister had a dream as well which was an older middle aged man with greyish white hair driving some snow machine shoveling the snow right outside the hut, and he said something about how we were experiencing tough times right now and we would experience more of it, but someone would help us.

    My two coppers~

    heh heh heh

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    The first dream I can remember was me in this building with other people in a line. Apparently there was a nuclear strike incoming.

    We didn't have time to enter a decontamination bunker or have time to put on our decontamination suits.

    I moved myself closer to the walls and away from windows in preparation for the blast. The others stood where they were and waited.

    The blast took sometime to arrive as in it didn't arrive yet.

    This was a chance to at least try to put on the decontamination suit which took a long time to put on.

    The others outside the building had already put on their decontamination suit but they didn't have time to enter a decontamination bunker and just waited by the school bus.

    I managed to only put on the pants before the blast came.

    There was an ion wave of radiation as it traveled through the building that was near invisible.

    Thankfully there was no blast wave that would destroy the building, but now the people that didn't have suits on had large amounts of radiation in us compared to the people with suits on.

    The people with suits helped us onto the bus first instead of going onto the bus first.

    I felt pretty ill by the effects of the radiation.

    I sat on the bus next to another person who was ill. The bus once full took off. I am not sure where we were going.

    That was all for this dream.

    Me and my squire boy were in the mall just looking around in the next dream.

    We enter this clothing and footwear store.

    We were greeted by three women who wanted me to try on something for one of their sons.

    My squire boy went to look around the store while I tried on this coat for the women.

    The three women put on the jacket for me as one woman held onto my arm and slid it into the sleeve and another did the same for my other arm, and the remaining woman did the finishing touches.

    They then wanted me to try on these traditional snow shoes.

    However, they didn't fit too well as they slipped my foot off easily.

    They thanked me and my squire boy for helping them try on the coat and shoes, and we looked around for a bit more before my squire boy said it was time to go.

    In this other dream I remember seeing two women sitting on the bench as I was wrapping between planes similar to Worldphase. I believe they were both magic users based on their mage clothing.

    There was this light white haze with a light rain.

    The more powerful mage raised her head to look at me. She looked like Kaede?

    She had long black hair and she was really beautiful.

    Of course someone like her would have bewitching beauty kinda like Hana.

    She just looked at me though right into the eyes and I could feel her powerful aura.

    She was younger than usual, but not as young as young Kaede. She seemed to be around my age in appearance instead of being much older of around 40+. Her actual age is much older though by a lot. Yoko in actual age is roughly 40 (with an appearance of ~20), and Hana being a thousand years old (with an appearance of ~25).

    If I had to guess who the woman with her was it was probably Yoko who shares her appearance and responsibility.

    Hana doesn't resemble Kaede as much and isn't as close to Kaede as Yoko-san is.

    I also remember seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger as I was wrapping around worlds.

    He was younger here as well and he was fighting off a demon or something.

    He transformed into a water dragon and shot a continuous jet stream of water at the monster.

    Eventually the water became acidic like as it was being heat up by something by the monster and the water melted the creature.

    Arnold turned back into a human and went over to collect the materials dropped by the monster which were large blue stones. There were several people in the distance watching the aftermath of the battle.

    I made sure to hide so that the he didn't see me since I didn't belong in his world. I was a just a visitor or a traveler in Worldphase lore.

    However, as he was collecting the rocks he did manage to see me.

    The other people didn't see me though.

    I picked up a blue stone and placed one onto the stones Arnold had in his arms.

    He thanked me sincerely and when he had enough stones he went off.

    With no more remaining business I wrapped out of this plane.

    Arnold is a warrior. Well, in the films anyways.

    Unfortunately we can't be young forever, and we get old at one point.

    Like jeez isn't he like 70 something?

    Anyways, that was all I could remember for tonight.

    heh heh heh

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    Every time I use a gun in a dream like to kill the joker or the ninjas in the cloud skyscraper jungle building (In my dream last night), the bullets don't fucking work. (The joker was like, "Give me that Alice and Wonderland key to the intergalactic city scissor-gun - You don't know how to use that").
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    This dream took place at the workshop, but I don't work there anymore and I work somewhere else now.

    I worked there for many years actually with my squire boy. Only my squire boy works at the workshop now.

    Anyways, me, my squire boy, the lovely princess, and the dragon queen were at the workshop. The lovely princess was wearing black in this dream I think.

    The dragon queen needed help or something and the three of us helped her with something to do with this dark force? I am not sure or quite remember what happened.

    However, after helping the dragon queen, the lovely princess eyes glowed green and she had a mind of her own and walked to the back of the workshop and then outside in the side of the workshop.

    I am not sure if it was the lovely princess anymore. Maybe it was Yoko-san? They do share mostly a similar appearance.

    Only me, my squire boy, and my father followed after her.

    We were outside now with the lovely princess.

    Soon she transformed.

    She transformed into a Queen of the Apocalypse!

    She went invisible right after.

    I grabbed a wrench as a weapon, and told my father and my squire boy to make a catapult to assist me while I fought the queen.

    I don't think a wrench is going to do much against a queen of the apocalypse... You kinda have to use a large sword to deal any meaningful damage to one...

    I went to where the lovely princess was and swung at the air to try to hit her. I didn't know where she was since she was invisible.

    I noticed her feet appear in the ground... Her feet only had three toes as her footprints appeared.

    I followed the footsteps and guessed where she was going to go. I swung the wrench where I predicted her movements and I heard a bang of metal by the impact of my wrench. I think I hit her metal skirt.

    I hit confirmed my wrench strike and I struck her again.

    I think my wrench broke.

    She soon reappeared and...

    I don't know what really happened.

    I remember my father joined the battle with me while my squire boy remained behind as support.

    The lovely princess was shorter than most queens though. I don't quite remember her queenly appearance, but her metal was black and gray. She did not have a weapon so I presume she was a very powerful magic user.


    The lovely princess is a Queen of the Apocalypse?

    What does this mean?

    I mean, not all queens are evil or hostile though. Some are neutral and very rarely some are even friendly. But once the call is made they must do what they have to do regardless of affinity.

    I guess it does make sense though. A queen would be drawn to a vessel with strength. Namely a chosen king with sufficient strength and willpower. A dark fragment would be drawn to its duality which is light to cast a shadow of light and dark..

    hah hah hah

    There is no way the lovely princess is the queen of the apocalypse of our world.

    ...Is she?

    heh heh heh

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    My dream last night was pretty meta. Near the end Monokuma from Danganronpa turned up and outright told me that I was in a dream, and the purpose of the dream was to make me reject the real world and stay in the dream forever. I was enjoying the dream and legit did not know what to do.
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    We have been getting some future sight lately... Maybe it is just a coincidence...

    Anyways, in this dream I was with a class and the professor was reviewing material for a course. He also reviewed the schedule and there were reviews for two exams marked one and two. There was another session after the initial review that had the review exams swapped.

    Apparently I wasn't doing that well in the class as he addressed that.

    As we were leaving the classroom to a different classroom he said something that anyone can do well if you have a good stress to motivation level/ratio. However, that is not always the case as he mentioned two individuals that didn't do well despite his advice.

    The first individual was... Hana.

    The other individual I was not sure of her name.

    In this class a woman named Darla took my desk.

    The pencils on the desk were mine but not mine?

    I sat nearby my desk.

    A guy offered to lend me a pencil from this pencil bundle he found on the desk he was sitting in. He insisted that I take one since I need one for the first part of the exam, but those pencils belonged to someone else.

    I took a pencil, but shortly later the owner of the pencils returned to her desk and picked up her bundle of pencils. I kindly returned the pencil back to her even though I needed a pencil for the exam.

    A young woman to my right and a couple of desks ahead of mine named Ellen, who was an old friend of mine a long time ago, offered to give me a pencil.

    She said that she didn't sharpen the point to be the most pointy, but it still had a lot of graphite to use even though the point was round.

    I took the pencil she gave me and she also gave me cheat sheets to help make the exam easier for me.

    Thanks Ellen?

    Even though I could do the second part of the exam since I had the necessary materials, I couldn't do the second part without the first part which I couldn't do unless I had a pencil. Of course I was able to do the first part of the exam now since she gave me a pencil and also a cheat sheet.

    Now I was ready to begin whatever this first part of this test was.

    The next dream was me checking the basement out. I was in the middle of the dark basement and I could feel this unseen presence.

    It made me feel weird and sleepy, but resisted falling asleep and I made it back upstairs.

    In the final dream I was in bed early in the morning. The dragon queen wasn't in bed so I think she was either up early or in the bathroom.

    There was this unseen presence again.

    It was controlling the bed??

    It pulled the blankets and stuff and now I was upside down in bed and my body was also facing the other way in bed as well.

    Then this force pressed onto me and I couldn't move.

    It reminds me of the dragon queen squashing me in bed for some reason.

    Anyways, once the unseen presence was gone I tidied up the bed since it was a mess.

    And that was all I could remember for tonight.

    heh heh heh



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